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Citizens, Inhabitants, and all those which remaine in this Realme of (e) Spaine and Ilandes thereabout, of Sicilia and Sardinia, for the Aide and Affistance of the (1) Wars against the (8) Faithleffe and Heretiques (b) the Enemies of our holy Fayth and Christian (1) Religion, which Bulle is for the (k) Ser mon of the Yeare (1) 1585.'


le) He doeth very well in chusing those Truth, through the onely Mediatour Jesu Countries specially for the Utterance and Christ, or those which beside the livihg Sale of his Bulles from whence the Go- God doe in their Neede, and for their spell is most of all excluded, and where Help invoke or call upon all Maner of the Truth of the Gospell is leaft knowen, deceased Creatures, and doe serve the fearing least otherwife he might be disco- Lord not in Spirit and Truth, but in exvered and brought to Light.

ternall Images and Pictures of carved (1) Here Men may perceive what Pro. Wood and Stones, and with externall nouncers of Peace and Unitie these holy Mumblings and Ceremonies, which they Fathers be, which doe sell their Bulles for themselves understand not: These Christ the Maintenance of Warre.

most plainly setteth downe in the Doc(8) He calleth all those Infidels and trine which he hath left unto us, by the Heretikes, which doe acknowledge Christ Mouth and Penne of his Apostles and Jefu oncly to be their Mediatour, Saviour, Disciples. Interceflour, High Priest, Bridegrome, (k) Here we see howe that in steede of and supreme Head of the Church of God, Preaching the Word of God, and to inand which doe receive the holy Scriptures struct the People of Gods Mercie obof the Prophets and Apostles, for the onely tained in the Blood of Christ, they doe Foundation of the perfect Christian Doc- rush in with their Bulle. Nowe whether trine without respecting the Pope of Rome the same doe agree with the Doctrine in this Behalfe.

and Example of the Apostles, their Epistle (b) That is to say, Enemies of the Ro- written to the Church of Christ (which mith Atheisme, and Antichrifticall blasphe- they had instructed with the Preaching of ming of God, wherby they induce Men to the Worde) doe proove, and specially beleeve that they are Gods here on Earth, Rom. 10 vers

. 14, 15, 16, 17. and Vicars of the living God, for to com- And marke when Chrift fendeth foorth mand and prohibite what pleaseth them : his Apofties, whether he did commande Defiring moreover that none of the com- them to thrust Buls into the Handes of mon People should knowe what he be- the People in steede of Sermons. Math. leeveth: But all Men must beleeve that 28. verf. 19. Mark 16. verf. 15. which our Mother the holy Church with (1) Consider that this Preparation and the Rablement of Munkes and Fryars doe League for the extirping and rooting out belcevc, without knowing what it is. of all true Chriftians, hath already been

(1) A Religion is properly a Service of practising three Yeares. But the Lorde God, Nowe who they bee which bee E- God can suddenly let bis Winde blowe nemies of the Christian Religion : Againe, over them, even as he did over the People which onely call upon. God in Spirit and of Pharao. Exod, 152

(a). T

(a) HE Title, Name and Dignitie, which was given to King David,

by reason of the great good Successe, which God vouchsafed to graunt unto him, is declared unto us by the holy Scriptures in the first Booke of the Kings. Wherunto King Saub (through the Wil of God) did greatly exhorte him, promising unto him (for Rewarde of the Victories which hee hoped for by his Meanes) his eldest Daughter in Marriage, saying unto him, behave thy felfe like a valiant and vertuous Man, and fight the Battaile of the Lord, by Vertue of which Commission (and trusting on the Helpe of God) hee obtained the Victorie against the Amalecbites and their Adherentes: amongst the which was greatly renowned and extolled the Revenge which he tooke upon Siceleg, which was a famous Citrie, which Achis the King of Beth delivered unto him. Where he restored the great Booties of Women and Children, certayne Dayes before taken Captives of the same Towne, which had bene burned by the Amalekites: for the which the King David was greatly extolled and praised, and the People greatly holpen and protected under the Defence of David, and through the Mercie and Providence of God, who had elected him

for that Service. In Comparison whereof our most holy Father Gregorie the Thirteenth, hath not onely (6) given the Name or Title of Defendour of the People of God unto the Majestie of the King Don Philip our Lord, but for the greater Zeale he hath to the Increase and Prefervation of the (c) holy Catholique Faith, considering the great Charges


