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Frank Leslie's

Popular Monthly.

VOL. XXIII.—January to June, 1887,


Frank Leslie's Publishing House*

53, 55 And 57 Park Place.

Copyright, 1087. INDEX TO VOLUME XXIII.



Aluminium • y*

American Peer, An 399

American tin 86

Archduchess Ferdinand of Austria. By Madaline Durant 732

Are the Stars Peopled P .. 286

Artificial Memory, and the History of Mnemonics. By W. E.

McCann 621

Asparagus 43

Athens..*. 53,56,57, 60, 61

Austria-Hungary Empire ,..« 1

Bancroft, George, Author, Historian, Philosopher, Scholar,

Statesman,'Diplomat. By Ausburn Towner 388

Beast, The Number of the 15

Beautiful Miss Derwent. 477

Big Bells 410

Big Guns, The Manufacture of 633

Birds'-nests and Eggs 415

Bishop's Difficulty/The. By Dutton Cook 626

Books for the Girls and Boys of To-dav, The 151

By the Sea '. 353

Cadmean Victory,, A. By J. Y. Prichard. 82

Camp Life among the White Hills. By Charles Bacon 643

Chantilly , 232

Charming Carlyle Letter, A - 607

Chess, The Pieces in ,.. . 46

China-making in Europe. b. 310

Chinese Signboards . «. t 63

Coffee Trade of New York, The. By Oscar Willoughby Riggs. 663 Colony of Latter-day Saints Down on Cape Cod. By Ellen E.

Dickinson * 534

Coloring Matter in Flowers 414

Comets and Meteors, Origin of. By Richard A. Proctor 249

Convict's Message. The. By Florence B. Hallowell 226

Crimson Casket, The. By J. F. Alston 433

Cuban Fruits—Plantains, Bananas and Guayabas 87

Dash Through the Green Isle, A. By Noel Ruthven .. „ 165

Demoniac Influences , 542

Development of the Senses 479

Domesday Book of William the Conqueror, The 142

Drum, The Soul-stirring 399

Eccentric Character, An 4S6

Elsa in Elder-land. A Fairy Story. By Julia Goddard 46

Emin Pasha Relief Expedition, The. A Sketch of Emin

Pasha's Life and Work. By Robert W. Feikin, M.D.... 535

English Decorative Needlework r >.. . 486

Entertaining Column 127, 255; 383; 511, (>39, 759

Evil Eye, The. By Elizabeth P. Train ' 554

Fairyland of Science, A. By Christian Reid 276

First Russian Historian, The 399

Footprints of Washington in 1753. A Condensed History of the Journey from "Williamsburg, Va., to the French Fort at Le Bo?uf Lake, Erie County, Pa. By Mrs. C. Ingersoll

Gara 23

Forehead, The. By Joseph Simms, M.D 151

Francis Joseph I., and the Austria-Hungary Empire. By

George Makepeace Towle 1

From the Suez Canal, Through Two Seas to the Equator, By

Colonel Chaille-Long 468

Gabe's Kit.tv. By Madeline S. Bridges 529

Gardens. By Walter Edgar McCann. 343

German Universities » Ill


Germany, Early History of .. * 175

Graves of the Poets 38

G-rayfriars Churchyard, and its Strange Tenant, By Mary

Titcomb 574

Great Memories 400

Great Sphinx, The 602

Greece ^2 to 64

Greek Provincial Types > 64

"Gulliver's Travels," and a Similar Work in Japan 571

Haddon Hall, The Romance of. By Mary Titcomb 397

Hawks and Hawking, About 335

Heidelberg. By M. Wilcox 427

Her Father's Secretary. By Madeline S. Bridges 305

Hero of Humble Life, A 746

His Promise. By Florence B. Hallowell 670"

Hero-worship * 237

House of Hohenzollern, The 607

How they Played at Waxworks 30

Hunger. By Robert Wilson 754

Ideal Sleeping-room 467

Imp of Darkness, An. By W. Van Fleet, M.D 487

Incident of the San Gabriel Valley, An. By Mrs. E. B,

Perkins T 145

Ivan the Terrible. By P. J. Popoff 88

Jackson, Helen Hunt (IT. H.) What She Wrote, How She

Lived, and Where She is Buried. By Emily Pierce 311

Kean, An Anecdote of Edmund 410

Khedive's Expedition to Zanzibar and the Juba, The. By

Colonel C. Chaille-Long 698

Lacquer-tr. e, The 563

Langley Burglary, The 318

Legacy on Wheels. By Frances B. Currie r 657

Life's Little Things. By Ausburn Towner 43b

Linntous, and Upsala University. By Sarah K.Bolton 348

Lord Lyttons Plays, By J. Fitzgerald Molloy 214

Maggie Nidever's Lovers 95

Man Outside, The. Bv Clarence M. Boutelle.... 65, 193, 321,

449, 647' 703

Marseilles. By L. E. C. 741

Memory, and its Cultivation. By Walter Edgar McCann. ... 11

Mercedes. A Spanish Memory. By E'. J. Biddle 490

Mermm, A Veritable 695

Messent's Double ■ , 481

Metz: Its Monuments and Memories. By H.Tyrrell S9

Miner's Vicissitudes, A 415

Mis3 French. By Philip Bourke Marston 734

Modern English Artists. By Lily Higgin 404

Mohurrum at Constantinople, The 575

Monster Sea serpents of the Cretaceous Seas. By C. F. Holder. 253

Mouse's Ransom, The 250

Mrs. Redbnrn's limisbment. By A. M. Ewell 17

Murder on the Bruder Strasse. By S. Baring-Gould 26

My Terrible Wedding-day , 746

Napoleon, Adventures of" . 295

Night of Horror, A. By C. F. Gordon Cumming 158

North Carolina. 276

Nostradamus and his Prophecies. By Lucy H. Hooper 42

Old Mortality

Old New Orleans. By Stamford On Breton Sands....

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