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PAGE Investigate

279 Iritis, Diagnosis

and Treatment of.

547 Irritation, Spinal Its

Cause and Cure.... 814 It is Not Treason Now.. 594 It Is Too Bad.

436 It was Intuition.




185 Joiners

275 Joints, Swollen Rheumatic

960 Journalistic Enterprise..


PAGE Machine Medicine.

278 Macrotys-Black Cohosh. 511 Malaria

. 465, 649 Malaria and the Mosquito 992 Malaria, The Prevalence of

385 Marriage

79 Marriage and Divorce.217, 308 Mastication

683 Measles

383 Medical Fisherman, The. 427 Medical Liberty

683 Medical Life in London.. 293 Medical Reorganization.. 416 Medical Law, How It is

Used in Washington... 655 Medical Paris....

608 Medicine, Modern

51 Medicines, Liquid, The Superiority of.....

306 Medicines, Liquid, Superi

ority of Over Alkaloids 449 Menopause, The..... 318 Mental Depression, States of

927 Milk, Pure, The Need of

and the Difficulties Met

With in Procuring It.. 554 Miscarriage

507 Mistaken Ideas in August MEDICAL BRIEF

752 Mistakes, Recital of. 431 Moles, Hydatidform

87 Monopoly

422 More Caution Necessary. 355 Mr. Heron-Allen's Con.

tribution to Medicine.. 266 Multiple Examination.... 512

PAGE. Obstetrics, A Case in.... 906 Obstetrics, A Peculiar Case in

86 Obstetrical Case, An Interesting

84 Oculo-Motor Centers,

Effect of Lenses Upon

984 Oil of Hyssop.

192, 430 Only Sees Flaws.

101 Operation, Clamp and

Cautery, The Pain Fol-
lowing the......

296 Ophthalmia Neonatorum. 10 Ophthalmology, Modern,

Some Elements in..... 389 Opportunity

844 Orders All Beards Cut Of 200 Organized Schemes... 199 Ovary, A Case of True

Abscess of the... 653

[blocks in formation]




La Grippe....

267 Labor, A Peculiar Case of 352 Labor, Cystic Tumor Complicating

268 Labor, Painless..

428 Laws, Medical....3, 154, 504 Laryngitis, Spasmodic....

795 Lemons, Medicinal Potency of...

418 Lengthening the Body... 92 Let Me Whisper in Your Ear

355 Liberality, A Plea for... 922 Life and Its Strugggles.. 157 Life, Health, Disease and

Death, Potential Energy,
Irritability and Stimu-
lation, the Indefatigable
Factors of

660 Light, A Study on, A Few

Timely Scientific Facts
Related for the Com-
prehensive Understand-
ing of the Practitioner,

49, 152 Liquid Air and Its Thera

peutical Possibilities... 128 Liquor Ferri Persulphatis 415 Little Things in Treat

ment of Little Folks.. 923 Lock-Jaw, How Indians Cure-A

Fact Intertwined With Romance and Therapeutics

72 Locomotor Ataxia.

345 "Love, The Psychology,

Chemistry and Mag-
netism of"

993 Lubrication in X-Ray Exposures

874 Lung Derelopment, The

Lungs Both Give and


Names, Instead of Principles

273 Nasal Cavities, The, and

the General Practic

451 Nasal Deformities, Trau

matic External, Correc-
tion of...

468 Necrosed Bone of Head, Case of.....

253 Negro Problem, The..... 903 Nervines

192 Nervous System, The, as

a Vital Keyboard..... Nervousness

723 Neuralgia, Testicular. 190 Neurasthenia

190 Neuritis, Alcoholic, A Con.

tribution to the Path-
ology of.....

518 Nightmares

197 Nineteen Hundred and

Five Nursing

644 Nux Vomica Versus Strychnine


Pains, Pelvic....

384 Paralysis. Infantile, Notes

on Tendon Transplanta-
tion in ......

778 Paris Hospitals and Post

Graduate Work in Paris 205 Parisian Medical ChitChat

492 Pelvic Brain, The-The

Cervico-Uterine Ganglion 560 Pemphigus

146 Pharmacy, Modern vancement in

48 Phimosis-An Error

of Diagnosis

47 Physical Development, Necessity of

710 Piles, Internal

760 Placenta Previa Drug Addiction

510 Plant Chemistry.

97 Plant Structures Versus

Plant Fragments...... 401 Pleurisy Following Mumps 346 Pneumonia ....176, 495, 551 Poeumonia, External

Treatment of......... 155 Pneumonia, Fatality in.. 998 Pneumonia. Is Drug Treat

ment Useless in?...... 256 Pneumonia Not Necessarily Fatal...

