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elegance, the happy art of uniting welltimed and requisite expense with a partial frugality, rendered the style of Lady Laura's dress and living superior to that of many who are possessed of double her income.

Lovely in person, it cannot be supposed, that she can have been always entirely free from solicitations of a tender nature: But how soon were they checked, how soon has presumption been over-awed by the mild though firm dignity of her manners!

Her prudence, the elegant turn of her mind, her undeserved fate, her uncommon share of intellectual knowledge, have gained her the countenance of Royalty itself: All the correct and higher classes of nobility, all the eminent in the literary world, are eagerly anxious that she should make one in their most brilliant parties : and many there are who feel Lady Laura's deserved encomium.

proud in saying, that on such an evening, or at such a dinner party, they had the happiness of being seated by that charming woman, Lady Laura Pemberton,

She attends with the most unremitting perseverance to the accomplishments of her daughter, and watches her progress in them with incessant care. The fond wishes of thisinestimableparentwillnotbe disappointed; Miss PembertOn promises to crown all her affectionate desires, and to be in many respects the counterpart of her excellent mother.

So pure, so regulated is the conduct of Lady Laura, by the strictest rules of decorum, that the most inveterate calumny has never dared to touch it with her sooty finger. Her unfortunate husband sees too late the intrinsic worth and shining contents of the beautiful casket he has thrown away: he has endeavoured, by the fairest promises and most ardent Conjugal love is not easily extinguished.

protestations of reformation, to persuade her to again unite herself to him. Though she knows his fluctuating mind and wa. vering heart so well, yet he is the father of her dear hoys, and when he has sought a reconciliation, it gives her severe trials, and sadly injures her nervous system. Conjugal love in so warm a heart cannot he easily, nor indeed never wholly, extinguished: But all her friends, and indeed even the relations of Major Pemberton, warn her to be careful of again putting herself in his power.

Indeed we fear the constant and habitual practice of relaxed and libertine manners in Major Pemberton has confirmed them into principles that have taken root, which now actuate his mind, and will long be the springs of his future conduct: we wish we may be mistaken; but "the Ethiopian cannot change his skin, nor the leopard his spots."

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f Integer vita Scelerisque purus." Hobat.

The pride of the lily sometimes adorn? the humblest vallies, and it is not uncommon to gather the modest and shy violet on the brows of high craggy mountains. Virtue and vice, though of an opposite nature, thrive in the same grounds, and all classes of society are open to themt Gh! that all distinctions between man , aud man were measured upon the quantum of virtue or vice found in each individual! Then, surely, onr morals would improve, and the general happiness of mankind would be the desired result of it!

Joseph Baxter, is a native of Suffolk, and has been an inhabitant of London tor these last thirty years. Liberally edu

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