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Where Love prefides, still may she bear the prize,
But rigid law has neither ears nor eyes;
Charms to which Mars and Hercules would bow,
Minos and Rhadamanthus difavow :
Juftice, by nothing biafs'd or inclin'd,
Deaf to perfuafion, to temptation blind,
Determines without favour, and the laws
O'erlook the parties, to decide the cause.,
What then avails it that a beardless boy
Took a rash fancy for a female toy?

Th' infulted Argives with a numerous hoft
Purfue revenge, and feek the Dardan coast:
Though the gods built, and though the gods defend,
Those lofty towers the hostile Greeks ascend,
Nor leave they till the town in afhes lies,
And all the race of royal Priam dies.
The queen of Paphos mixing in the fray
Rallies the troops, and urges on the day,
In perfon in the foremost ranks she stands,
Provokes the charge, directs, affifts, commands:
Stern Diomed, advancing high in air

His feather'd javelin, ftrikes the heavenly fair;
The vaulted skies with her loud fhrieks resound,
And high Olympus trembles at the wound.
In caufes juft fhould all the gods oppose,
"Twere honeft to difpute; fo Cato chose.
Difmifs that plea, and what fhall blood avail ?
If beauty is deny'd, fhall birth avail ?
Blood and high deeds in diftant ages done,
Are our forefathers merit, not our own.


Might none a juft poffeffion be allow'd,

But those who could bring defert or boast of blood,
What numbers, even here, might be condemn'd,
Strip'd and defpoil'd of all, revil'd, contemn'd!
Take a juft view, how many may remark
Who's now a lord, his grandfire was a clerk :
Then, O beware, nor do those robes defpife,
But honour that, from whence your honours rife.
How dear to Britain are her darling laws!
What blood has the not lavish'd in their caufe?
Kings are the common flaves to flaughter led,
Or wander through the world to beg their bread.
Such fatal precedents might awe the throne
From lawless grants: who gives what's not their own,
The gift is void: 'twere a cheap way to clear
The crown accounts, by robbing from the bar!
which takes from me, may
force from
To your own interefts---you were ever true :
Confider that I plead but your own cause :
Give sentence then, protect, maintain the laws.
He fpoke. The princes differ, and divide;
Some follow law, and fome with beauty side.
So once th' apoftate angels brav'd the power
Whom they were wont to worship and implore:
Like impious is their rage, who have in chace
A new omnipotence in Grafton's face.
Bold Rochester, undaunted, just, and wise,
Afferts the goddefs with the charming eyes:
Beauty her orders, like th' Almighty, fends,
And Rochester, like Michael, cleaves the fiends:




And O may Beauty never want reward
For thee, her noble champion, and her guard.
Beauty triumphs, and Law fubmitting lies,
The tyrant tam'd, aloud for mercy cries :
Conqueft can never fail in radiant Grafton's eyes.






HOUGH built by gods, confum'd by hoftile flame
Troy bury'd lies, yet lives the Trojan name;
And fo shall shine, though with thefe walls were loft
All the records thy ancestors could boast.

For Latium conquer'd, and for Turnus flain,
Eneas lives, though not one ftone remain
Where he arofe: nor art thou lefs renown'd

For thy loud triumphs on Hungarian ground.
Thofe arms which for nine centuries had brav'd*
The wrath of time, on antic ftone engrav'd,
Now torn by mortars, ftand yet undefac'd

On nobler trophies by thy valour rais'd:

*The arms of his family, at that time ftill remaining on one of the gates of the town.


Safe on thy eagle's wings they foar,, above
The rage of war or thunder to remove,
Borne by the bird of Cæfar and of Jove.




MACHAON fick ;

[blocks in formation]

His danger is the danger of mankind,
Whofe art protecting, Nature could expire
But by a deluge, or the general fire.

More lives he faves than perifh in our wars,
And fafter than a plague destroys, repairs:
The bold caroufer, and adventuring dame,
Nor fear the fever, nor refufe the flame;
Safe in his fkill, from all reftraint fet free,
But confcious fhame, remorfe, and piety.
Sire of all arts, defend thy darling fon,

O fave the man. whofe life's fo much our own;
On whom, like Atlas, the whole world's reclin'd,
And, by restoring Garth, preferve mankind.

* Created a Count of the Roman empire, with privilege to quarter his arms on the Imperial Spread Eagle, in acknowledgment of his bravery at the relief of Vienna, and feveral other occafions in the war of Hungary, where his lordship ferved a volunteer.

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Her Gardens having escaped a Flood that had destroyed all the Fruits of the Ground in her Neighbourhood.

W HAT hands divine have planted and protect,

The torrent fpares, and deluges refpect;

So when the waters o'er the world were spread,
Covering each oak, and every mountain's head,


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