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L. M. 81. MONTGOMERY. 1 I hate that drum's discordant sound,

Parading round, and round, and round;
To thoughtless youth it pleasure yields,
And lures from cities and from fields,
To sell their liberty for charms
Of tawdry lace and glittering arms :
And when ambition's voice commands,

To march, and fight, and fall, in foreign lands. 2 I hate that drum's discordant sound,

Parading round, and round, and round,
To me it talks of ravaged plains,
And burning towns, and ruined swains,
And mangled limbs and dying groans,
And widows' tears and orphans' moans,
And all that misery's hand bestows,
To fill the catalogue of human woes.


11s M.

Mrs. PRICE. 1 Poor victims of war that by millions have perished,

[the world; Your crimes have brought mildew and blight on But still the fell monster is tenderly cherished, And his thrice pointed arrows are constantly hurl'd. 2 O Savior, who gave thy own life as a token, Of the value of love, and forgiveness and peace ; Shall thy precepts forever and ever be broken, And war from this faded earth never more cease! 3 Ah no! thou wilt reign, and these billows of

sorrow, That roll o’er the world will recede at thy sway; There is for lost man a more glorious to-morrow, To dawn on the earth with millennial ray.


P. M. BERNARD BARTON. 1 Whence come your wars, frail worms of dust?

What are your fightings for ?
Envy and hatred, greed and lust,

Which in your members war ;
Dwells such a dark unhallowed hust,

In temples of the Holy Ghost ?
2 When angels first to shepherds' cars,

Announced the Savior's birth,
What watchword did the heavenly spheres

Pour down on listening earth?
Glory to God, who dwells on high ;
Toward men good will and unity!'


L. M.

Mrs. SIGOURNEY. 1 Peace was the song the angels sang,

When Jesus sought this vale of tears ;
And sweet the heavenly prelude rang,

To calın the watchful shepherds' fears. 2 War is the word that man hath spoke

Convulsed by passions dark and dread;
And Pride enforced a lawless yoke,

E'en where the gospel banner spread. 3 Peace was the prayer the Savior breathed,

When from our world his steps withdrew;
The gift he to his friends bequeathed

With Calvary's dreadful cross in view. 4 Redeemer, with adoring love,

Our spirits take thy rich bequest,
The watchword of the host above,
The passport to their realms of rest.

[blocks in formation]

1 Let warriors tremble, when they dare

To take thine awful name in vain,
And say that thou, great God! wast there,

To nerve their arms against the slain !

2 That from thy throne thou lookedst down

With joy upon the murderers' blade; And cheered i hem on to seek renown,

By slaughtering men whom thou hast made i


C. M.

E. Davis.

A Naval Battle.

1 Lo! shameless on each vessel's deck,

A priest kneels down to pray
That God will wing their bolts with death,

And speed them on their way.
2 And now war's vivid lightnings flash,

His deep, hoarse thunders roll,
While curses loud are vollied forth,

And hate knows no control.

3 And mortal cries of

The stifled dying prayer,
And bitter tears, and groans, and blood,

Are all commingled there.


C. M.


A night after battle.
1 Night spread her starless robe around,

The sun withdrew his light;
Gloom brooded o'er the battle ground,

And darkness veiled the sight.
2 Oh! there was woe, and pain, and death,

And horror and despair,
As mortal groan and dying breath

Upraised the hopeless prayer.
3 Do human souls from such a glare

Of passion rise to God?
Did Christ's pure spirit lead them there?

Was that the vale he trod ?

4 O Savior! send thy peaceful light,

To show thy holier way;
Dispel the shades of error's night,

And bring the perfect day.


S. M.


1 Check at their fountain head,

O God, the streams of strife!
Nor let misguided man rejoice

To take his brother's life.

2 Strike off the pomp and pride

That deck the deeds of war,
And in their gorgeous mantle hide
The blood-stained conqueror.

3 To history’s blazoned page

Touch the pure wand of truth,
And bid its heroes stand unveiled

Before the eye of youth. 4 Press by each quiet hearth,

The gospel's peaceful claims,
Nor let a Christian nation bless

What its meek master blames.

5 So shall the seeds of hate

Be strangled in their birth,
And Peace, the angel of thy love,

Rule o'er th' enfranchised earth.


P. M.

MRS. PRICE. 1 How glad was the anthem the bright angels sung,

Peace and good will unto men;' O'er the hills of Judea how sweetly it rung

• Peace and good will unto men.' Glad tidings of joy, for the Savior is born, To the darkness of earth comes a glorious morn!

List to that voice,

Nations rejoice!

Jesus the Savior is born. 2 He will reign till oppression has vanished away,

The din of the battle shall cease, Till man to his brother no longer a prey, Shall rest in an Eden of peace.

north, From the east to the west, from the south to the The light of his presence goes savingly forth,

Hatred and wrath

Flee from his path:
Jesus has come to redeem.

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