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A Letler.

rental mansion, in some style: he thought it better to go, and confess all,' than write ; because he still beheld his Patty with the eyes of idolatry, and he thought it would be utterly impossible for any human being to withstand such loveliness : he was surprised at receiving from his father a letter, containing a Bank Bill for fifty pounds only, with the following laconic answer :

GEORGE, “ Your extravagance is insupportable! I am told you have a fine mistress, whom you keep in great splendor; nay, it has been reported to me, that you are actually married. Mind, though I shall be sorry to see you the dupe of one of those harpics, a. patronized mistress, yet I will sooner forgive that than the latter ; for, if you had married a woman of any credit or family, you would have asked my consent, or brought your bride down here: therefore, if you are married, and

· Paternal Anger.

to the person report says, never see my face again.


Happily for Mrs. Meadowes her husband had not yet felt any abatement of his love for her. Old Meadowes was soon convinced that the report of his son's marriage was not unfounded; his sweet and amiable daughters, whose fortunes their beloved brother was daily diminishing, used "every intreaty, every persuasion they could think of, to induce the old gentleman to pardon his son : at last he consented to send him up an hundred pounds more, and he wrote him word, if he liked he might bring down his awkward mop-squeezing wife, and remain a little while at the Hall, as he was going to a neighbouring fox-cliace.

How delighted were the sisters with their brother's choice ! A sweet, sensible, unassuming Pamela seemed to stard be

The Storm is abated.

fore them, and again to shew - Virtue rewarded ;” but she was without the knowing art and affected prudery of, Richardson's heroine.

Nothing could be more elegant than the persons, manners, and dress of the three Miss Meadowes' : free from envy, they delighted in raising their sister to the model of their politeness : little instruction was necessary; she caught, almost instantaneously, the manners of her amiable tutoresses; and before she had been a month at the hall, she appeared the finished woman of fashion.

One day, after she had completed her toilette for the afternoon, she had descended to the dining parlour, and accom- . panied her guitar. with her voice. The Spanish guitar is very superior to the common, simple, instrument of that name; it is played by all the Spaniards who are well-skilled in music, and is now the

Sisterly Kindness.

favourite accompaniment to a lady's voice in all the politer circles of Paris. We believe they have erroneously given the name of the lute to this instrument, in England. Its tones so perfectly resemble that of the harp, that a listener, pot seeing the performer, would imagine it to be one; while the art of playing on it is learnt in as few lessons as is requisite to teach the common guitar.

As Mrs. Meadowes was thus seated, singing with that ease which a person feels, however timid, when they imagine no one is near, old Mr. Meadowes unexpectedly arrived. He stopped in the hall; he thought he heard an harp; he knew his daughters played only the PianoForte ;-the voice had a peculiar sweetness, which, though the Miss Meadowes sung scientifically, had in its mellow tones nothing similar to their’s.

He entered the dining parlour. He was

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