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She devotes her chief time to her children, her books, and the exercise of the various accomplishments she so amply possesses.

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Though Lord Francis seems to have forgotten the happy hours he formerly passed with her, yet the father has still prevailed; he cannot forget his boys, nor the claims they have upon him. But why give pain to the anxious heart of the mother? All her maternal feelings have been lately called forth, at the idea of being deprived of these blossoms reared and cherished by her hand, who are to remain no longer under her own inspection, but en

tirely to be consigned to the care of guar- dians of his Lordship’s appointing,


“ Mitte sectari rosa quo locorum ·

“ Sera moratur.” Horat. Carm. i.Ode 38..

Had we but for a few moments the friendly assistance of the Asmodeus of Le Sage, how many yet undiscovered scenes might be presented to the public eye! yet without such a demoniac aid, the tongue of rumour, impossible to be checked, the whispers of babbling indiscretion will circulate from ear to ear, and disclose those truths which art and fashion so much wish to conceal.

The dressing-room of the decrepit old Beau, whose character is here delineated, would furnish ample subject for a ludicrous poem ; and, though guarded with every scrupulous care,, the penetrating eye of curiosity has yet explored it, and busy prattle has told the tale.

Chicken-gloves, milk of roses, every

His Dressing room.

adipous unguent to smooth the wrinkled skin, lie in scattered profusion on the toilette of this venerable Narcissus: the wig, of a beautiful auburn colour, and made to look as much like nature as possible, hangs on a gilded stand, by the looking-glass, with *not one shining curl discomposed.

In one corner swells the ponderous milk-bath, in which his Grace so lately escaped a drowning; and the warm sheep-skin shirt depends from the glittering-hook, ready to impart, in the absence of the maid of Shunam, an artificial degree of heat at night to his age-frozen limbs.

In one really possessed of manly accomplishments and taste, well-versed in the manners and language of those va- ' rious countries he has visited, what can be the motive of his thus giving himself up to such trifling vanity?


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· It is not because the season of dotage is arrived; the Duke of Warton has ever been the same without variation from youth to manhood, and from manhood to the present day: it is that ruling passion which attends poor mortals to the last, and is so well described by Pope, who, in that of the old lover, gives us a faithful picture of the Duke :

He envies every sparrow that he sees.”

Moral Essays.

The Duke of Warton was a constant admirer of the female sex, but we are led to suppose he never had been a favourite with them, being always obliged to content himself with purchasing fayours from those ladies whose occupa. tion consists in selling them. It has even been reported that he used to wander, unattended, in the streets, in search of the credulous servant girl, or the unexperienced and giddy young wife of the



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