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In state-affairs use not the vulgar phrase,
Talk words scarce known in good queen Beffe's days,
New terms let war or traffick introduce,
And try to bring persuading-ships in use.
Coin words : in coining ne'er mind common sense,
Provided the original be French.

Like South-fea ftock, expressions rife and fall :
King Edward's words are now no words at all.
Did aught our predecessors genius cramp?
Sure every reign may have its proper stamp.
All sublunary things of death partake;
What alteration does a cent'ry make ?
Kings and comedians are all mortal found,
Cæfar and Pinkethman are underground.
What's not destroy'd by Time's devouring hand ?
Where's Troy, and where's the may-pole in the Strand ?

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Licuit, femperque licebit
Signatum præfente nota producere nomen,
Ut sylva foliis pronos mutantur in annos :
Prima cadunt, ita verborum vetus interit ætas.
Debemur morti nos noftroque ; five receptus
Terra Neptunus, claffes aquilonibus arcet,
Regis opus ; fterili sve diu palus aptaque remis
Vicinas urbes alit, & grave sentit aratrum ;
Seu cursum mutavit iniquum frugibus amnis
Doetus iter melius : mortalia

facta peribunt,
Nedum sermonum ftet honos, & gratia vivax :
Multa renafcentur quæ jam cecidere, cadentque

æ nunc sunt in honore vocabula, fi volet ufus, Quem penes arbitrium eft & jus & norma loquendi.


Pease, cabbages, and turnips once grew, where
Now ftands New Bond-street, and a newer square ;
Such piles of buildings now rise up and down,
London itself seems going out of town.
Our fathers cross'd from Fulham in a wherry,
Their fons enjoy a bridge at Putney-ferry.
Think we that modern words eternal are ?
Toupet and Tompion, Cofins, and Colmar
Hereafter will be call’d, by some plain man,
A wig, a watch, a pair of stays, a fan.
To things themselves if time such change affords,
Can there be any trusting to our words ?

f To screen good minifters from publick rage,
And how with party madness to engage,
We learn from Addison's immortal page.
The Jacobite's ridiculous opinion
Is seen from Tickell's letters to Avignon.
But who puts Caleb's Country-Craftsman out,
Is still a secret, and the world's in doubt.

& Not long since parish clerks, with faucy airs, Apply'd king David's psalms to state affairs.


f Res geftæ regumque ducumque, &g tristia bella
Quo fcribi poffent numero, monftravit Homerus,
Versibus impariter junetis querimonia primum,
Poft etiam inclufa eft voti sententia compós.
Quis tamen exiguos elegos emiserit auctor,
Grammatici certant, & adhuc sub judice lis eft.
8 Muja dedit fidibus Divos puerofque Deorum,
Et pugilem victorem, & equum certamine primum,
Et juvenum curas, & libera vina referre.


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Some certain tunes to politicks belong,
On both fide drunkards love a party-song.

n If full acrofs the Speaker's chair I go,
Can I be said the rules o'th' House. to know?
I'll ask, nor give offence without intent,
Nor through mere sheepishness be impudent.

i In acts of Parliament avoid sublime,
Nor e'er address his Majesty in rhyme;
An Act of Parliament's a serious thing,
Begins with year of Lord and year of King ;
Keeps close to form, in every word is strict,
When it would pains and penalties infie.
Soft words suit best petitioner's intent';
Soft words, O ye petitioners of Kent !

k Whoe'er harangues before he gives his vote,
Should send sweet language from a tuneful throat.

Descriptas fervare vices operumque colores
Cur ego fi nequeo ignoroque, poeta solutor?
Cur nescire, pudens prave, quam discere malo?
Versibus exponi tragicis res comica non vult :
Indignatur item privatis, ac prope focco
Dignis carminibus narrari cæna Thyestre.
Interdum tamen & vocem Comedia tollit,
Iratusque Chremes tumido dilitigat ore.
Telephus & Peleus, cum pauper & exsul uterque

Projicit ampullas & fesquipedalia verba.
* Non fatis est pulchra esê Poemata, dulcia funto.

Ut ridentibus arrident, ita flentibus adsunt
Humani vultus : fi vis me flere, dolendum eft
Primum ipfe tibi : nunc tua me infortunia ledent.
Télephe, vel Peleu, mole fi mandate loquíris,
Aut dormitabo, aut ridebo.



Pultney the coldest breast with zeal can fire,
And Roman thoughts by Attick stile inspire;
He knows from tedious wranglings to beguile
The serious house into a cheerful smile ;
When the great patriot paints his anxious fears
For England's safety, I am lost in tears.
But when dull speakers strive to move compassion,
I pity their poor hearers, not the nation :-
Unless young members to the purpose keep,
I fall a laughing, or I fall asleep.

I Can men their inward faculties controul ?
Is not the tongue an index to the foul ?
Laugh not in time of service to your God,
Nor bully, when in custody o'th' rod;
Look grave, and be from jokes and grinning far,
When brought to fue for pardon at the bar :
If then you let your ill-tim'd wit appear,
Knights, citizens, and burgefles will sneer.

m For land, or trade, not the fame notions fire
The city-merchant, and the country-'squire ;

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· Format enim natura prius nos intus ad omnem

Fortunarum habitum, &c.
Poft effert animi motus interprete lingua.

triftia mæstum
Vultum verba decent, &c.
Si dicentis erunt fortunis absona dieta

Romani tollent equites peditesque cachinnum.
m Intererit multum Davusne loquatur, an Heros :

Mercatorne vagus, cultorne virentis agelli;
Colchus, an Allzrius ; Thebis nutritus, an Argis.


R 4

Their climes are distant, tho' one cause unites The lairds of Scotland, and the Cornish knights. n To likelihood


characters confine;
Don't turn Sir Paul out, let Sir Paul resign.
In Walpole's voice (if factions ill intend)
Give the two universities a friend ;
Give Maidstone wit, and elegance refin'd;
To both the Pelhams give the Scipio's mind;
To Cart’ret learning, eloquence, and parts ;
To George the second, give all English hearts.

• Sometimes fresh names in politicks produce, .
And factions yet unheard of introduce;
And if you dare attempt a thing so new,
Make to itself the flying squadron true.

p To speak is free, no member is debarr’d; But funds and national accounts are hard :

Aut famam fequere, aut sibi convenientia finge,
Scriptor honoratun fi forte reponis Achillem,
Impiger, iracundus, inexorabilis, acer,
Jura neget fibi nata, nihil non arroget armis ;
Sit Medea ferox inviftaque, flebilis Ino,

Perfidus Ixion, Io vaga, triftis Oreftes.
Si quid inexpertum scenæ committis, & audes
Personam formare novam, fervetur ad imum

Qualis ad incepto processerit, & fibi conftet. Difficile efi proprie communia dicere : tuque

Rectius Iliacum carmen deducis in a&tus,
Quam fi proferres ignota indi&taque primus,
Publica materies privati juris erit, fi
Nec circa vilem patulumque moraberis orbem.
Nec verbum verbo curabis reddere fidus


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