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Or as a dyke cut by malicious hands,

O’erflows the fertile Netherlands ;
Thro' the wide yawn, th' impetuous sea,

Lavish of his new liberty,
Bestrides the vale, and, with tumultuous noise,

Bellows along the delug'd plain
Pernicious to the rip’ning grain ;

Far as th’ horizon he destroys :
Theweeping shepherd from an hillbewails thewat'ryreign.

So rapid flows the unimprison'd stream !

So strong the force of MINDELHEIM !
In vain the woods of Audenard
Would shield the Gaul, a fenceless guard.

As soon may whirl-winds be with-held,
As MARLB’ROUGH's footsteps o'er the foaming Scheld.

In vain the torrent would oppofę,
In vain arm'd banks, and hosts of foes :
The foes with coward-hafte retire,
Fly faster than the river Aows,

And swifter than our fire.
Vendofme from far upbraids their fhame,
And pleads his royal master's fame.
“ By Condè’s mighty ghoft,” he cries,

By Turenne, Luxemburgh, and all 56 Those noble fouls, who fell a sacrifice

" At

" At Lens, at Fleurus, and at Landen fight,
66 Stop, I conjure, your ignominious flight.

But Fear is deaf to Honour's call.
Each frowning threat and foothing pray'r
Is lost in the regardless air ;

As well he may
The billows of the ocean stay ;

While CHURCHILL like a driving wind, .! Or high spring-tide, pursues behind, And with redoubled speed urges their forward way.

Nor less, EUGENIUS, thy important care,

Thou second thunder-bolt of war !
Partner in danger and in fame,

The wind, with MARLBOROUGH's, fhall bear - To distant colonies thy conqu’ring name.

Nor shall my Muse forget to fing

From harmony what blessings spring :
To tell how Death did enviously repine,

To see a friendship so divine ;
When in a ball's destroying form the past,

And mark'd thy threaten'd brow at last,
But durst not touch that facred brain,
Where Europe's mightiest counsels reign;
For strait she bow'd her ghastly head,
She saw the mark of heav'n, and fled,

* Near this place the prince of Condè gave the Spaniards a very great overthrow, 1648.


As cruel Brennus once, insulting Gaul,

When he, at Allia's fatal flood,

Had fill’d the plains with Roman blood,
With conscious awe forsook the capitol,
Where Jove, revenger of profaneness, stood.

But where the good and brave command,
What capitol, what bulwark can withstand ?

Virtue, approv'd of heav'n, can pass

Thro' walls, thro' tow'rs, and gates of brass. Lifle, like a mistress, had been courted long,

By all the valiant and the young, The faireft progeny of Vauban's art;

'Till Savox's warlike prince withstood
Her frowning terrors, and thro' seas of blood
Tore the bright darling from th' old tyrant's heart.
Suche Buda saw him, when proud f Apti fell,

Unhappy, valiant infidel!
Who, vanquish'd by superior strength,

Surrender'd up his haughty breath,
Upon the breach measuring his manly length,
And shun'd the bow-ftring by a nobler death.

He bore a confiderable hare in the glory of that day on which Buda was taken.

* He was Balau of the city, and lost his life on the


XI. Such

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Such Harscam's field beheld him in his bloom,
When Victory bespoke him for her own.

Her favourite, immortal fon,
And told of better years revolving on the loom :
How he should make the Turkish crescent wane,

And choak h Tibiscus with the slain;
While Viziers lay beneath the lofty pile
Of slaughter'd Bassaus, who o’er Bafsaus rollid;

And all his num'rous acts she told,
From Latian Carpi down to Flandrian Lifle.

Honour, with open arms, receives at last
The heroes who thro' Virtue's temple past ;

And show'rs down laurels from above,
On those whom heav'n and Anna love.

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& This was the fatal battle to the Turks in the year 1687.' Prince Eugene, with the regiments of his brigade, was the first that entered the trenches ; and for that reason had the honour to be the first messenger of this happy news to the emperor.

h This battle was fought on the 10th of October, 1697, where Prince Eugene commanded in chief ; like which there never happened jo great and so terrible a destruction to the Ottoman army, which fell upon the principal commanders more than the common soldiers; for no less than fifteen BajSaus (five of which had been Viziers of the bench) were killed, befides the supreme Vizier.


And some, not sparingly, she throws
For the young eagles, who could try
The faith and judgment of the sky,
And dare the sun with steady eye ;

For Hanover's and Pruflia's brows,
Eugenes in bloom, and future Marlboroughs :
To Hanover, to Brunswick's second grace,
Descendent from a long imperial race,
The Mufe directs her honourable Alight,
And prophefies, from so serene a morn,

To what clear glories he is born,
When blazing with a full meridian light,
He shall the British hemisphere adorn;
When Mars shall lay his batter'd target down,

And he, fince Death will never spare
The good, the pious, and the fair)
In his ripe harvest of renown,
Shall after his great father fit,
(If heav'n so long a life permit)
And having swell's the flowing tide
Of fame, which he in arms shall get,

The purchase of an honest sweat,
Shall safe in stormy seas Britannia's veffel guide.

XIII. Britannia's

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