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$ Has heaven reserv'd, in pity to the poor,
No pathless waste or undiscover'd fhore?
No secret ifland in the boundless main ?
No peaceful desart yet unclaim'd by SPAIN?
Quick let us rise, the happy seats explore,
And bear oppreßion's infolence no more:

This mournful truth is ev'ry where confess’d, • SLOW RISES WORTH, BY POVERTY DEPRESS'D': But here more slow, where all are slaves to gold, Where looks are merchandise, and smiles are sold ; Where won by bribes, by flatteries implor'd, The groom

retails the favours of his lord. But hark! th' affrighted crowd's tumultuous cries Roll through the ftreets and thunder to the skies : Rais'd from some pleasing dream of wealth and power, Some pompous palace or fome blissful bow'r, Aghaft you start, and scarce with aking fight Suftain th' approaching fire's tremendous light; Swift from pursuing horrors take your way, And leave your little all to flames a prey ;

Agmine fatto
Debuerant olim tenues migrale Quirites.
* Haud facile emergunt, quorum virtutibus obftát
Res angufta domi ; fed Romæ durior illis

-Omnia Roma

Cum pretio

Eogimur, & cultis augere peculia servis.

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Then thro' the world a wretched vagrant roam,
For where can starving merit find a home?
In vain your mournful narrative disclose,
While all neglect, and most infult your woes.

e Should heaven's just bolts Orgilio's wealth confound,
And spread his flaming palace on the ground,
Swift o'er the land the dismal rumour flies,
And publick mournings pacify the skies ;
The laureat tribe in fervile verfe relate,
How virtue wars with persecuting fate;
f With well-feign'd gratitude the penfion'd band
Refund the plunder of the beggar'd land.
See! while he builds, the gaudy vassals come,
And crowd with sudden wealth the rising dome ;
The price of boroughs and of souls restore ;
And raise his treasures higher than before.
Now bless'd with all the baubles of the great,
The polish'd marble, and the shining plate,
8 Orgilio sees the golden pile aspire,
And hopes from angry heav'n another fire.

Ultimus autem,
Ærumnæ cumulus, quod nudum, & fruftra rogantem

Nemo cibo, nemo hojpitio, teetoque juvabit.
e Si magna Asturici cecidit domuś, horrida mater,

Pullati proceres.
Jam accurrit, qui marmora donet,
Conferat impenfas: hic, &c.
Hic modum argenti.
6 Meliora, ac plura reponit
Perficus orborum lautiffimus,




Could'st thou resign the park and play content, For the fair banks of Severn or of Trent; There might'st thou find some elegant retreat, Some hireling fenator's deferted feat; And stretch thy prospects o'er the smiling land, For less than rent the dungeons of the Strand; There prune thy walks, support thy drooping fow'rs, Direct thy rivulets, and twine thy bow'rs; And, while thy beds a cheap repast afford, Despise the dainties of a venal lord. There ev'ry bush with nature's mufick rings, There ev'ry breeze bears health upon its wings ; On all thy hours security shall smile, And bless thy evening walk and morning toil.

Prepare for death, if here at night you roam, And sign your will before you sup from home.

k Some fiery fop, with new commission vain, Who sleeps on brambles till he kills his man;


Si potes avelli Circenfibus, optima Soræ,
Aut Fabraterie domus, aut Frufinone paratur,
Quanti nụnc tenebras unum conducis in annum.
Hortulus hic
Vive bidentis amans, & culti villicus horti,
Unde epulum possis centum daré Pythagoræis.

Poffis ignavus haberi,
Et fubiti cafus improvidus, ad cænam fi

Inteftatus eas.
* Ebrius et petulans, qui nullum forte cecidit,

Dat penas, noctem patitur lugentis amicum
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Some frolick drunkard, reeling from a feast,
Provokes a broil, and Atabs you for a jest

1 Yet ev’n thefe heroes, mischievously gay,
Lords of the street, and terrors of the way ;
Flush'd as they are with folly, youth and wine,
Their prudent insults to the poor confine ;
Afar they mark the flambeau's bright approach,
And shun the shining train, and golden coach.

m In vain these dangers paft, your doors you close,
And hope the balmy blessings of repofe :
Cruel with guilt and daring with despair,
The midnight murd'rer bursts the faithlefs bar;
Invades the sacred hour of filent reft,
And plants, unseen, a dagger in your breast.

n Scarce can our fields, such crowds at Tyburn die,
With hemp the gallows and the fleet fupply.
Propose your schemes, ye fenatorian band,
Whose ways and means support the sinking land ;
Left ropes be wanting in the tempting spring,
To rig another convoy for the kg.

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Sed, quamvis improbus annis,
Atque mero fervens, cavet hunc, quem coccina læna
Vitari jubet, et comitum longißimus ordo,

Multum præterea flammarum, atque ænea lampas. m Nec tamen hoc tantum metuas : nam qui fpoliet te

Non deerit : claufis domibus, &c. * Maximus in vinclis ferri modus : ut timeas ne

Vomer deficiat, ne marre et sarcula defint.

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A single

• A fingle jail, in ALFRED's golden reign,
Could half the nation's criminals contain;
Fair Justice then, without constraint ador'd,
Held high the steady scale, but deep'd the sword ;
No spies were paid, no special juries known,
Bleft age! but ah! how diff'rent from our own!

Much could I add, but see the boat at hand,
The tide retiring calls me from the land:
9 Farewel! - When youth, and health, and fortune spent,
Thou fly'lt for refuge to the wilds of Kent;
And tir'd like me with follies and with crimes,
In angry numbers warn'st succeeding times;
Then shall thy friend, nor thou refuse his aid,
Still foe to vice, forsake his Cambrian shade ;
In virtue's cause once more exert his

rage, Thy fatire point, and animate thy page.

Felices proavorum atavos, felicia dicas

Secula, quæ quondam fub regibus atque tribunis

Viderunt uno contentam carcere Romam.
P His alias poteram, & plures fubne&tere caufas :
Sed jumenta vocant.

Ergo vale noftri memor : & quoties te
Roma tuo refci properantem reddet Aquino,
Me quoque ad Eleusinam Cererem, veftramque Dianam
Convelle a Cumis : fatirarum ergo, ni pudet illas,
Adjutor gelidos veniam caligatus in agros,


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