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I. That Imputation, and the Faith of the present Church, which

alone is said to justify, are one thing...


II. That the Imputation, which belongs to the Faith of the pre-

sent time, is two-fold, the one part relating to the Merit

of Christ, and the other to Salvation as its consequence. 628

III. That the Faith which is imputative of the Merit and Righ-

teousness of Christ the Redeemer, first took its rise from

the Decrees in the Council of Nice, concerning Three

Divine Persons from Eternity, which Faith, from that

time to the present, bas been received by the whole

Christian World......


IV. That Faith imputative of the Merit of Christ was not known

in the Apostolic Church, wbich preceded the Council

of Nice, neither is it declared or signified in any part of

the Word.....


V. That an Imputation of the Merit and Righteousness of Christ

is impossible.....


VI. That there is such a thing as Imputation, but then it is an Iin- .

putation of Good and of Evil, and at the same time of



VII. That the Faith and Imputation of the New Church cannot

be together with the Faith and Imputation of the former

Church; and that in case they were together, such a

Collision and Conflict would ensue, as to prove fatal to

every principle of the Church in Man...


VIII. That the Lord imputeth Good to every Man, and that Hell

imputeth Evil to every Man...


IX. That Faith, with whatsoever principle it conjoins itself, pas-

ses sentence accordingly; if a True Faith conjoineth it-

self with Goodness, the sentence is for Eternal Life, but

if Faith conjoineth itself with Evil, the Sentence is for

Eternal Death .....


X. That Thought is imputed to no one, but Will..


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