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" Nullus argento color est
« - nisi temperato

Splendleat usy."


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This gentleman, the deserving favourite of fortune, ranks high for his military services and knowledge, and for a mind well cultivated by a finished and polite education.

On his first embracing a military life, young Brooks had no dependance but his commission : Born a poor gentleman, he knew not only the value of every shil. ling, but of an humble sixpence also ; that a farthing was the fourth part of a penny, and if taken care of, was so much saved towards the making one !

Whoever now sees Sir Marmaduke Brooks, must discover that in his youth he was eminently beautiful: His coun

Preliminary Observations.

tenance is still so; he is above six feet in stature, possesses a Soldier's phisiognomy, with eyes of the sofest mildness, a roman nose, with a betwitching mouth and fine teeth.

He was, therefore, it may easily be conceived, admired by the ladies, especially when red coats were not so familiar to the eye as they are at the present day; but Sir Marmaduke, knowing his poverty, steeled his heart against all their atsacks; a man who loves money very sel. dom devotes his time to the ladies. In the mean time, there were many who were captivated not only by his fine person, but by the sweet ease and polish of his manners.

But he was not an insensible; he did love, and he was beloved : Yet the lady's fortune being but small, he durst not think of her : The prohibition of his parent also forbade it, and Sir Marmaduke

Union of congenial Souls.

was the most dutiful of sons ; he, therefore, gave up all thoughts of her, and married a lady of good fortune, which was to be considerably increased at the death of her father.


They had been acquainted from childhood; she was a smart agreeable woman; he could not be averse to an union with her; and the sweet mild temper he had ever evinced in private life, ensured them that happiness which they have now long and mutually experienced in the married state. Love in his philosophical and patient mind was vanquished : His long admired lady also married ; and, in one im. portant respect, he found himself united to a congenial soul, that of loving and saving money! . .

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· His bravery, his knowledge of all the theoretical and practical parts of war, during that of America, entitled him to,

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and procured him the countenance and protection of men of high rank, which they held both as noblemen and officers. 'I his knowledge increased his revenues with his rapid promotion, and employed 1. im in a department which, though it required great military talents, was extremely lucrative.

Having got into a confirmed habit of hoarding, he was soon enabled to realize a considerable share of wealth. His in. tegrity was however unequalled, and has ever continued so ; he pays his tradesmen not only with punctuality, but with the most ready cheerfulness; and though every opportunity was, and is still given him, of making money, he scorns to do it at the expence of Government, or by the least unfair dealing with any one individual.

He has for many years been Lieutenant

Refined Economy.

Governor of one of our most important garrisons; round which he often walks in a coat and boots which excite many a smile and proverbial witticism from the younger officers, who all love him nevertheless to almost a degree of adoration; so remarkably sweet, so polite and conciliating are his manners to all classes of people, to the poor as well as the rich, to the young and the old. .

But the love of money still prepon-derates in his mind. Sir Marmaduke is so rich, that he scarce knows himself the extent of his wealth. With age the close yice of avarice increases, and though they keep a great establishment, and live in all the apparent luxury of ease, yet Lady Brooks takes special care that no-thing shall be lost, even to the little feather that may chance to fly from the bed.

Sir Marmaduke denies himself many

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