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Bell-yard, Temple-bar.


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Art. I. Travels in New England and New York. By Timothy

Dwight, S.T.D. LL.D. late President of Yale College;

Author of Theology Explained and Defended.


II. The Orlando Furioso. Translated into English Verse.

By William Stewart Rose. Vol. I.


III. 1. Recollections of the Peninsula. By the Author of

Sketches of India.

2. Campaign of the Left Wing of the Allied Army, in the

Western Pyrenees and South of France, in the Years

1813-14, under Field-Marshal the Marquess of Wel-

lington. Illustrated by a detailed Plan of the Ope-

rations, and numerous Plates of Mountain and River

Scenery, drawn and etched

by Captain Batty, of the

First or Grenadier Guards, F.R.S., &c. &c.

IV. The Epistles of Paul the Apostle translated, with an Ex-

position and Notes. By the Rev. Thomas Belsham,

Minister of Essex Street Chapel.


V. Travels through Sweden, Norway, and Finmark, to the

North Cape, in the Summer of 1820. By A. de Capell

Brooke, M.A.


VI. 1. Facts and Observations respecting Intermittent Fevers,

and the Exhalations which occasion them, collected

chiefly on a Professional Mission to inquire and report ·

on the Cause of the Sickness of the Army in Walche-

ren, in 1809, and to Northfleet, to report on the Ex-

pediency of Establishing a Dock Yard and Naval Arse-

nal at that Place, in 1810. In 'Select Dissertations

on several Subjects of Medical Science.' By Sir Gil-

bert Blane, Bart. F.R.S. &e. &e.

2. De Regionibus Italiæ Aëre pernicioso contaminatis

Observationum quas Munia Professoris ordinarii pub-

lici in celeberrimâ Universitate Berolinensi subiens

Commilitonibus Prodromi instar ad Lectiones de Epi-

demiis et Contagiis habendas offert Johannes Ferdinand

Koreff, Dr. Med. et Chirurg. &c. &c.

3. Leçons sur les Epidémies et l'Hygiéne Publique,

faites à la Faculté de Médecine de Strasbourg. Par


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Fr. Emm. Fodéré, Professeur à cette Faculté. Tome


4. Recherches Historiques, Chimiques et Médicales sur

l'Air Marécageux, Ouvrage Couronné par l'Académie

Royale des Sciences de Lyon. Par J. S. E. Julia,

Professeur de Chimie Médicale, &c. &c.


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VII. 1. Memoirs of the Mexican Revolution, and of General


. Ming. By W. D. Robinson.


2. History of Guatimala, in Spanish America. Trans-asser

lated from the Spanish of Don Domingo Juarros, by

J. Baily.

. ! (

Linvoi deuil 1900,

3. Historia de la Revolucion de Neuva Espatia, 6 versi

dadero Origen y Causas de ella, &c. &c. por Don 11:119:

Jose Guerra, Doctor de la Universidad de Mexico.9570?

1! 4. Origen de la Espantosa Revolucion de Neuva España 1979

comenzada en Setiembre. Por Don Juan Lopez Can-62

Puu 2“154)

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5. Apuntes Historicos del Señor Millaurrautia, Vocal de

to yle

las Cortes de España. slunma H.VI EMIA

6. Aguila Mexicana, 1o yuisslose bas gultisques pubhua

Mexicana. Ibarra bus zuiisbiono w 19 to 151 !!

Vit. Private Correspondence of William Cowper, Esq. with,.,ta

several of his most intimate Friends. Now first pub- &

warna lished from the Originals, in the possession of his Kins- tait

man, John Johnson, LL.D. swolkimisiing' 012(1997


IX. The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan.

echipe spahanto) sduit '1996;

X!!! The Naval Dry Rot, &c. &¢.'&cilit('The title tvould 61,-1

a page.) By John Burridge. Tovoru srit 101 100 216,

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XI. Journal of a Second Voyage for the Discovery of avoilo

* North-West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific 24342

so performed in the Years 1821-22-23, in His Majesty's 10

fois'te Ships Fury and Hecla, under the Orders of Captain di

BizvW. E. Parry, R.N. F.R.S d: Illustrated by numeroustavat

$1,93 4 Plates. risban! on bigtit. 09 iliad cö 231

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XII. Observations on the Judges of the Court of Chancery,

o to

ashtin mand, the Practice and Delays complained of in that so

pisitor Court. 91093

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Art. 1. Essay on Political Economy. Supplement to the Encyclo-

påedia Britannica.-Vol. VI. Part I.

11. A Critical Inquiry into Ancient Armour, as it existed in Europe,

but particularly in England, from the Norman Conquest to the Reign

of King Charles II. with a Glossary of Military Terms, &c. By

Samuel Rush Meyrick, LL.D. and F.S.A. &c.


III. History of a Voyage to the China Sea. By John White, Lieu-

tenant in the United States Navy.'


IV. Voyages dans la Grande-Bretagne, entrepris relativement aux

Services Publics de la Guerre, de la Marine, et des Ponts et Charis-

sées, depuis 1816. Troisième Partie, Force COMMERCIALE. Par

Charles Dupin.


V. Memoir Descriptive of the Resources, Inhabitants and Hydrogra-

phy of Sicily and its Islands, interspersed with Antiquarian and other

Notices. By W. H. Smyth, R. N.


VI. An Act for Consolidating and Amending the Laws relating to the

Building, Repairing, and Regulating of certain Gaols and Houses

of Correction in England and Wales. 4G. IV. c. 64. 10th July,


2. First, Second, and Third Reports from the Committee on the Laws

relating to Penitentiary Houses.

3. Report from the Committee on the State of the Gaols of the City

of London, &c.

4. First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Reports of the Committee

of the Society for the Improvement of Prison Discipline.

5. Roscoe on Penal Jurisprudence.

6. Roscoe's Additional Observations on Penal Jurisprudence, &c.

7. Speech of G. Holford, Esq. on the Motion made by bion in the

House of Commons, June, 1814, for Leave to bring in a Bill for the

better Nanagement of the Prisons belouging to the City of London.

Speech of G. Holford, Esq. in the House of Commons. June 22d,

1815, on the Bill to Amend the Laws relative to the Transportation

of Offenders, containing Provisions respecting the Confinement of

Offenders in the Hulks.

Speech of G. Holford, Esq. in Support of an Amendment to with-

hold from the Visiting Justices of Prisons the Power of authorizing,

the Employment without their own Consent of Prisoners eommitted

for Trial.

Thoughts on the Criminal Prisons of this Country, &c. By G. Hol

ford, Esq. M.P.

A Short Vindication of the General Penitentiary at Millbank, &c.

By G. Holford, Esq. M.P.

8. An Inquiry whether Crime and Misery are produced or prevented

by our present System of Prisou Discipline. By T. 1. Buxton, Esy.


9. Correspondence on Prison Labour. By Sir J. C. Hippesley.

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