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"In all things violent; but; 0 ! disdain, ** Brave prince, to let usurping paflion reign, t'i “ In one rash, moment facrificing more 1"} “ Than years of fad repentance may restore. “ As Thracian winds the Euxine fea molest,

2 " So wrath, and envy, from an human breast “ Drive Halcyon peace, and banith kindly' resta And no security for joy is found, “ But in a mind that's tractable and found.

“ Suppress the firft emotions of your ire, " And smother in its birth the kindling fire. “ Ere anger yet poffeffes all your soul, “ Ere yet your bofom heaves, and eyeballs roll, “ Think on the ufeful precepts, I have taught, " And meet the rifing heat with wholsome thought.

*6 Or seek the facred Muses with your lyre, . ? “ Who with sweet peace to lonely fhades retire ; “ Gods, and the fans of gods, the heroes, fing, " While hills and valleys with their praises ring; • Thefe learn to imitate, and thofe adore,', 'lvis "And sweetly to yourself, yourself restore > *) “ Mufick, and verse, and folitude controul

Impetuous fury, and compose the foul.

“ For this, I early taught you how to fing, “ And form'd your fingers to the trembling itring : "For 'tis not all sweet pleasure's path to low ::::

The art of confolation man should know: 7

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« Our joys are short, and broken ; and in vain
« To conftant bliss would human race attain :
“ Be oft contented to be free from pain.

• There is a deity ordain'd by fate,
“ To damp our joys immoderately great,
« That none on earth from forrow should be free,
« But ev'n our blessings taste of misery.
If fortune gives, what rarely we obtain,
“ An equal share of pleasure, and of pain,
“ Our portion is o'er-paid, the rest you'll find
" But fond ideas of the wanton mind;
" Which now vain scenes of godlike pleafure shows,
“ And now creates imaginary woes.

" When fad, your ills examine and compare, “ Judge of your own by what another's are. “ Consider greater wretches, and the fates • Of mighty heroes, and of mighty states : 66 Thus real evils in their proper light “ Appear, the false thus vanish out of sight.

“ Nor aim at pleafures difficult to gain, “ Choose rather what you may with ease obtain. “ Who fcorns to trifle, is by pride abu's'd: :: “ I pity him who ne'er can be amus’d; “ But slighting pleasures moderate and small,

“ Muft live in rapture, or not live at all...; -« Great pleasures still are near ally'd to pain : “ Who quits the peaceful fhore,and ploughs the main, “ Big waves and mighty tempests must fuftain.

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" Let not such fond ambition to be blest, i The humbler pleasures in your power moleft; “ Yet cherish hope 3. for without hope there's none : “ Taste hope ; but be not fed with that alone.

« Some their whole lives in expectation spend, As life were not begun, or ne'er would end :

Fondly from day to day themselves deceive, “ Not living, but intending still to live; • While they neglect the joys they might poffefs, For empty dreams of future happiness.

• Let nature in your pleasures be your guide, « Nor suffer art her genuine charms to hide : • Her beauties with unwearied eyes we see ; - The truth of beauty is fimplicity.

“ Live not by imitation, servile state ! “ Nor on the fashion for your pleasures wait. “ Man, otherwise so selfish, or so proud,

Şubmits his taste to the fantastick crowd, " And lives not for him felf; do you pursue " Your own desires, and to yourself be true.

“ As bees extract their sweets from ev'ry flow'r; “ So you your joys from all things in your pow'r; With induftry and management produce ; “ The meaneft trifles are sometimes of use.

Yet know well what you do, and when 'tis done; « Nor at all hours to every pleasure run ; " But mix with art your pleasures, and your toils ; - For pleasures have their seafons, and their foils. : Voc. I. M

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+ Thus when the earliest dawn of eastern light « Proclaims the finish'd empire of the night, “ Hafte to the field, Achilles, nor disdain To chace the foaming monfter o'er the plain, 66 Or teach the untam'd fieed to feel the rein ; " Or let your car and arms your nerves prepare, " Or for Olympick games or future war : “ Then, whether arts or glory fire your mind, “ Will thoughts more generous rise, or more refin'd; “ Aurora to the Mufes still is kind.

“ At noon, a fimple short repast be made ; “ A shorter flumber in the cooling fhade ; What’s gay and light th' unbended mind employs, “ Or sports, or past delights, or future joys.

“ But when the ev'ning-star begins to rise, « When Phæbus' fainting steeds forsake the skies, “ Still cheerful at the well-spread board be found, “ Amidt brightfriends, and with fresh garlands crown'd, " While wine, and Thais with her voice and lyre, 6 Banish old sorrows, and new joys inspire.

« Thus when from toils of empire you are free, “ Nor camp, nor council claim your liberty, “ The morn to labour and the Muses give ; " At noon with temperance and quiet live ; · Ceres' and Bacchus' gifts at ev'ning prove ; Divide the night with Somnus and with Love.

Thus, thus, Pelides, drive your cares away, « Nor fear the evil, till the evil day.


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" What thoʻ on Simois' or Scamander's shore, * Far off from home the Greeks your death deplore I * No matter where, or when ; it once must be, " And nothing can revoke the firm decree. “ Tho' Thetis' son, tho' third from mighty Jove, “ Eternal monarch of the realms above, " Nor Jove, nor Thetis, Can your days recal, " Or for an hour defer you destin'd fall.

« Mean while a loofer rein to pleasure give : " Time flies in haste, be you in haste to live : " Seize on the precious minutes, as they fleet; " Your life, however short, will be compleat, " If at the fatal moment you can say, “ I've liv'd, and made the most of ev'ry day!

One precept more I fain would recommend, " And then old Chiron's tedious lessons end,

Learn, gen'rous prince, what's little understood, “ The godlike happiness of doing good. " How glorious to defend, and to bestow ! " From nobler springs can human pleasure flow? “ A solid good which nothing can destroy, “ The best prerogative the great enjoy. “ For this, remember, monarchs first were made, “ For this, young prince, be lov'd, and be obey'd, At once your self, and mighty nations bless, " And make humanity your happiness.

“ But now Aurora ushers in the day, “And fond, expecting Peleus chides your {tay,


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