The History of the British Empire in India, Том 2

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Страница 281 - I do not trust to Mr. Francis's promises of candour, convinced that he is incapable of it. I judge of his public conduct by his private, which I have found to be void of truth and honour.
Страница 324 - The defeat of many Bailies and Braith•waites will not destroy them. I can ruin their resources by land, but I cannot dry up the sea ; and I must be first weary of a war in which I • can gain nothing by fighting.
Страница 246 - The nazims exacted what they could from the zemindars and great farmers of the revenue, whom they left at liberty to plunder all below, reserving to themselves the prerogative of plundering them in their turn when they were supposed — to have enriched themselves with the spoils of the country.
Страница 82 - It was the hottest season of the year, and the night uncommonly sultry even at this season. The excessive pressure of their bodies against one another, and the intolerable heat which prevailed as soon as the door was shut, convinced the prisoners that it was impossible to live through the night in this horrible confinement, and violent attempts were immediately made to force the door, but without effect, for it opened inwards, on which many began to give loose to rage.
Страница 238 - The principal of these were : — 1st. That the court of directors should in future, instead of being chosen annually, be elected for four years ; six members annually, but none to hold their seats for longer than four years ; 2nd. That the qualification stock should be 1000/.
Страница 64 - which," says Colonel Wilks, " not only afforded the requisite pecuniary resources, but furnished the convenient means of receiving reinforcements of men and military stores from Pondicherry and Mauritius; and thus enabled Bussy to extend his political views to the indirect or absolute empire of the Deccan and the south.
Страница 182 - India merchants ; that of the whole one half was soon extorted from him, though part of the payments to the Company was still undischarged, and though the Company was sinking under the burden of the war, and obliged to borrow great sums of money of their servants at eight per cent. interest, and even with...
Страница 83 - Jemadar, who bore some marks of humanity in his countenance, promising to give him a thousand Rupees in the morning if he would separate the prisoners into two chambers ; the old man went to try, but returning in a few minutes, said it was impossible, when Mr. Holwell offered him a larger sum, on which he retired once more and returned with the fatal sentence, that no relief could be expected, because " the Nabob was asleep, and no one dared to wake him.
Страница 247 - to stand forth as Diwan and by the agency of the Company's servants to take upon themselves the entire care and management of the revenues."!
Страница 111 - The negotiations occupied six days, when conditions were agreed to — that the garrison should march out with the honours of war, and that all the ammunition, stores, &c., in the castle be delivered up without injury to the besieging army.