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His Diary.

till ten or eleven ; dresses, and goes to take a walk if the weather proves fine; returns home at one, studies till three : goes to the tavern, dines, takes a second walk, or returns home if it rains ; drinks tea at six precisely; writes or reads till nine ; drinks a glass of ale, with a slight crust of bread, and at half past nine retires to his bed, where he sleeps soundly till the next day brings the same routine over again.

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“ Nunc est bibendum: nunc pede libero .“ Pulsanda tellus."....


When a stranger beholds the delicacy and freshness of a complexion rather feminine, with small regular features, a low stature, and the contour of the body round and plump, but by no means stout, he is very, much inclined to think that the Honourable Cavendish Worsley is a lady in male attire.

But let the above stranger be only one hour in the company of this honourable descendant of the noble house of Eastfield, and he will soon retract his opinion,

· The Honourable Cavendish Worsley finds his chief delight in those truly

A Bacchanalian.

masculine recreations, of coursing, drinking, and horse-racing; but in the two former consists his greatest gratification.

He will sit up indefatigable in the service of Bacchus, for he is one of his most zealous priests,-be the last man remaining at the banquet of inebriety; after seeing all his companions carried from under the table by their servants, or feebly staggering themselves to their respective homes; and he seldom quits any party till he has taken off, to his own share, eight bottles ! Now, when he finds on some fine frosty morning, the clock has struck five, at the conclusion of these drinking orgies, he calculates, that in less than three hours the morning will peep out, and that then the timorous hare may be started from her covert, and lordly man may shew his imbecile triumph over the little defence less creature !

Hunting Parties.

Accordingly, he tucks up his legs in a chair, reflecting that it is not worth while to undress himself and go to bed; snores there till daybreak, slips on, in haste, an old green coat, often torn at the elbows, and unsewed beneath the arm : he then mounts his tandem, and accompanied by a train of country squires, needy half-pay officers, and two or three of his own class, he begins, and goes through the sports of the field with that arduous avidity, which good health at the age of two and twenty enables him to support without fatigue.

He commands a troop in an old established regiment of liglit dragoons, whose Commandant married one of his sisters : he is consequently sometimes a little irldulged ; but there are days that military duty and discipline must be attended to; and the horrid bore of a parade cannot be dispensed with. On these occasions he is often reported sick, till the pretext

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