Southern Medical Reports, Том 2

Предна корица
Erasmus Darwin Fenner
B.M. Norman, 1851
Consists of general and special reports, on the medical topography, meteorology, and prevalent diseases, in the following states: Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, California ...

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Страница 391 - ... instance a difficulty of moving the fingers of the right hand. They all complained more or less of a soreness in the seats of these pains, particularly when they occupied the head and eyeballs. A few complained of their flesh being sore to the touch, in every part of the body. From these circumstances, the disease was sometimes believed to be a rheumatism ; but its more general name among all classes of people was, the break-bone fever.
Страница 61 - Bt it further ordained, etc., that all ordinances and parts of ordinances in conflict with the provisions of this ordinance be and the same are hereby repealed.
Страница 81 - of soldiers lately arrived in the West Indies any number ; place them in barracks in a low wet situation, or in the mouth of a gully, or on the brink of a dry river, or on the summit of a mountain, and to leeward of a swamp, or of uncleared ground, and where there is no water or only bad water ; give them each only twenty-two inches of wall in their...
Страница 72 - We have shown that no vessel that arrived here from any infected port, whether in South America or the West Indies, brought any cases of Yellow Fever, had any on them whilst they were here, or gave rise to any cases previous to those which must have originated in this city. 4. That within a very few days after the occurrence of the first cases, others were seen in different and remote places, having no sort of connection or intercommunication that we were able to trace after a careful inquiry.
Страница 330 - Jersey, moved that the thanks of the association be tendered to the President for his able and eloquent address, and...
Страница 46 - State, on or before the first day of January of each year; and such report shall include so much of the proceedings of the Board, and such information concerning vital statistics; such knowledge respecting diseases, and such...
Страница 127 - The exhalations from sewers, churchyards, vaults, slaughter-houses, cesspools, commingle in this atmosphere, as polluted waters enter the Thames ; and, notwithstanding the wonderful provisions of nature for the speedy oxydation of organic matter in water and air, accumulate, and the density of the poison (for in the transition of decay it is a poison) is sufficient to impress its destructive action on the living — to receive and impart the processes of zymotic principles — to connect by a subtle,...
Страница 56 - And yet this type of fever in the city negro must be produced by the very same cause that gives rise to malignant Yellow Fever in the white race. Occasionally we see the hemorrhagic diathesis of Yellow Fever displayed in the negro, but it is by no means common. The least mixture of the white race with the black seems to increase the liability of the latter to the dangers of Yellow Fever ; and the danger is in proportion to the amount of white blood in the mixture.
Страница 49 - It was shown that it also broke out in various other places quite remote from each 40 •other, and having no special or marked intercommunication. It is worthy of particular notice that the Epidemic prevailed in the unpaved, and, of course, least improved parts of the city all around, long before it did in the central and best improved parts.
Страница 75 - I have now admitted, for the sake of argument, all that is contended for by the most strenuous advocates of contagion, and what does it amount to ? — that Yellow Fever may be conveyed from place to place, in ships, goods and persons ; and even be communicated to those who come in contact, yet this effect is so seldom produced as to make but a rare exception to the general rule. Now, does this afford sufficient inducement for the establishment of Quarantine, involving heavy expense, and throwing...