(a) This Preface would have served to Lorde, but whiles hee seeketh to murther verie' great Purpose, if David had borne and burne the Prophets and faithfull SerArmes against those which onely tooke vants of the Lorde, and wholy to roote out. their Refuge to God in Spirit and Truth, the true David, Christ Jesu, with all those and not against the Amalekites and other which onely depende on him, and acknowfaithlesse Idolaters, which had their Churches ledge him to be the Head and King of the full of dumbe Idols and wodden Saintes, Catholike Church, fearing least his Kingand did by them make all their Prayers to dom of this World might decay, and his God, and did take all maner of deceassed Belly-cheere decrease. Persons (being their Baals, that is, Saintes) (b) Here you see that he doth approfor their Interceflours and Protectours, priate to himself that which onely appereven as this holy Father likewise doth, taineth unto God, for through him alone howbeit hee will not much deceive the Kings do rule, and the Antichrist doeth People, for he doth sufficiently manifest in here place himselse in Gods Throne, atthe first Attempt what he pretendeth, tributing to himselfe the Honour due to comparing himselfe to Saule, which gave God, as though he might inftitute Kings David a good Commission and Chardge and Protectors of the People of God : to fight the Battaile of the Lord: but which hee Thall never proove to have whiles hee all his Life Time did nothing beene doone, or purposed by the Apoitles. els but murther the faythfull Servaunts and (c) The holy Catholike Fayth is here Prophets of the Lord, yea and persecuted called the Extirpation of the Knowledge David himself with all his vertuous Ad- of the Truth of the Gospel, and of the herentes, which reposed their Trust on Salvation which we have obtayned in Gods Promises, fearing least he should Chrift. For the Pope doeth specially and lose his Kingdome: even fo this holy Fa- bove all Things maintaine that the comther doth preferre the Battaile of the mon People ought not to know any par


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which daily arise for the common Defence of (d) Christendome, continually fighting the (e) Battailes of the Lord, (f) purging the Sea from the Incuri. fions and Piracies which the Infidels and Heretikes committe, being very (8) Amalekites, the same Pope for the Aide and Succour of so rightfull Defence, opening the (b) Treasures of the Church, hath given unto him, and newe prolonged the (i) Bulle of the holy Crofle, to the Ende that all (k) faythfull Christians, which shall accept thereof and give (1) the Nomber ticular Things thereof, but to referre them and murthered and burned the Prophets fimply to their Mother the holy Church, and High Priest of Nobe, viz. the Battailes which is the Saying of the Monkes and of our Lord the Pope, for to mainteine Fryars and other beastly Persons, which his Kitchin well furnished. doe instruct the People with dumbe Idols, (f) That is to say, in making a great with Crosses, with Garlands, with hal- and fearefull Army for to overrunne the lowed Agnus Dei, and like Bables, to the Countries and Realmes of other Princes, Ende to keepe them still in their childish and to roote out all those even to the very Ignoraunce and Catholike, that is to say, Children and Women, which will not acgenerall Simplicitie. And this holy simple knowledge the Pope to be the Vicar here, Catholike Faith, their Divines and Doctors and robbe Christ of his Honor. doe call Fides implicita, that is a Beleefe (8) Who be the Amalekites, is here befoulded together, and is like to a Cloth fore set downe. which is foulded, so that no Man may (b) Behold here doth this Antichrist looke within it: which Beleefe. the King attribute to himselfe the Power to devide of Spayne through an indirect or blinde or imparte according to his beastly unZeale these many Yeares hath fought to satiable Defire to those which mayntaine defende and protecte with Fyer and Sworde, his Potage pot, the Grace which the Sonne to the Spoyle of his Lowe Countries, yea of God by his precious Bloud hath ob. with Hazarde of his Realmes and Domi- tained for those which beleeve in him, nions, extirping all those which would and call upon him, and doe acknowplant the true Chriftian Faith, through the ledge him to be the Head of the Church Light of the Gospel, to the End to sever of God. the Truth from Lyes.

