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Her Portrait-her meeting Lord Francis Sun-

bury-Appeal to the Cleart-an innocent De-
lusion—they return to London--the Bans
are published—the Lovers are united--a vi.
sible Change---she bears it with Patience-re-
tires to the Sea-shore-Conclusion,

His Dresssing-room-his Search after Pleasure

his Motives for leading a single Life-Re-
flections—an Anecdote--casting Lots for Fa-
therhood --he is declared Father-returns to
his favourite Pursuit-his excellent Qualities
over-balance his Faults. .

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A fair and just Defence—a Caution to married
Women-Damage-hunting HusbandmaWord
en passant-Bribery-Nothing can compen.

sate the Loss of a good Wife—she was skilled

in Intrigue Conclusion.

Sir JACOB SAMPSON ; : . 69

His Character- and Friend-Admonitions re-

Liberty of Thinking and Acting-Visits at the

Bed-side-Transparency of Dress-Danger of
Example and Manners-Half a Word to the

A Seducer is a faithless Friendma Family formed

to please thc Fair-no Palliation for Guilt-
a great Example of Mercy-Money a Compen-
sation for Shame—a Parallel-a French Huse
band-my Lord not perfectly right-a male
Friend to a Wife-Reflections Conclusion.

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