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Out flows a blaze of glory; for on high :

Tow ring advanc'd the moving throne of God,
Vast and majestick ; on each radiant fide
The pointed rays lope glittering; at the foot
Glides a full tide of day, that onward pours,
In liquid torrents through the black abyss,
Sparkling among reluctant shapes which thence
Retire confus’d; as when Vesuvio Takes
With inward torments, and disgorges flames,
O'er the vast mountain's ridge the burning waves
Drive their refulgent curls, and on they roll
Sweeping the glowing plains down to the sea;

Th' affrighted fea leaps back with hideous roar
To give the fire its course; 'thus Chaos wild
Hilling recoils to let in floods of light. '

Above the throne, th' ideas heavenly bright
Of paft, of present, and of coming time
Fix'd their immov'd abode, and there present
An endless landscape of created things
To fight celestial, where angelick eyes
Are lost in prospect ; for the shiny range,
Boundless and various in its bosom bears
Millions of full-proportion'd worlds, beheld
With stedfast ejcs, till more arife to view,
And farther inward scenes Itart


unknown. Myriads of seraphs in long series wait About the throne, and as it moves, proceed In numerous order, to celestial song,

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Above, the symphony of mellow flutes,
And harps, by Aying angels gently touch'd,
Relieve the trumpet's rage, and fitly blend
The solemn sounds in harmony divine ;
Such as might tune new worlds, and give the laws
To globes on high, and the juft figure guide
Of planets forming all their airy dance.
Below, the blazing wheels drive bounding o'er
The Atarry pavement; stars and hills of hight
Double their glories where the chariot rolls
With rattling found; and th' empyræum vast
Down to its stedfaft axis, groans throughout
Under the burning tracts, till now it refts
Upon the gaping brink of heaven, and there
With open pomp, fills the vast empty space.

Silence ensues ; a deep and aweful pause
More terrible, all expectation held
In horror: now wrath imminent amaz'd
With dreadful precipice, to all it seems
More formidable near ; then from the throne
A vocal thunder roll'd the sense of God,
Majestically long, repugnant all
To princes' cuftoms here; their judgments flash
On guilt, with words concise, and sudden blaze.
Quite otherwise, the God's enlarged speech
Set wide the fate of things; that all around
Might take full prospects of their coming doom.

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Servants of God! and Virtues great im artis ji
We approve your faithful works, and you'return
Bless'd from the dire pursuit of rebel foes ; 9.
Resolv'd, obdurate, they have try'd the force
Of this right hand, and known Almighty pow'r;. ;
Transfix'd with lighening down they funk, they fell
Into the fiery gulph, and deep they plunge is
Below the burning waves, to hide their heads
In shelter from my vengeance bellowing hence
More fierce, and scorching with more dreadful fires.!
There let 'em find their doom, that durft defy
Omnipotence, and slight his proferr'd grace ;
Rolling in flames, and ne'er to find a dawn rina
Of heavenly day; inftead, the mind imbibes ; ?
Eternal gloom, and fing'd with constant ftamos sit
Can find no eafe; while fierce their boiling rage
Eats through th' impyreal mould, and glows withia
With endless pain; not one repentant thought
Shall cool the breaft, but proud in horrid crime, 17
The foul anneals and hardens in the fire.

But you commiffon'd by commands divine,
Have wisely fill'd your trust, and clos'd 'em all is...
Within the fervid lake, left any roam
Into the dark abyfs to fhun their doom,
And in the womb immense of things unborn
Should seek annihilation ; you must rife
Among the shining virtues more sublime ;
On lofty thrones preferr'd for lofty deeds.




For you; ye guilty throng ! that lately join'd
In this fedition, since seduc'd from good,
And caught in trains of guile, by spirits malign,
Superior in their order ; you accept,
Trembling, my heavenly clemency and grace.
When the long æra once has fill'd its orb,
You shall emerge to light, and humbly here ,
Again shall bow before his favouring throne,
your own virtue second


decree :
But all must have their manes first below,
So ftands th' eternal fate, but smoother yours
Than what loft angels feel ; nor can our reign,
Without just dooms, the peace of heav'n secure ;
For forms celestial new erect in glory
Wou'd totter, dazzled with the heights of power,
Did not the nerves of justice fix their fight.

See, where below in Chaos wondrous deep
A speck of light dawns forth, and thence throughout
The shades, in many a wreath, my forming power
There swiftly turns the burning eddy round,
Absorbing all crude matter near its brink ;
Which next, with subtle motions, takes the form
I please to stamp, the feed of infant worlds
All now in embryo, but ere long fall rise
Variously scatter'd in this vast expanse,
Involv'd in winding orbs, until the brims
Of outward circles brush the heavenly gates.
The middle point a globe of curling fire



Shall hold, which round it sheds its genial heat;
Where'er I kindle life the motion grows
In all the endless orbs, from this machine ;
And infinite viciffitudes shall roll
About the restless center; for I rear,
In those meanders turn'd, a dusty ball,
Deform'd alt o'er with woods, whose shaggy tops
Inclose eternal mist's, and deadly damps
Hover within their boughs, to choak the light;
Impervious scenes of horror, 'till reform'd
To fields, and graffy dales, and flow'ry meads,
By your continual pains. The torrid zone
Here fries with constant heat, the swarthy world;
Parching the plains where hideous monsters glare,
And dufy mountains, tumbled by the winds,
Stretch their uncertain heaps ; no less the frost
At either end Mall rage, and high fhall raise
Firm promontories; vast the ruins feerrr
Of desart nature, and th' eternal piles
Load all the dreary coaft, and thick in ice,
Arm either pole, that yearly peeps akance
On coming light, but feels no gentle ray
Unbind the frozen chain. Between these lie
The changeful climes, alternately they burn,
And chill again by turns ; for both extremes
Make their incursions here'; and this my will
Unchangeable ordains your doleful feat.


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