(i) Turne to the first (a) and (b). (d) Christendome doeth he here terme (k) Which signifieth poore ignorant the Seate of Rome, that is, all those which Men, which doe suffer themselves to be doe acknowledge the Pope for Head, Bryde- led like to a Beare with a Ring in the Nose, grome, High Priest, and Father of the

not knowing what they beleeve, no more Church : For whosoever wili onely ac- then Beastes : but reposing them in that knowledge Christ for the fame, and not Behalfe on the holy Father the Pope, and the Pope, he here is accompted among the their Mother the Catholike or chief Beast. Turkes and faithlesse Heretikes. There. (1) This is the whyte they shoot at, to fore for as much as there may not be two wit, to get Money, and to make Warre Christes nor two Heads of the Church, therewith. Nowe let each one that hath but the one must be Christ, and the other Eyes fee, and he that hath Eares for to Antichrift, you shall not take Christen- heare let him hcare, whether this bee dome in this place for any other Thing, the Voyce of Peter (whose Successor and but the Trayne of the second Chrift, who Vicar this holy Father vaunteth to be) vaunteth himselfe to be Chrift, but is very who fayd to Simon Magus (which offered Antechrist in Deede.

him Money) thy Money perishe with thee, (e) You must here take the Battailes of because thou thinkest that the Favour or the Lorde, according to the Comparison Grace of God may be obtained with Money. of Saul, (which he himselfe heretofore A. 8. verf. 20. hath set downe) when he persecuted David,


of (m) Almes hereunder declared, doe receive the (n) Graces and Absolutions and Pardons hereafter following.

Inprimis hee doeth give unto all faithfull Christians of these Realmes and Dominions dwelling, being resident in the same, and to those which shall come there which bee (0) inflamed with the Zeale of the Defence and Increase of the Holy Catholike Faith, and which shall take his Part for to serve (P) in the Wars under the Power and with the Men which his Majestie sendeth, for the Space of one Yeare for to fight against the (9) Turke, or to do any other Service, or personall Helpe under the aforesaid Armie, remaining under the fame untill the End of the aforesaid Yeare, (r) the full Pardon and Forgive


(m) This Word Almes is derived of a the Turke: For whereas the Apostles were Greeke Worde Eleemofyna, which properly wont to convert the Infidels with preaching signifieth Compassion and Pitie. And be- of the Gospell, and Examples of Life, the hold here the Holinesse of this Father doeth Romish Apostles will doe the same with the esteeme it a Deede of great Charitie, to Sworde, murthering all those which knewe give Money for to spill Christians Bloud, nothing of the Christian Religion. But and doth so shamefully pervert every Thing, they did yet cloake this with the Name and that he turneth Charitie into cruell Bloud- Shewe of a Zeale which they had of the sheeding.

Honor of Christ against the Turkes. But (n) According to that which before we now this Apostle hath so well inchaunted have repeated of Simon Magus, who thought the King of Spaine, that he hath made a that the Grace of God was to be solde for Truce or League with the Turke, being an Money, it may playnely appeare that this Originall Enemy of Christ, to the End to Marchant is a Succeffor not of Simon Peter, asiayle with all his Power and Might, those but of Simon Magus, whoseWorkes he evi- which onely call upon Christ and God the dently followeth.

Father in his Name, and which doe ac(0) This is sufficiently set downe before. knowledge none els for the Head, Bride

(D) This is the Trompet of this holy grome, High Priest, Mediator and Peace Apostle : Christ sayeth to his Apostles, I Maker of the Church of God: For this give you my Peace, I leave you my Peace : doeth much more greeve this holy Father, Peter writeth in the Beginning of his E- then the Infidelitie of the Turke: For he pistle, Grace and Peace be multiplied unto thinketh that by this his Kingdome must you: And again in the End, Peace be decay, seeing that the Kingdome of Christ with you al which are in Christ Jesus. only thereby is erected, and therfore he Paule writing of the Apostles and their hath now changed the Bulles which were Vocation, fayeth : howe beautifull are the made against the Turke, and made them Feete of them which bring glad Tidings against the poore Members of Christ, to of Peace, Rom. 10. 15. But this brave the End utterly to extyrpe and roote them Successor of Peter and Paul, doeth here out. And in the meane Time, the Turke sounde his Trompet for to induce all the hath Time and Meanes on the other Syde, Worlde to Warres, under the Armie of given bim wholy to subvert Christendome. the King of Spayne, for to take in, and And this is the Zeale wherewith these holy overrunne by Force, and- Murther, the Fathers are so inflamed. Realmes of other Princes: And for that (r) Here we fee plainely how this AntiEffect he doeth fell his Bulles, Graces, chrift maketh an open Jest of the ForPardons, &c. and doeth drawe the poor givenes of Sinnes, which the Sonne of silly Soules out of his Purgatorie for to God with so deere a Price, to witte with helpe thereunto.

