Interstate Commerce Commission Reports: Reports and Decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission of the United States, Том 193

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L.K. Strouse, 1933
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Страница 313 - ... unless and until, and then only to the extent that, upon application by the carrier, and after investigation by the Commission of the purposes and uses of the proposed issue and the proceeds thereof, or of the proposed assumption of obligation or liability in respect of the securities of any other person, natural or artificial, the Commission by order authorizes such issue or assumption.
Страница 311 - Commission shall make such order only if it finds that such issue or assumption: (a) is for some lawful object within its corporate purposes, and compatible with the public interest, which is necessary or appropriate for or consistent with the proper performance by the carrier of service to the public as a common carrier, and which will not impair its ability to perform that service, and (b) is reasonably necessary and appropriate for such purpose.
Страница 523 - If after such hearing the Commission finds that, subject to such terms and conditions and such modifications as it shall find to be just and reasonable, the proposed consolidation, merger, purchase, lease, operating contract, or acquisition of control will be in harmony with and in furtherance of the plan for the consolidation of railway properties established pursuant to paragraph (3), and will promote the public interest...
Страница 526 - In order that the systems herein proposed, or any others that may be formed, may properly perform the functions intended by Congress and that competition may be preserved as required, they must be independent in fact as well as in name. The continuation or acquisition of intersystem Interests directly or indirectly through holding companies, stock ownership, or otherwise, will be inconsistent with the Independence necessary to true competition. Carriers will, therefore, be expected to observe...
Страница 544 - Statement that no agreement has been or will be made by the applicant to pay any person, association, firm, or corporation, either directly or indirectly, any commission or fee for the loan applied for and that no such payments have been or will be made by the applicant.
Страница 310 - Improvements on leased railway property. Deposits in lieu of mortgaged property sold Miscellaneous physical property Investments in affiliated companies Other investments . . . . CURRENT ASSETS: Cash Demand loans and deposits . . Special deposits Traffic and car service balances receivable Agents...
Страница 445 - Bell company of the telephone properties of the vendors, in accordance with the terms of the option contract, a copy of which is filed with the application, will be of advantage to the persons to whom service is to be rendered and in the public interest. A certificate to that effect will be issued. CERTIFICATE. A hearing and investigation of the matters and things involved in this proceeding having been had, and said Division having, on the date hereof, made and filed a report containing...
Страница 478 - ... prosperity of the system as a whole. The point at which abandonment shall be considered justifiable is a matter of sound judgment, and must be determined by the circumstances of each case.
Страница 313 - In whole or In part and upon such terms and conditions as it finds necessary or appropriate to secure the maintenance of adequate service and the coordination In the public interest of facilities subject to the jurisdiction of the Commission.
Страница 521 - ... right to make all such locations, changes, and alterations as in the judgment of the Southern Company will enable it to operate the demised premises in the public interest and with the greatest economy and efficiency; and the Southern Company shall not be obligated or bound to perform any contractual, statutory or other obligations with reference to such matters which may now or hereafter rest upon the Texarkana Company; and any and all such changes may be made, from time to time, by the Southern...