From Bombay to Bushire, and Bussora; including an account of the present state of Persia

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Страница 218 - States ship, shall be permitted to continue their voyage if on examination of their papers it shall appear that their cargoes were taken on board before the expiration of the above term: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall...
Страница 89 - With thy rude ploughshare, Death, turn up the sod, And spread the furrow for the seed we sow ; This is the field and Acre of our God, This is the place, where human harvests grow ! TO THE RIVER CHARLES.
Страница 216 - The Governor-General deems it in this place necessary to revert to the siege of Herat, and the conduct of the Persian nation, The siege of that city has now been carried on by ' the Persian Army for many months. The attack upon it was...
Страница 214 - And, lastly, the Persian Government engaged to relinquish all pretension to and demand for the coinage, or the reading of the Khootbeh, or any other acknowledgment of allegiance or subjection on the part of the people of Herat to the Government of Persia. "It was, at the same time, stipulated that, so long as there should be no interference of any sort whatever on the part of the British Government in the affairs of Herat, the engagements contracted by the Persian Government, as aforesaid, should...
Страница 214 - Kandahar, or other foreign country — should invade Herat In the event of troops being sent, the Persian Government engaged that the said troops should not enter the city of Herat, and that, on the return of the foreign troops towards their own territory, the Persian troops should be immediately withdrawn from the neighbourhood of Herat to Persian soil.
Страница 218 - Any Spanish merchant vessel which prior to April 21, 1898, shall have sailed from any foreign port bound for any port or place in the United States shall be permitted to enter such port or place and to discharge her cargo, and afterwards forthwith to depart without molestation; and any such vessel, if met at sea by any United States ship, shall be permitted to continue her voyage to any port not blockaded.
Страница 143 - Sooftee doctrine ; traces of which exist, in some shape or other, in every region of the world. It is to be found in the most splendid theories of the ancient schools of Greece, and in those of the modern philosophers of Europe. It is the dream of the most ignorant, and of the most learned ; and is seen at one time indulging in the shade of ease, and at another traversing the pathless desart.
Страница 219 - Authorities whom it may concern, are to give the necessary directions herein as to them may respectively appertain.
Страница 226 - Major Hill, of the Engineers, and Lieutenant Clarkson, the first lieutenant of my flag-ship, to enter the town and hoist the British flag. I trust, my lord, it will not be taking too much upon myself to express my admiration of the gallant conduct of General Stalker and his brave army, the more so as I have had the...
Страница 217 - Government has been pronounced by Her Majesty's Government to constitute an act of open hostility against Great Britain. Reparation has been sought, but without success. The withdrawal of the Persian troops from the neighbourhood of Herat to Persian soil has been demanded, as a preliminary to the adjustment of differences to which the acts of Persia alone have given rise ; but the demand has been evaded, and, according to the most recent accounts, a Persian army still invests Herat. " Friendly remonstrance...