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Chiron to Achilles. A Poem

172 INQOI SE'ATTON. Know yourself

180 London: a Poem, in Imitation of the third Satire of Juvenal

186 Prologue Spoken by Mr. Garrick, at the Opening of the

Theatre in Drury-lane, 1747
Of Aktive and RetirdLife, an Epifleto H. C.Esq;
Grongar Hill
The Ruins of Rome. A Poem
The School-Mistress, a Poem,

in Imitation of Spenser 241 The Art of Politicks, in Imitation of Horace's Art of

Poetry The Man of Tafe. Occafion'd by an Epiftle of Mr. Pope's on that Subject

286 An Elay on Conversation

298 Ode to a Lady, on the Death of Col. Charles Ross, in the Action at Fontenoy. Written May, 1745

321 Ode written in the same Year

324. Ode to Evening

325 Verses written on a Blank Leaf, by Lord Lansdown, when

he presented his Works to the Queen, 1732 327 Advice to a Lady in Autumn

328 On a Lady's drinking the Bath Waters

329 Verses in a Lady's Sherlock

330 Song

333 Song



The END of VOL. I.

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