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P. M.

H. WARE JR. 1 OPPRESSION shall not always reign;

There comes a brighter day,
When freedom, burst from every chain,

Shall have triumphant way.
Then right shall over might prevail,
And truth, like hero armed in mail,
The hosts of tyrant-wrong assail,

And hold eternal sway.
2 What voice shall bid the progress stay,

Of truth's victorious car,
What arm arrest the growing day,

Or quench the solar star ?
What dastard soul, though stout and strong,
Shall dare bring back the ancient wrong,
Or slavery's guilty night prolong,

And freedom's morning bar?
3 The hour of triumph comes apace,

The fated, promised hour,
When earth upon a ransomed race,

Her beauteous gifts shall shower.
Ring, Liberty, thy glorious bell,
Bid high thy sacred banner swell,
Let trump on trump the triumph tell,

Of heaven's redeeming power.


L.. M.

MONTGOMERY. 1 Le'r Mammon hold, while Mammon can,

The bones and blood of living man;
Let despots scorn, while despots dare,

The shrieks and writhings of despair ;2 The end will come, it will not wait,

Bonds, yokes and scourges have their date ;
Slavery itself must pass away,
And be a tale of yesterday.


P. M.

E. Davis.

1 'It is falling ! it is falling !

The Almighty speed the day,
When my country's giant, thraldom

Shall forever pass away ;
When the hateful fetters melted

From the bondman's soul and limb,
He shall hail old freedom's temple,

Opening wide her gateś to him.

2 It is falling-falling-falling !

By the wide green earth abhorred,
Deep to deep to judgment calling-

' It shall perish,' saith the Lord :
Perish! though its bonds to strengthen,

Foul oppression wields her brand ;
Perish! though its reign to lengthen,
Despots struggle hand in hand.



S. M.

A. Ballou. 1 Shall kidnapped Afric's race,

In Southern bondage held,
Forever plead their deep distress,

And coldly be repelled ?
2 Shall wrong and outrage reign,

Where Freedom's ensigns wave,
And Christian men the right maintain

Their brethren to enslave? 3 Shall flesh and blood decree

The mischief God abhors,
And rebel multitudes agree

To nullify his laws ?
4 Shall magistrates be made

Oppression's sworn right hand,
To guard the captive's dungeon gate,

And scourge him through the land? 5 O Lord, in thunder toues,

Rebuke these giant crimes;
Behold the victims, hear their groans,

And rescue them betimes.


7s & 6s. Mrs. COLBURN. 1 The happy day is dawning,

The earth's bright jubilee-
The long expected morning,

That sets the bondman free ;
The present sigos betoken

That joyful time of peace;
All chains shall soon be broken,

And wrong and crime shall cease.

2 Our land has long been blighted

With sins of every name,
Like heathen lands benighted,

And gloried in its shame:
But every day is laden

With hope of good to come ;
Earth yet shall be an Eden,-

A paradise shall bloom.
3 In suffering and reproaches,

We'll toil for truth and right;
The Jubilee approaches,

We hail its dawning light:
With faith and zeal increasing,

We'll toil till slavery cease,
And earth receive the blessing

Of universal peace.


P. M.


1 In the Southern cane-brakes wailing,

See our suffering brother stand;
Hear the chain and fetter trailing,
See the iron gall his hand :

Mourning brother!
Who can loose that cruel band !
2 Where the glorious sun-light beaming,

Bathes the warm and fertile plain,
Human blood is daily streaming,
To enlarge a tyrant's gain :

Mourning brother-
There thy blood is poured like rain !
3 Bondman, there is hope in heaven

God doth hear thy bitter cries ;
Let the galling chain be riven,'

He is speaking from the skies :

Mourning captive-
Freedom's sun will soon arise !
4 Light is breaking forth in beauty,

Burning words of love are spoke;
Human hearts shall learn their duty;
God will break the oppressor's yoke ;

Mourning captive,
Love will break the grievous yoke.


P. M. OLIVER JOHNSON. 1 Hark! a voice from heaven proclaiming

Comfort to the mourning slave !
God has heard him long complaining,
And extends his arm to save :

Proud Oppression

Soon shall find a shameful grave! 2 See the light of truth is breaking,

Full and clear on every hand !
And the voice of Mercy speaking,
Now is heard through all the land :

Firm and fearless,
See the friends of freedom stand.
3 Lo! the nation is arousing

From its slumber long and deep ;
And the friends of God are waking,
Never, never more to sleep,

While a bondman
In his chains remains to weep.
4 Long, too long, have we been dreaming

O’er our country's sin and shame ;
Let us now, the time redeeming,
Press the helpless captive's claim,

Till, exulting,
He shall cast aside his chain !

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