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His Motive for leading a Single Life.

unconscious labourer: and that, frequently, his Grace has met with those rebuffs, from these children of virtuous simplicity, which his illicit proposals have deserved ; to others he has often been obliged to the resource of making known his high rank, and then he has sometimes succeeded with vain and easy-gained ignorance, who thought it a glorious conquest to attract the notice of a Duke !

His Grace was never married, owing, it is believed, to the fickle inconstancy of his mind in respect to women : otherwise, a nobleman descended as he is, from the most ancient line of Princes and Monarchs, with his high and respectable living connexions, he might, no doubt, have formed a matrimonial alliance with not only some titled, but wealthy female.

If the self-knowledge of an inconstant disposition was his motive for embracing a single life, it shews him to be a man of

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Casting lots for Fatherhood it was not chance .' no!

But the gentle breath of the Angel who presides
over paternal Affection, blew the Dice.

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