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A hint to the Reader.

arose to walk, and took the arm of her daughter. For almost the first time in her life, Lady Charlotte found it gently pressed against her mother's bosom: she felt happ) and delighted.

The Marquis retired to his study, to commence the character of Mrs. Fernonville; and though we do not present this character, or any other, in the exact words of these noble Biographers, yet the sense is preserved. Ii is in our power to add some little anecdotes, perhaps unknown as un-noticed by them, and we wish also to intersperse those reflections, which unheeding fashion too easily dispenses with.


"How dost thou risk the soul-distracting view,
"As, from her naked limbs of glo wing white,
"Harmonious swell'd by nature's finest hand,
"In folds loose-floating fell the fainter lawn,....
"And fair exposed she stood?"

Thomps. Summer.

^V^TH an high degree of momentary rapture and delight, on the glow of roseate bloom, on the bewitching dimpled smiles of an Hebe, on the cupid-iike, infantine softness of an alabaster pair of handsome shoulders exposed to public view, to attract universal attention on a bosom, whose whiteness and firmness create the idea of Pygmalion's animated marble, the admiring eye rests itself, and finds these charms combined, in the Honorable Mrs. Fernonville.

The Honorable Edward Fernonville, the husband of this be;uitiful lady, was the younger son of a noble family; and, as is too often the case with younger brothers, was under the necessity of seeking in a foreign country to ameliorate that Liberty of thinking and acting.

fortune which was too small to satisfy his ardent spirit, or in any degree to make that kind of figure in England, his rank in life required.

He was not disappointed in his pursuits and expectations: he returned to his native land, after realizing an immense fortune; which his lady as well as himself, knew how to expend in every specjes of gratification, which fashion, extravagance, and dissipation, hold out to their, votaries.

The present ease of dress and manners adopted in England, highly pleased Mrs. Fernonville, and not to be outdone in any one instance of enlarged ideas and liberty of thinking and acting for herself, she gave into the most unbounded licence of manners, and seemed ambitious of appearing in the eyes of the world, by her half-dressed figure, and all her outward manners, a female libertine,

Visists at the Bed-side.

We sincerity believe that it was only a giddy levity, yet it approached so near to absolute impropriety in her dress, manners, and language, that her female friends of respectability have been often put to the blush for her conduct, and even gentlemen have sometimes been compelled to acknowledge, that Mrs. Fernonville's behaviour fwas really too bad!

On a morning, perhaps, a gentleman might happen to call too early, after she; had been sitting up all the night before with a party of inebriated ion-vivants; for on those occasions Mrs. Fernonville never quitted the room, but would sit and laugh with them, and cool their wind and ices for them with her own fair hands; so incorrect, so truly thoughtless in her conduct, unheeding what the world might say, she has accompanied them from the scene of bacchanalian riot, when Transparency of Dress.

they were not even company for each other, much less lor ladies. And if after such scenes, or those of a similar nature, which had kept her up during the night, any gentleman might chance to call, to pay his respects to her; without any regard to decorum, he was ushered into her chamber, and she received him literally at her ruelle!

Was the weather very sultry, or did she wish to be equipped as much as possible in the style of the Medicean Venus, she was perfectly indifferent when she entered almost without covering, into a large party, about the multitude of gentlemen which might happen to be there collected; but said aloud in their hearing (nay, she would not mind addressing her discourse to them ;) "Well, I have nothing on but my gown and chemise!" While every little shallow art has been put in practice to draw their attention,

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