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4. O, weary not! O, weary not !

For when thy task is o'er,
A home is thire of endless bliss,

Where toil is known no more.

[blocks in formation]

1 LABOR fearless, labor faithful,

Labor while the day shall last ;
For the shadows of the evening

Soon the sky shall overcast;
Ere shall end thy day of labor,

Ere shall rest thy manhood's sun,
Strive with every power within thee,

That the appointed task be done. 2 Life is not the traceless shadow,

Nor the wave upon the beach,
Though our days are brief, yet lasting

Is the stamp we give to each :
Life is real, life is earnest,

Full of labor, full of thought ;
Every hour and every moment

Is with living vigor fraught.


P. M. Mrs. COLBURN. 1 Ye Workingmen of power,

Press onward to the fight;
Sav, shall your spirits cower,

When pleading for the right?
Be firm and valiant-hearted,

Like warriors true and brave ;
And strive with zeal undaunted

Humanity to save.

2 Yet nought of blood and slaughter

Shall stain the battle plain,
Where mother, wife and daughter,

Weep over many slain :
No! stainless is our banner!

Let peace our garland twine;
Our deeds with fadeless honor,

In future days shall shine.


8s. & 7s. J. H. BRYANT. .1 .Waking every morn to duty,

Ere its hours shall pass away,
Let some act of love or mercy

Crown the labors of the day:

2 Lo! a better day is coming,

Brighter prospects ope before;
Spread your banner to the breezes-

Upward, onward, everinore !
3 Upward, onward, is our watchword,

Though the winds blow good or ill-
Though the sky be fair or stormy,

These shall be our watchwords still.

4 Upward, onward, in the battle

Waged for freedom and the right;
Never resting, never weary,

Till a vict'ry crowns the fight.



C. M.

1 Death! what is that which we call Death ?

To quit this house of clay;
To put aside this mortal coil

For immortality.
2 It is to leave this darksome world,

Where sin and sorrow reign ;
To sever every earthly tie,

And join the heavenly train.

3 And tho' we part from friends most dear

From those we fondly love,-
We part but for a little time,

In hope to meet above.
4 United with that happy band,

Which now in heaven may be,
We'll praise the great Creator's name

Throughout eternity!

5 Then why our fears? why shrink from death,

As though 't were dark and drear ? "Tis but the portal we must pass

To reach a higher sphere!

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C. M.
10 RESIGNATION, heavenly power!

Our warmest thoughts engage ;
Thou art the safest guide of youth,
The sole support



2 Teach us the hand of love divine

In evils to discern ;
"Tis the first lesson that we need,

The latest that we learn.

3 Resign, and all the pain of life

That moment we remove ;
The heavy load of grief and care

Devolves on One above.

4 He bids us lay our burthen down

On his almighty hand,
Supports our feeble frame, and makes

Our weary feet to stand.


S. M.


1 How gracious and how wise,

Is our chastising God !
And oh, how rich the blessings are,

That blossom from his rod!
2 He lifts it up on high,

With pity in his heart,
That every stroke his children feel,

May grace and peace impart.

3 Instructed thus, they bow

And own his sovereign sway;
They turn their erring footsteps back

To his forsaken way.
4 Our Father, we consent

To discipline divine ;
And bless the pains that make our souls

Still more completely thine.


S. M.

WATTS. 1 My soul, repeat His praise,

Whose mercies are so great,
Whose anger is so slow to rise,

So ready to abate.
2 The pity of the Lord,

To those who fear his name,
Is such as tender parents feel ;

He knows our feeble frame.
3 Our days are as the grass,

Or like the morning Alower ;
If one sharp blast sweep o'er the field,

It withers in an hour.
4 But thy compassions, Lord,

To endless years endure ;
And children's children ever find

Thy words of promise sure.


C. M. R. TURNBULL. 1 There is a place of waveless rest,

Far, far beyond the skies,
Where beauty smiles eternally,

And pleasure never dies :

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