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and they shall be blessed in him; blessed be God, the God of Israel; blessed be the name of his glory; all the earth shall be filled with his glory, Amen and Amen, Psalm lxxii. 6 to 19. I have made a covenant with my elect, I will establish thy seed even to eternity, and I will build up thy throne to generation and generation; and the heazens shall confess thy miracles, Psalm lxxxix. 3, 4, 5.


This APPENDIX to the TRUE CHRISTIAN RELIGION being incomplete in the original, in consequence, as it is supposed, of the mislaying or destruction of the remaining sheets, at the time of the AUTHOR'S last illness, the TRANSLATOR thinks it proper to subjoin the following Heads and Lemmata, which (together with the illustrations of each, now lost) appear to be wanting, in order to complete the work. The VIth. and VIIth. Heads of Lemma IV. are taken from n. 46, above: Lemma V. from n. 4; ,and it's subordinate Heads from n. 24: Lemma VI. from the Title-page of the work; it's subordinate Heads humbly proposed by the TRANSLATOR, as naturally growing out of the subject: Lemma VII. from the Title; it's subordinate Heads by the TRANSLATOR: and Lemma VIII. from the Title, with reference to n. 21, for further particulars on the subject of redemption.

[blocks in formation]

VI. That the fifth state of this church was the separation of the good from the evil, and at the same time the judgment upon those who had been of that church, which judgment took place in the spiritual world.

VII. Some observations concerning the heaven and hell of that nation.


Of the Fourth Church, which exists at this Day, and is called the Christian Church.

I. Of it's rise or morning, which was it's first state. II. Of it's progression into light, or it's day, which was it's second state.

III. Of it's declension or evening, which was it's third state, and is called vastation.

IV. Of it's end or night, which was it's fourth state, and is called consummation.

V. Of the separation of the evil from the good, which is the last judgment upon all who were of that church. VI. Of the elevation of the good to God, of whom is formed a new heaven; and of the removal of the evil from God, of whom is formed a new hell.



Of the New Church, which will be a truly Christian Church, and the Crown of all preceding Churches.

I. Or the rise, growth, and perfection of this New


II. Of it's knowledges, perceptions, and affections of good and truth.

III. Of it's perpetual and everlasting spring, or the heavenly marriage of love and wisdom, good and truth, charity and faith, therein.

IV. Of it's indissoluble conjunction with the Lord, and eternal consociation with the new angelic heaven; in consequence of which it will never undergo vastation or consummation, but will flourish in immortal youth. V. Of the opening of the Word in the New Church by the Lord alone, and the powerful effect thereof in the heavens and in the earths.

VI. Of divine worship in the New Church, when it shall have arrived at it's appointed state of maturity; that it will be free from all mixture of self-derived intelligence, and wholly drawn from the Word itself. VII. That the ends of creation and redemption will be more fully answered in the New Church, than in either of the former, because it will worship and acknowledge One God in One Divine Person, who as Jehovah God in a Human Form, as the Word made Flesh, as Immanuel or God with us, and as Lord, hath made


himself visible and approachable to his creatures: thus the New Church, or New Jerusalem, will comprise and unite in itself the substance and virtue, the benefits and blessings of all prior dispensations, and become in the hand of the Lord the crown of all preceding churches.


Of the Coming of the Lord to the New Church, and of his Divine Auspices therein to Eternity.

I. THAT the coming of the Lord, generally speaking, consists in two things, viz. 1. A judgment upon those who were of the former church; and, 2. A revelation of truths from himself, or from his Word, for the use of those who shall be of the New Church.

II. That the truths of the new revelation primarily have respect to the Lord as a Divine Man, who is the Bridegroom and Husband; and secondarily to the New Church, which is the Bride and Wife.

III. That when the divine truths of the Word, as proceeding from the Lord, are seen in the understanding, acknowledged in the heart, and committed to the life, then the coming of the Lord takes effect in man, and is immediately succeeded by the marriage of the Lord and his church.

IV. That in such case also the Lord aloue, as to his Di

vine Human, will become the supreme object of


all adoration, and throughout the New Church, or New Jerusalem, will be worshipped and celebrated as Creator, Redeemer, and Regenerator; as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; as Jehovah of Hosts, the Holy One of Israel, the Mighty God of Jacob; as Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last, who was, who is, and who is to come, the Almighty; as King of kings, and Lord of lords, the only and everlasting God of heaven and earth. V. That when the Lord and his church are thus conjoined, perpetual revelations will take place by and through the Word, and a mutual intercourse be opened between the spiritual and the natural worlds, as was originally ordained at the creation of the universe. VI. That to produce this state of things in the New Church, which will be the last and best dispensation of God to man on this earth, all preceding churches and states of society, from the Adamic to the Christian Church (so called), have in some sort contributed; each one having by the divine providence of the Lord been so over-ruled and controuled in it's natural tendencies, that it insensibly prepared the way for that which was to succeed; and finally all of them having pointed at, and proclaimed with a loud prophetic voice, that glorious day, of which the present is merely the dawn, and in which " a great voice "from heaven will say, Behold, the tabernacle of "God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and "they shall be his people, and God himself shall be "with them, their God. And God shall wipe away "all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more


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