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The Danger of keeping a handsome Maid.

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ious and careful about this lovely servant; she repented having brought her' into the house : her liusband was a man of an amorous complexion, and very handsome; and he would roll his large black eyes, with much meaning expression, over the face and form of the blushing Patty as she waited at table; while his wife, (whether from jealousy, or any other cause, though she gave her handsome wages, made her many pretty prosents, and nursed her like a tender mo. ther, if she was sick,) made the poor girl little better than an household drudge; for, notwithstanding she was called upper-housemaid, and paid accordingly, she had to do every thing in common · with the lowest servant ; to clean the street door, open and close the parlour outside shutters, and many such kind of offices.

While her well-turned arms have been trundling a mop, or fastening back the

Love makes him neglect the Law.

shutters, Young Meadowes has been gazing at his windows*, and, unused to control any one inclination, he felt assured that nothing but the possession of his adored Patty could ever restore him to any prospect of happiness. His chambers were given up, and the study of the law, so requisite for a gentleman of fortune, totally neglected. He was a fine handsome young man, of a very dashing. and gentlemanly appearance. Patty could not be ignorant of the motives which brought him so often to the window; nor could she help admiring his very fine

*• Come per acqua, ò per cristallo intero

“ Trapassa il raggio, e nol divide o parte;
“ Per entro il chiuso manto osa il Pensiero
“ Si penetrar ne-la vietata parte;
Ivi si spatiæ, ivi contempla il vero
“ Di tante maraviglie à parte à parte;
" Poscia al Desio le narra e le descrive
“E ne fà le sue fiamme in lui più vive."

GIERUSAL. Liber. Cant. iv.

A Resolution upon Oath.

person ; and, with all the imprudence of seventeen, she used, in the absence of her mistress, to take her needle-work and seat herself in the drawing-rooin windows.

Young Meadows never stirred from home, except to take an hasty dinner at the Gray's Inn Coffee-House and Tavern; he began to make use of signs, held up letters, &c.: Patty took no notice of them. At length seeing her one Saturday evening, after a very hard day's work, attired in a coarse, dark, stuff gown, checked apron, and all the other insignia of drudgery, but in which habiliments she looked that night, if possible, more lovely than ever; after she had washed the door, not without some apparent symptoms of fatigue, he swore to himself the most sacred oath that she should never be employed in so menial an office again.

So meni

He soon saw her inaster and mistress

He declares his Passion.

go out, dressed, to spend the evening. As Patty was closing the shutters, she felt her hand suddenly pressed with gentleness and respect; and she saw Mr. Meadowes standing beside her-he swore he could not live without her—that no power on earth should suffer hin any longer to see lier in so servile a situation: and, whatever libertinism of conduct there has been in Mr. Meadowes' life since his marriage, we must do him the justice to say, that there was a purity of affection in his love for the innocent Patty which made seduction only a momentary and quickly repented-of idea. When he begged her instantly to fly with him, and suffer him to provide her with comfortable lodgings, he soon found out the sted fast virtue of her mind; he humbly implored pardon, and requested her to receive him in the character of an honorable lover ; this was easily accepted by a young, inexperienced, artless girl, from an handsome man, a man of fortune, with whom she would live in love, A Temptation,

comfort, and ease, and eat no more the bitter and hard-earned bread of laborious servitude.

The attractions of Patty's person increased every day; her figure grew tall, upright, and elegant; happyin her future prospects, her eyes sparkled with new brilliancy, and the fresh rose of youth heightened its tint on her glowing cheeks. She made a complete conquest of her master; who would often call her to brush his coat, thank her, and gently tap her snowy bosom ; sometimes he would endeavour forcibly to snatch a kiss from her lovely lips, but this freedom she never would suffer ; and when he has endeavoured to argue with her on the innocence of these liberties, she has said, “Sir, I know my situation ; do not let me see that you forget your's, and make me despise a master Iwould wish to respect.”




The master's love, however, rendered him a vigilant spy, and he, one night,

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