his Death and Bloodsheeding, hath ob(9) This Bull was first graunted against tained for us. For he here with his bloudy



neffe of all their Sinnes, so that they do hartely (s) repent and be forowfull for them, and do by Mouth make Confession of the same, or if they cannot confefse themselves, that they doe with Hart desire to do the same, (1) even as they are accustomed to give the same Pardon to those which goe to helpe to recover the holy Lande, and in the Yeare (u) Jubileo. And it is to be

understoode Trompet doth pronounce this Remiffion, Man himlelfe do fatisfie for the same : not unto those which with an humble And this Satisfaction doe they inferre to Hart (taking their Refuge to Christ) doe the mumbling of Pater Nosters, and Ave. repose all their Trust and Confidence upon Maries, being babled out in Latin, to his Satisfaction and Intercession betweene Pilgrimages, to Fryars Weedes, to erecting God and Man: but to those which either of Cloysters and other like, which they do spill Christian Bloud, or give Money themselves without Warrant out of the to the same Effect. And secondly, where Word of God have invented, and that as he with all his Doctors and Divines, which is not cleane swept away therewith, openly doth affirme that the Remission and they reserve for Purgatorie, to the Ende Pardon of Sinnes, which Christ hath ob- to be purged there with Dirges, and other tained for us, can take away but onely Babels, which they for Mony Sake have the Offence, and not the deserved Punish- invented, in steede of the Bloodsheeding ment or Payne of Sinnes committed after of Jesus Christ, so that it is manifeft that the Baptisme : for which Effect they have a harty Penitence is nothing worth with instituted their invented Purgatorie, to the them, but onely to set a Colour on their Ende there to pay the fayd Punishment subtill Satisfaction. and Penaltie : So likewise he is not ashamed (t) It is very well to be credited that to graunt his Pardon so amply, that there. the one Pardon is as good as the other, with not onely the Offence, but also the for they be both forged in the Forge of deserved Punishment is wholy taken away, Lyes. even as he hereunder in the Forme of (u) Jubileus is derived from a Hebrew an Absolution plainly expresseth: Yea, Word, which doth signifie a Trompet, vaunteth the fame to be of such Force, wherewith the Yeare of Jubilee was de that it draweth the Soules of others out clared to those of the Olde Testament : of Purgatorie : so that he doeth esteeme For besides the Sabaoth which God bad his Bulles more excellent and worthier, commanded to be fanctified on the seventh then the most precious Sacrifice of the Day of the Weeke, so likewise he would Body and Blood of the Sonne of God, that Men should every seaven Yeares keepe which according to their Report, is not a Feafte, to let the Country rest for a of such Force that it can deliver us from Remembraunce of the miraculous Delivery, the Paines of Purgatorie. Whether there whereby the Children of Israel were delibe not the most horrible Blasphemies, vered out of the Tyrannie of Pharao, and which this Beast uttereth against God his Bondage of Egyyt, by the which was

preName and Tabernacle, whereof John in figured the spiritual and perpetuall Delihis Revelations, 13. ver. 6. doeth speake, very, which should happen through Chrift: every vertuous Person easely. may per- But especially after that the feaven Times ceive.

feaven, which is fourty nine years, were (s) This harty Penitence is nothing els expyred, God would that they should but a false Color, wherwith this Whore withall Thankefulnes kcepe holy the next doeth paynte and hyde her uncleane Face. Yeare following being the fiftie Yeare, For they doe publikely teache, that no resting wholly in the Lord, and giving Forgivenesle of Sinnes can be obtayned Libertie to all the Ifraelite Slaves, and through the Merites of Chrift, how penitent letting the Countrey or Lande reste that soever Men be for their Sinnes, unlesse whole Yeare, untill such Tyme that the


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