Report to the Congress on Ocean Dumping and Other Man-induced Changes to Ocean Ecosystems

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Страница 9 - Congress finds and declares that it is the national policy (a) to preserve, protect, develop, and where possible, to restore or enhance, the resources of the Nation's coastal zone for this and succeeding generations...
Страница 87 - Secretary determines that the dumping will not unreasonably degrade or endanger human health, welfare, or amenities, or the marine environment, ecological systems, or economic potentialities.
Страница 8 - Agriculture (DOA) , the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration...
Страница 87 - SEC. 404. (a) The Secretary [of the Army, acting through the Chief of Engineers,] may issue permits, after notice and opportunity for public hearings for the discharge of dredged or fill material into the navigable waters at specified disposal sites.
Страница 86 - ... Secretary" means the Secretary of the Army. (i) "Dredged material" means any material excavated or dredged from the navigable waters of the United States. (j) "High-level radioactive waste" means the aqueous waste resulting from the operation of the first cycle solvent extraction system, or equivalent, and the concentrated waste from subsequent extraction cycles, or equivalent, in a facility for reprocessing irradiated reactor fuels, or irradiated fuel from nuclear power reactors. (k) "Transport
Страница 85 - Material" means matter of any kind or description, including, but not limited to, dredged material, solid waste, incinerator residue, garbage, sewage, sewage sludge, munitions, radiological, chemical, and biological warfare agents, radioactive materials, chemicals, biological and laboratory waste, wreck or discarded equipment, rock, sand, excavation debris, and industrial, municipal, agricultural, and other waste; but such term does not mean sewage from vessels within the meaning of section 312 of...
Страница 90 - The district courts shall have jurisdiction, without regard to the amount in controversy or the citizenship of the parties...
Страница 6 - Environmental pollution is the unfavorable alteration of our surroundings, wholly or largely as a by-product of man's actions, through direct or indirect effects of changes in energy patterns, radiation levels, chemical and physical constitution and abundances of organisms. These changes may affect man directly, or through his supplies of water and of agricultural and other biological products, his physical objects or possessions, or his opportunities for recreation and appreciation of nature.
Страница 89 - ... shall be available to the public as a matter of public record, at every stage of the proceeding.
Страница 91 - State in which the violation occurs, and (iii) to any alleged violator of the standard, limitation, or order, or (B) if the Administrator or State has commenced and is diligently prosecuting a civil action in a court...