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Love will surely conquer,

And hate and war shall cease.

4 See the world like ocean surging,

Lashed to fury onward urging,
Till the light of truth emerging,

Shows the better way:
Truth will surely conquer,

Truth and Love will win the day.
5 Yes, this earth, though stained and gory,

Filled with scenes of woe her story,
Shall arise to former glory,

And the light shall see:
Light will surely conquer,

Earth will have a Jubilee.


P. M.


. 1 May every year but draw more near

The time when strife shall cease,
And truth and love all hearts shall move,

To live in joy and peace.
Now sorrow reigns, and earth complains,
For folly still her power maintains;
But the day shall yet appear,

[shall be, When the right with the might and the truth

And come what there may,

To stand in the way, 'That day the world shall see.

2 Let good men ne'er of truth despair,

Though humble efforts fail;
O, give not o'er, until once more

The righteous cause prevail !

In vain and long, enduring wrong,
The weak may strive against the strong ;

But the day will yet appear,
When the might with the right, &c.
3 Though interest pleads that noble deeds

The world will not regard,
To noble minds, that duty binds,

No sacrifice is hard :
The brave and true may seem but few,
But hope has better things in view;

And the day will yet appear,
When the might with the right, &c.


P. M.

DUGANNE. For a Community Festival. 1 Holy and bright, in truth and light,

Shines the future on our vision,
When man shall love like the saints above,

And his joys shall be elysian ;
We'll sing to-night the day-spring bright,

When love shall warın creation,
And draw from the soul, with her sweet control,

The dew of the heart's oration.

2'Too long hath Might oppressed with blight,

The hopes that virtue cherished;
Too long hath dearth o’erspread our earth,

Till famished Love has perished:
Yet sing to-night, &c.
3 For why affright with dreams of might,

The morning's golden slumbers,
Or sadly wear the chain of care,

That now one thought encumbers ?

Let's sing to-night the Future bright,

When Love shall warm creation, And draw from the sonl, with her sweet control,

The dew of the heart's oration.

6s. & 4s.

E. Davis.
1 Nor with the flashing steel,
Not with the cannon's peal,

Or stir of drum ;
But in the bonds of love
Our white flag floats above,
Her emblem is the dove,

'Tis thus we come.
2 The Laws of Christian light,
These are our weapons bright,

Our mighty shield ;
Christ is our leader high,
And the broad plains which lie.
Beneath the blessed sky,

Our battle-field.
3 On, then, in God's great name,
Let each pure spirit's fame

Burn bright and clear ;
Stand firmly in your lot,
Cry ye aloud, doubt not,
Be every fear forgot,

Christ leads us here.
4 So shall earth's distant lands,
In happy, holy bands,

One brotherhood,
Together rise and sing,
Gifts to one altar bring,
And Heaven's Eternal King,

Pronounce it Good.

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P. M.
1 Hush the loud cannon's roar,

The frantic warrior's call !
Why should the earth be drenched with gore?

Are we not brothers all ?

2 Want, from the wretch depart !

Chains, from the captive fall;
Sweet mercy, melt the oppressor's heart,

Sufferers are brothers all.

3 Churches and sects, strike down

Each mean partition-wall !
Let charity unkindness drown,-

Christians are brothers all.

4 Let love and truth alone

Hold human hearts in thrall,
That heaven its work at length may own,

And men be brothers all.


S. M.

O. JOHNSON 1 In strong fraternal ties,

Lord, bind our hearts as one,
And through the path where duty lies,

O, gently lead us on.

2 From self, oh set us free,

And each impure desire,
And may we never stray from Thee,

Nor in thy service tire.

3 O let no party wall

Our loving souls divide,
But each, obedient to thy call,

Within thy fold abide.

4 And through life's darkest night,

When clouds our path surround,
May love's pure fire and friendship's light

In every heart abound.


S. M.


1 No field of vict'ry won

With blade and battle brand;
A nobler triumph shall be ours-

A bright and happy land.

2 Too long the man of blood

Hath ruled without control;
Nor widow's tear, nor orphan's sighs,

Could touch his iron soul !

3 Come, man, to brother man,

Come ir: the bond of peace ;
Let strife and war, with all their train

Of dark’ning horrors cease.

4 Let fruit-trees crown our fields,

And flowers our valleys fair;
And on our mountain steep, the songs
Of happy swains be there !


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