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New Code Readers, containing all the requirements of the

New Code, in Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Grammar,
Geograp y, and History. I., 6d.; II., 8d. ; III., 10d.;

IV., 1s.; V., 1s. 3d.; VI., 1s. 6d. Specially prepared. Extra Subjects; specially written for New Code. Mathematics, Latin, French, Mechanics, 1st year, 3d. ; 2nd:

d year, 3d. ; 3rd year, 6d. ; complete, 1s. Key to Cæsar, 6d. A. Physiology, P. Geography, Botany, Domestic Economy,

2d. each year; complete, 6d.; cloth, 8d. Poetry for Repetition. Standard IV.: Prisoner of Chillon,

and Song of Hiawatha; separate. Standard V.: Lady of the Lake, and Deserted Village; separate. Standard VI.: Trial Scene in Merchant of Venice, and Chevy Chase ; separate : with copious paraphrasing, explanations, and

parsing, specially prepared for New Code. Ready, ld. each. Major's Poetical Reader. 96pp., 6d. ; cloth, 8d.: 192pp.,

1s., cloth. Algebraical Test Cards. 6d. each set of 25; keys, 2d.

Standards IV., V., and VI. separate. Geographical Test Cards, 6d. each set of 25; Standards

II. to VI., separate. Grammar ditto. History Test Cards, Standards IV., V., VI. Keys to Pupil Teacher's Year Books, containing worked

examples of all the exercises in Arithmetic and Algebra.

Candidates and each year separately, 1s. ; complete, 3s. 6d. Major's Notes of Lessons, for Pupil Teachers, Students

in Training, Acting Teachers, &c. (Preparing.) Every subject set by Government Examination Papers for many

years past specially worked into the body of the book. 2/6. Gramm

tandards II.VI., 1d.



a. each; complete, 6d.



1. Candidates and Pupil Teachers' Year Books, with

all the subjects of Instruction and Questions already given. Candidates' Book, ls.; Years I., II., III.,

2s. each ; IV. and V., 2s. 6d. each. 2. Acting Teachers' Guide and Text Book for Certi

ficate Examinations. Subject-matter of Instruction

and Questions already set. 5s. 3. Midland Readers and Home Lesson Books. In Six

Standards. Cloth, 4d., 6d., 8d., 10d., and 1s.; also,

Middle Class, superior edition. 4. Scripture Readers, graduated, for religious subjects.

Old and New Testament Narratives, with Hymns and Questions for Day and Sunday Schools. I., II.,

III., 6d., 8d., and 8d. 5. Science Examination Questions and Answers,

Elementary and Advanced, given by Department from 1867—1873: A. Physiology ; P. Geography ; T. Mechanics; Mathematics; Acoustics; I. Chemistry; Magnetism, Geology ; A. Mechanics and Steam (Elementary); Practical Geometry; Machine and

Building Construction. 6d. each. 6. Science Manuals in A. Physiology, P. Geography,

I. Chemistry, Mathematics; also, Acoustics, Plane and Solid Geometry (A. Gardiner), Steam, Elementary, 1s.; Advanced, ls. 6d. ; complete, 2s. 6d.

Good terms to Teachers for quantities. 7. Extra Subject Series (Standards IV., V.,VI, 2d. and

3d. each ; or complete, cloth, 6d.): Geography; P. Geography; Physiology; T. Mechanics; P. Economy, History, Grammar, Latin, French, German, Algebra,

Magnetism, &c. 8. Major's Penny Standard Arithmetics, graduated

in Six Standards, with Questions already given by Inspectors. Key to each, 1d.

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