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Safer on common topicks to discourse,
The malt-tax, and a military force.
On these each coffee-house will lend a hint,
Besides a thousand things that are in print.
But steal not word for word, nor thought for thought,
For you'll be teaz'd to death, if you are caught.
When factious leaders boast increasing strength,
Go not too far, nor follow every length :
Leave room for change, turn with a grace about,
And swear you left 'em, when you found 'em out.

9 With art and modesty your part maintain ;
And talk like Col’nel Titus, not like Lane.
The trading knight with rants his speech begins,
Sun, moon, and stars, and dragons, saints, and kings:
But Titus faid, with his uncommon sense,
When the exclusion-bill was in fufpence,
I hear a lion in the lobby roar ;
-Say, Mr. Speaker, shall we fhut the door
And keep him there, or shall we let him in
To try if we can turn him out again ?

Interpres ; nec defilies imitator in ar&tum,

Unde pedem proferre pudor vetet, aut operis lex.
9 Nec fi incipies, ut fcriptor Cyclicus olim,

" Fortunam Priami cantabo & nobile bellum.
Quanto rectius hic, qui nil molitur inepte,
« Dic mihi Musa virum, captæ poft tempora Troja,
* Qui mores hominum multorum vidit & urbes.

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* Some mighty blufterers impeach with noise, And call their private cry, the publick voice. • From folio's of accounts they take their handles, Aud the whole ballance proves a pound of candles ; As if Paul's cupola were brought to bed, After hard labour, of a small pin's head.

* Some Rufus, fome the Conqueror bring in,
And some from Julius Cæsar's days begin.
A cunning speaker can command his chops,
And when the house is not in humour, ftops ;
In falsehood probability imploys,
Nor his old lies with newer lies destroys.

"If when you speak, you'd hear a needle fall,
And make the frequent hear-hims rend the wall,
In matters suited to your taste engage,
Rememb’ring still your quality and age. .
Thy task be this, young knight, and hear my song,
What politicks to ev'ry age belong.

Non fumum ex fulgore, fed ex fumo dare lucem

Cogitat * Quid dignum tanto feret hic promissor biatu ?

Parturiunt montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. * Nec reditum Diomedes ab interitu Meleagri,

Nec gemino bellum Trojanum orditur ab ovo ;

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Desperat tra&tata nitefcere pofle, relinquit;
Atque ita mentitur, fic veris falsa remifcet,

Primum ne medium, medio ne discrepet imum.
* Tu, quid ego & populus mecum defideret, audi ;
Si plauforis eges aulæa manentis, & ufque


* When babes can speak, babes (hould be taught to say
King George the second's health, huzza, huzza !
Boys should learn Latin for Prince William's fake,
And girls Louisa their example make.

More loves the youth, just come to his estate,
To range the fields, than in the house debate;
More he delights in fav’rite Jowler's tongue,
Than in Will Shippen, or Sir William Yonge :
If in one chase he can two horses kill,
He cares not two-pence for the land-tax bill :
Loud in his wine, in women not o'er nice,
He damns his uncles if they give advice;
Votes as his father did when there's a call,
But had much rather never vote at all.

z We take a different turn at twenty-fix,
And lofty thoughts on some lord's daughter fix;

Sefiri donec cantor, Vos plaudite, dicat :

, cujusque notandi funt tibi mores
Mobilibusque decor naturis dandus & annis.
* Reddere qui voces jam scit puer, & pede certo
Signat bumum, jestis paribus colludere, & iram
Colligit ac ponii temere, & mutatur in horas.
Imberbis juvenis, tandem cuftode remoto,
Gaudet equis canibufque, & aprici gramine campi;
Cereus in vitium fleeti, monitoribus asper,
Utilium tardus provisor, prodigus æris,

Súblimis cupidusque, & amata relinquere pernix. 2 Converfis ftudiis, ætas animusque virilis ;

Quærit opes & amicitias, infervit honori ;
Commifla cavet çued mox mutare lateret.

With men in pow'r stri&t friendship we pursue,
With some considerable post in view.

A man of forty years to change his note,
One way to speak, and t’other way to vote ;
Careful his tongue in paflion to command,
Avoids the bar, and speaker's reprimand.

* In bags the old man lets his treasure rust, Afraid to use it, or the funds to trust; When stocks are low he wants the heart to buy, And through much caution fees them rise too high ; Thinks nothing rightly done fince seventy-eight, Swears present members do not talk, but prate : In Charles the second's days, says he, ye prigs, Tories were Tories then, and Whigs were Whigs. Alas! this is a lamentable truth, We lofe in age, as we advance in youth : I laugh when twenty will like eighty talk, And old Sir John with Polly Peachum walk.

Now as to double, or to false returns, When pockets fuffer, and when anger burns ;

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Multa senem circumveniunt incommoda ; vel quod
Querit, & inventis miser abstinet, ac timet uti.
Dilator spe longus, iners, avidusque futuri ;
Difficilis, querulus, laudator temporis aéti
Se puero, cenfor castigatorque minorum.
Multa ferunt anni venientes commoda fecum,
Multa recedentes adimunt; ne forte seniles
Mandentur juveni partes, pueroque viriles ;
Semper in adjun&tis evoque morabimur aptis.
Aut agitur res in fcenis, aut aéta refertur.
Segnius irritant animos demisa per aures,

O thing

O thing surpassing faith! knight strives with knight
When both have brib'd, and neither's in the right,
The bailiff's self is sent for in that case,
And all the witnesses had face to face.
Selected members foon the fraud unfold,
In full committee of the house 'tis told ;
Th’incredible corruption is destroy'd,
T'he chairman's angry, and th' election void.

• Those who would captivate the well-bred throng,
Should not too often fpeak, nor speak too long :
Church, nor church-matters ever turn to sport,
Nor make St. Stephen's chapel, Dover-court.

a The speaker, when the commons are assembled, May to the Græcian chorus be resembled; 'Tis his the young and modest to espouse, And see none draw, or challenge in the house : 'Tis his old hospitality to use, And three good printers for the house to chuse ;

Quàm quæ funt oculis subjecta fidelibus, & que
Ipfe fibi tradit spectator.
Quodcunque oftendis mihi fac, incredulus odi.
Neve minor, neu fit quinto productior actu
Fabula, quæ posci vult, & fpe&tata reponi ;
Nec Deus interfit, nisi dignus vindice nodus

Inciderit; nec quarta loqui persona laboret. d Aftoris partes Chorus officiumque virile

Defendat : neu quid medios intercinat aftus,
Quod non proposito conducat & hæreat apte :
Ille bonis faveatque, & concilietur amicis,
Et regat irates, & amet peccare timentes ;


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