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His Sermon.

of Laurel Villa, the summer residence of the Duchess of Pyrmont; and it was through the persuasions of the former that her Grace, accompanied by Lady Charlotte, went to hear divine service at Bryarsfeldt, on Sir William's delivering his introduction sermon.

Nothing could be more awakening, more impressive, or more orthodox, than his discourse : the whole sermon breathed the spirit of Christianity, set forth the mercies of Divine Love; while the glowing richness of the language, occasionally interspersed with mild and pathetic appeals, found their way to the hearts of his hearers, and impressed the congregation in favour of their new incumbent.

· As Sir William, before the assumption of his title, was known in the metropolis only by a certain set, and as he had left indelible marks of his real character in a provincial town, where he formerly resided in his days of penury, it was only

His Origin aud Pedigree.

since the event of a certain public fracas, wherein Sir William's specious gentleness gained both judge and jury in his favour, that he had been heard of by the Marquis of Waltham ; but this unfortunate event brought him awkardly into notice : " And who is this Sir William Featherington !” was reiterated by men of rank, who had never before heard of such a title or such a person. No one could tell, for a long time, from what remote spot this Knight of the Holy Order had sprung; nor was it until Sir William had posted it repeatedly in the Gazette, that " The King had been pleased to grant, &c. &c.” that the perverse and obstinate multitude would allow the legality of his new dignity. So, however, it was : and the Marquis began his narrative by assuring her Grace and Lady Charlotte, that Sir William Featheringington was actually Sir William Featherington, though the title was so ancient that the best Antiquarians had been puz

Impartiality recomended.

zled to trace it, being supposed to bear date from the Holy Wars, in the time of Richard the First; and we, therefore, may naturally enough presume, from the extreme sanctity of the present Sir William's life, that he is no less than a descendant of the celebrated Archbishop Walter of the above-mentioned æra.”


“ My dear brother, you promised an unvarnished tale remember," said Lady Charlotte; “ so a truce to your witty sarcasms for the present, and give us a plain statement of well-authenticated facts; for by those only should the aspersed be judged and condemned.”Bravissimo! most noble Charlotte,” returned his lordship; ". I hasten to obey


Lady Charlotte took her ivory-netting-needles, and ran her delicate fingers through the silver and gold mazes of a most fashionable purse she was finishing

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for her brother, whilst the Duchess, leaning on the arm of the Marquis's farteuil à l'Egyptienne, listened with eagerness to the following character.

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" Speak of me as I am : nothing extenuate,
“ Nor set down aught in malice..... SHAKESF.

This paragon of plausibility and meekîness, of purity and principle, is the ve. riest hypocrite that walks the earth : he is well-versed in assimilation and dissimulation ; and all his apparent qualities. of virtue, benevolence, gentleness, and forbearance, are but a cover for his vices. By the female sex he should be held in · abhorrence ; for he is to them a greater

foe than the most bare-faced libertine : neither old nor young women escape his aim, where either passion or interest direct his motive.

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