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His excellent Qualities

principles, which largely preponderate against his faults, and will cause his little vanities to mount aloft, when weighed in the balance of charity and candour.

lleis most loyalto his king and country; ready and honest in the discharge of his tradesmen’s bills: That his heart is warm and affectionate, his constant attachment and conduct to his daughter unquestionably prove ; and that charity and benevolence are inmates of his bosom, his munificent assistance to the unfortunate and proscribed wanderers from a neighbouring nation, is a sufficient and ever-living testimony. If spontaneous and innumerable charities, as we are assured, cover our sins, however great their multitude, he has a claim to forgiveness, for he will prop up a falling institution by his liberality, and make it flourish in renovated strength. When he licars of the wretched sufferers from a dreadful fire, the ready thousand pounds fly from his gee

Overbalance his Faults.

nerous coffers : and if the friendly voice of Britannia invites her wealthy sons to support a laudable patriotism in any part of the world, his Grace's name blazes first with effective and superior radiancy on the list of the subscribers. How much better is he than the closefisted miser, who because he does no harm, is called a good kind of a man, and under the sanctified appearance of a Christian, hides a heart of stone !

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This lady was not much known in the fashionable world, and very little spoken of, until her marriage with Colonel Arlington ; and it is painful to relate, that even after her marriage, she was less taken notice of as a dutiful, constant, and affectionate wise, than she was in becoming the theme of general conversation, after she had formed a fatal attachment, which ended in her public disgrace!


ller husband, being a man of large fortune, of a noble family, and appearing, in the opinion of the world, to live very happily with her, each eye was turned with disgust at her faulty conduct, and every ear was open to the invective hourly poured forth on her blighted reputation.

Be it our part not to screen or palliate

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vice, but fairly to investigate the faults on both sides, ever to lean to the side of the weakest, and prove the unhappy wife not always the sole aggressor.

Certainly every proof was adduced of Mrs. Arlington's guilt; but what might lead or uge her on to the commitment of it, is carefully concealed. We cannot forbear remarking, that very peculiar circumstances must influence a brother to welcome a proscribert wife, and grant her an honourable and safe protection! A brother is always tenacious of his sister's honour, and is seldom known to screen her, when guilty of the crime of adultery, unless some strange concurrences, which perhaps cannot be made public, induce him to it.

Not one kind word is said in defence of Mrs. Arlington, though she does not fly to the arms of her seducer, but deplores her fault in retirement, and seeks

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