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S. M.

Watts. 1 How beauteous are their feet,

Who stand on Zion's hill!
Who bring salvation on their tongues,

And words of peace reveal. 2 How charming is their voice!

How sweet the tidings are !
Zion, behold thy Savior king,

He reigns and triumphs here.' 3 How happy are our ears,

That hear this joyful sound,
Which kings and prophets waited for,

And sought, but never found ! 4 How blessed are our eyes !

That see this heavenly light;
Prophets and kings desired it long,

But died without the sight ! 5 The Lord makes bare his arm

Through all the earth abroad :
Let every nation now behold

Their Savior and their God.

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L. M.

DonprinGE. 1 AWAKE, our noblest powers, to bless

The God of Abra'm, God of Peace;
Now by a dearer title known,

Father and God of Christ his Son. 2 Through erery age his gracious ear

Is open to his servants' prayer;
Nor can one humble soul complain
That he has sought his God in vain.

3 What unbelieving heart shall dare

In whispers to suggest a fear,
W bile still he owns his ancient name,

The same his power, his love the same. 4 To thee our souls in faith arise,

To thee we list expecting eyes,
And boldly through the desert tread ;
For God will guard where Christ hath led.


C. M.

WATIS. 1 O for a shout of sacred joy

To God, the sovereign King !
Let every land their tongues employ,

And hymns of triumph sing.
2 Whilst angels shout their lofty praise,

Let mortals learn their strains ;
Let all the earth their voices raise,

O'er all the earth he reigns.
3 Rehearse his praise with awe profound,

Let knowledge lead the song ;
Nor mock him with a solemn sound

Upon a thoughtless tongue.
4 In Israel stood his ancient throne;

He loved that chosen race;
But now he calls the world his own,

And heathens taste his grace.



C. M.
1 To our Almighty Maker, God,

New honors be addressed ;
His great salvation shines abroad,

And makes the natious blest.

him room,

2 Joy to the world ! the Lord is come,

Let earth receive her King ;

every heart prepare

And heaven and nature sirg.
3 Joy to the world ! her Savior reigns,

Let men their songs employ ;
While lands and seas, rocks, hills, and plains

Repeat the sounding joy.

4 No more let sin ‘and sorrow grow,

Nor violence abound;
He comes to make his blessings flow,

Wherever inan is found.


H. M.


1 To God, the mighty Lord,

Your joyful thanks repeat;
To hiin due praise afford,
As good as he is great:

For God does prove
Our constant friend ;
His boundless love
Shall never end.

2 To him, whose wondrous power,

All other gods obey;
Who earthly kings adore,
This grateful homage pay :

For God will prove
Our constant friend;
His boundless love
Shall never end.


L. M.

WATTS. 1 With all my powers of heart and tongue,

I'll praise my Maker in my song ;
While holy zeal directs my eyes

To thy fair temple in the skies.
2 I'll sing thy truth and mercy, Lord,

I'll sing the wonders of thy word ;
Not all thy works and names below,

So much thy power and glory show. 3 Amidst a thousand snares I stand,

Upheld and guarded by thy hand;
Thy words my fainting soul revive,

And keep my dying faith alive.
4 Grace will complete what grace begins,

To save from sorrows or from sins;
The work which wisdom undertakes,
Eternal mercy ne'er forsakes.


C. M. Mrs. STEELE. 1 Great is the Lord ! our souls adore !

We wonder while we praise ;
Thy power, what creature can explore,

Or equal honors raise ?
2 Thy name shall dwell upon my tongue,

While suns shall set and rise ;
And tune my everlasting song

In realms beyond the skies.
3 Thy praise shall be my constant theme,

The wonders of thy power ;
I'll speak the honors of thy name,

And bid the world adore.

4 But sweetly flowing strains shall tell

The riches of thy grace ;
And songs of grateful joy reveal

Thy spotless righteousness.
5 How large thy tender mercies are !

How wide thy grace extends !
On thy beneficence and care

The universe depends.


L. M.

MRS. Srcele.

1 Happy the man whose hopes divine

On nature's guardian God recline;
Who can with sacred transport say,
This God is mine, my help, my stay.

2 Heaven, earth and sea declare his name ;

He built, he filled their spacious frame;
And o'er creation's fairest lines
His steadfast truth unchanging shines.

3 His justice looks on those who mourn

Beneath the proud oppressor's scorn;
The hungry poor his hand sustains,

And breaks the wretched captive's chains. 4 If weary strangers friendless roam,

Divine protection is their home;
The Lord relieves the widow's care,
And dries the helpless orphan's tear.


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