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No strong penchant for the Ladies.

is too stale to gain credit, and the Surgeon is obliged to do his duty, by declaring that Captain Worsely has nothing the matter with him, and thinks he might very well stand a parade; and this he is enabled literally to do, though he may be just emerged from the mess-room, after a long night's bacchanaliau riot; for he can steadily carry off much more wine than those who appear possessed of five times his strength.

He is no particular admirer of the ladies, though always polite to them, when in their company, and attentive to their wants if he happens at dinner to be seated near them. But he has not yet made any noise by his amorous adventures. He examines the eyes of an horse with much more interest than he would look on the inost brilliant pair in the feminine head: and to be convinced that a beautiful mare had not the mark in her mouth,is of far greater importance to him, than if his

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own sister's ivory set of teeth had just escaped being knocked out of her lovely mouth by some rueful accident.

His dogs are still dearer to him ; Cassio, Cæsar, Miss Frolic, Myrtle, Madame Josephine, are all associates at and partakers of his meals, except his breakfast, or rather his morning draught, which being a mixture of eggs and brandy would not be so pleasant to their palates : for their morning repast, the best white bread and new milk is purchased, and no expence spared in the procuring it.

He is a faithful disciple of Lavater ; yet the science of phisiognomy in Captain Worsley does not teach him to study the human countenance, but that of the canine species : He can tell to a nicety, the extent of Carlin's abilities and sagacity, by looking at the meaning expression of his monkey face : He watches with precision the humble and affectionate looks


Canine Physiognomy.

of the faithful spaniel; the wiliness of the Pomeranian fox; the trifling vivacity of the French lion-muff, the shrewd archness of the Rusé tarrier, and the grave and settled determination of the honest mastiff, to protect his master from injury: he marks the mixture of fütility, use, and perseverance, in the long countenance of the greyhound; vacant and making up a kind of nonentity in his character,' when he has nothing to do, but knowing that when he is employed he is useful, and then he perseveres.

These, and many other such remarks embellish his conversation when his favourite theme of dogs is brought on the tapis. He has watched their phisiognomies and resulting actions with scrupulous care, has made the character of that faithful animal his peculiar study; and we must say he has seldom been deceived in his opinion. How gloriously


does such a man pass his life time ; how much lamented will he sink into the silent grave!


" Illi mors gravis incubat,

Qui notus nimis omnibus, - Ignotus moritur sibi.”


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