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A Fashionable Definition.

" What, you moralizing, my dear - Duchess ?" said her son ; “pray tell me, what is vice, and what is virtue ? Mere names. If there is any meaning in the word virtue, I think the greatest consists in pleasing our inclinations ; else, depend upon it, chance would never have planted them in our breasts. But my dear sister Grave-airs, do not look so solemn. I just now parted with the sweetest pair of sentimentalists you ever beheld; how I longed to bring them home to you ! But as to one of them, she never had any thing to say to me, and I am sure the other never will, for I know not who she is, and I shall never take the trouble to enquire. She is one of those kind of women, not amiss, well enough ; but not worth the trouble of crossing the street. to look at." - Who are these sentimentalists, as you call them ?.” said Lady Charlotte. “One, I tell you, I never saw before, the other was Lady Laura Pemberton.”.....

Injured Worth defended.

The honour of our sex, as she has been the sufferer from the cruelty of yours !” said Lady Charlotte : « The only sensible and elegant woman, thought the Duchess, whose company I could ever support with any degree of patience; and she said aloud; 66 The circumstances of Lady Laura's situation are peculiar, indeed; her prudence, in moments the most trying, her frankness, her elegance, and the whole turn of her mind, entitle her to the regard and protection of every one. If you, forgetful of what her situation, and the rank she still bolds in society, require, have endeavoured to build any advantage for yourself on the negligence of an unfceling husband, she treats you with the contempt you justly merit.”

“ Bless you, my dear Duchess,” said Lady Charlotte, “ for thus pleading the cause of injured worth,” and she prest her ruby lips on the varnished cheek of

A Bond-street Adventure..

her mother : the embrace was coldly suffered, not returned.'

óc Oh !” said the confused Marquis, “I was ever ready to acknowledge the loveliness of the divine Lady Laura. I think her an angelic creature. But come, I must tell you the winding-up of my Bond Street adventures this morning. Lady Laura and her friend were marchiing through ranks of jewellery at Love's shop, when Lady Laura caught up a silver Serpent, fastened it round the most beautiful tresses in the world, and asked her friend if it was not charming ? The woman had the same opinion as myself; she did not like it. I approached them, ; and said, “The head is divine, but not the ornament. Locks like those will be immortalized like Berenice's, and not like, Medusa's.— By Heaven! Lady Laura took no more notice of me, nor of what I said, than if I had been a pug dog. The dear sentimentalists seemed wrapped up

A finished Sketch.

in each other. Lady Laura, ever witty, ever happy in the association of her ideas, presented her friend with an elegant butterfly broach ; it was so apt, there seem. ed something so volage about this friend, for never did I see before so much insignificance, and yet so much meaning, combined in a countenance made up of little trifling features. Her size and complexion were also equivocal, she was neither tall. nor short, neither fair nor browi), her eyes blue, her eye-brows and eye-lashes black, and her hair only two shades darker than the divine Laura's.” “ You seem to have taken very circumstantial notice of her, I think,” said Lady Charlotte. “I did,” answered her brother, “ because I immediately saw she was one of those women that please, we know not how, or why. She was quite Pope's Calypso ; I am sure she could charm; but it was without beauty, for like her she was,

• Just not ugly! "


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She saw a beautiful cameo of Lord Nelson, and presented it in return. The sweet beaming eyes of the feeling Laura -s spoke volumes of maternal tenderness, while her lips faintly articulated, - My boys !

" The renowned Nelson, no doubt, brought the association to her mind,' said Lady Charlotte, « Her youngest little boy has just entered the Navy.'

So I understand,' said his Lordship.. Well, they both walked off, and I saw no more of them; and they walked off, with elevated parasols; and though the tassels of their ridicules brushed me enpassant, they did not deign to cast one look at your humble servant."

“ But when are we to leave town? Here is scarce any person of fashion left! A few country boobies are just come to gape at Vauxhall, return home in a

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