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(At CORTICELLI's he the rame won,
There first his pallion was in publick fown:
HAZARDIA blush'd; and turn'd her head afide,
Her rival's envy all in vain to hide)
This fnuff-box-on the hinge fee diagnonds thine -
This snuff-box will I ftake, the prize is mine.

Alas! far smaller loles than I bear,
Have made a foldier figh, a lover fiveår:
But oh! what makes the disappointment hard,
'Twas my own lord who drew the fatal card !
In complaisance I took the queen he gave,
Tho' my own secret wish was for the knave :
The knave won fosa ecart that I had chose,
And the next pull my feptliva I lose.

But ah! what aggravates the killing smart,
The cruel thought that itabs me to the heart,
This curs'd OMBRELIA, this undoing fair,
By whose vile arts this heavý grief I bear,
She at whose name I thed these spiteful tears,
She owes to me the very charms he wears :
An aukward thing when first she came to town,
Her Mape anfashicn'd, and her face unknown.
She was my friend, I taught her first to spread
Upon her fallow cheeks enlivening red;
I introduc'd her to the park and plays,
And by my intreft Cosins made her stays.


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ruin run,

Ungrateful wretch! with mimick airs grown pert,
She dares to steal my favourite lover's heart.

Wretch that I was ! how often have I swore,
When WINNALL tallied, I would punt no more !
I know the bite, yet my
And see the folly which I cannot shun.

How many maids have SHARPER's vows deceiv'd!
How many curs’d the moment they believ'd!
Yet his known falfhood could no warning prove :
Ah! what are warnings to a maid in love !

But of what marble muft that breast be form'd,
To gaze on Bassette, and remain unwarmd ?
When kings, queens, knaves, are fet in decent rank,
Expos'd in glorious heaps the tempting bank,
Guineas, half-guineas, all the shining train,
T'he winner's pleasure and the loser's pain,
In bright confusion open rouleaus lie,
They trike the soul, and glitter in the eye ;
Fir'd by the fight, all reason I disdain,
My passions rise, and will not bear the rein:
Look upon Baffette, you who reason boast,
And see if reason may not there be loft.

What more than marble must that breast compose,
That liftens coldly to my SHARPER's vows !



Then when he trembles, when his blushes rife,
When aweful love seems melting in his eyes!

beats his Mechlin cravat moves;
He loves, I whisper to myself, he loves !
Such unfeign'd paffion in his look appears,
I lose all mem'ry of my former fears;
My panting heart confesses all his charms;
I yield at once, and sink into his arms.
Think of that moment, you who prudence boast !
For such a moment, prudence well were loft.

At the groom-porter's, batter'd bullies play ;
Some dukes at Marybon bowl time away!
But who the bowl or rattling dice compares
To Baffette's heavenly joys and pleasing cares?

Soft SIMPLICETTA doats upon a beau ;
PRUDINA likes a man, and laughs at show :
Their several



SHARPER meet ;
Strong as the footman, as the master sweet.

Loveit. Cease your contention, which has been too long, I grow impatient, and the tea grows strong : Attend, and yield to what I now decide; The equipage shall grace SMILINDA's side; The snuff-box to CARDELIA I decree; So leave complaining, and begin your tea,

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Vol. I,


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OWtwenty springs had cloth'd the park with green,

No lovers now her morning hours moleft;
And catch her at her toilette half undreft.
The thund'ring knocker wakes the street no more,
Nor chairs, nor coaches crowd the filent door;
Nor at the window all her mornings pafs,
Or at the dumb devotion of her glass :
Reclin'd upon her arm fhe penfive fate,
And curs'd th' inconftancy of man too late.

“ Oh youth ! O spring of life for ever loft!
“ No more my name shall reign the fav’rite toaft ;
“ On glass no more the diamond grave my name,
“ And lines mis-spelt record my

lover's flame: « Nor shall fide-boxes watch my wand'ring eyes, “ And, as they catch the glance, in rows arise “ With humble bows; nor white-glov'd beaus encroach • In crowds behind, to guard me to my coach.

What shall I do to spend the hateful day? “ At chapel shall I wear the morn away? Who there appears at these unmodish hours, “ But ancient matrons with their frizled tow'rs, 5

6 And

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" And grey religious maids ? my presence there « Amidst that sober train, would own despair ;. “ Nor am I yet so old, nor is my glance «. As yet fix'd wholly on devotion's trance. w Strait then I'll dress, and take my wonted range « Thro' India shops, to Motteux's, or the Change, • Where the tall jar erects its stately pride, “ With antick shapes in China's azure dy'd ; There careless lies a rich brocade unroll'd, “ Here shines a cabinet with burnish'd gold. “ But then, alas ! I must be forc'd to pay, « And bring no penn'orths, not a fan away!

“ How am I curs'd, unhappy and forlorn !

My lover's triumph, and my sex's scorn! sc False is the pompous grief of youthful heirs ; “ False are the loose coquet's inveigling airs ; “ False is the crafty courtier's plighted word; “ False are the dice, when gamefters stamp the board; “ False is the sprightly widow's publick tear; " Yet these to Damon's oaths are all fincere.

“ For what young flirt, base man, am I abus'd? “ To please your wife am I unkindly us'd ? “ 'Tis true, her face may boast the peach’s bloom; “ But does her nearer whisper breathe perfume ? " I own her taper shape is form’d to please ; “ But don't you see her unconfin'd by stays? “ She doubly to fifteen may claim pretence; "! Alike we read it in her face and sense.



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