251 Pneumonia, Report of a Case of ....

325 Pneumonia, Some Observations on.....

419 Pneumonia, To Abort.... 512 Pneumonia, Treatment of

83, 181, 588 nosis from Fractures. . 472 Sprains, On the Treatment of..

[blocks in formation]

PAGE, Poison Ivy....

678 Poisoning by Kerosene or Petroleum

757 Poisoning, Lead, Chronic. 114 Polypi, Uterine...

516 Post-Graduate Course....

55 Post-Nubial Outrages.. 454 Pregnancy Complicated

with Inflammatory Dis-
ease of the Pelvic Or-

799 Pregnancy, Extra Uterine,

A Frequent Mistake in. 515 Pregnancy. Extra-Uterine, A Case of

749 Pregnancy, Uremia of, Re

port of Two Cases of.. 303 Preventive Medicine,

243, 333, 405, 481 Pro Bono Publico.......

426 Proctitis

530 Prostate, Hypertrophied,

Histories of and Deduc-
tions from Thirty Ope-
rations for

967 Prostate, Hypertrophied,

Observations Concern-
ing the Bottini and
Other Operations for... 827
Prostate, Hypertrophied,

Some Abnormalities of
the Bladder and Pros-

tatic Urethra, Due to.. 912 Prostatectomy, Is It the

Cause of the Enuresis
That Sometimes Fol-

lows This Operation ?.. 641 Prostatectomy, Perineal,

Technic of as Used in
Thirty Cases...

..... 574 Prostatectomy, Some

Questions of Interest to
the General Practi-

tioner Regarding...... 497 Prostatectomy, Suprapubic ....

739 Prostatic Disease

92 Prostatie Hypertrophy

Its Relief by Perineal

298 Prostatodynia

304 Prostitution, A Plan to Regulate

381 Prostitution, Etiology of. 723 Protect Your Normal Vitality

356 Pruritus

54 Pruritus Vulvæ....... 89 Psoriasis, The Treatment of

937 Psychic Powers of Man,

Some Interesting Points
Relating to the, Hypno-
Telepathically Demon-

580 Publicity Prorrhea Alveolaris, Oral

Disturbances from..... 792 Pyrosis


Railway Surgery..

223 Rectal Examinations, Concerning

221 Rectal Examination in Children

325 Regular Board Medical

Examiners, State of

506 Remedies for Specific Conditions

540 Reminiscences of a Country Practice....

679 Reminiscent Chats,

8, 106, 201, 282, 360, 436 Renal Disease, Serious,

On Some Conditions in
Which the Presence of
Albumin and Casts fp
the Urine

Does Not Necessarily Indicate $75 Replies

88 Rheumatism, Blood Conditions in....

671 Rheumatic Diathesis,

Basic Facts Anent the 331 Rheumatism

191 Rheumatism, Articular... 90 Rheumatism, Diseases

Which May Be Mistaken

287 Rheumatism, Inflammatory

54 Rheumatism, Pathology

and Treatment of ..... 455 Rhinitis, Atrophic, The Treatment of........,

144 Ringworm, School, A New

Cap Film Treatment for 767 Roentgeno-Therapy.... 232 Rupture, Subcutaneous, of

Femoral Artery, Report
of a Case of .


PAGE. Sex and Tide Cycle. 751 Sex-Dr. Lussier


336 Sex Question, The...423, 665 Sex Question, The- -Sex

ual Hygiene of the

996 Shams

2 Small-Pos

21, 818 Small-Pox, The Effect of

Vaccination on....677, 921 Some Practical Items.509, 650 Special Notice.

97 Spleen, Hypertrophy of the

175 Sprains of the Ankle

Joint, With Particular
Reference to the Diag.

219 State Board of Medical Examiners

747 State Medicine.

104 St. Vitus Dance.

189 Sterility in American Women

859 Sterility, Prognosis in.40, 140 Stiliingia Sylvatica-Stil. lingin

738 Stimulant, A, An Age That Craves

899 Stomach, Some of the

More Commonly En.
countered Conditions of
the, and Their Diag.

685 Stomach Trouble

51 Stomach Troubles, A Plea

for More Thorough Ex-
amination in

511 Stop and Think.

100 Strength, The Keynote to. 584 "Subinvolution of the Ab

dominal Wall After

122 Success and Optimism... 198 Suggestion, Therapeutic :

What Is It?......412, 490 Suggestion, What Is ?.59, 500 Suicide

444 Summer Complaint. 510 Surgery, Abdominal and

Pelvic-Some Factors
That Prevent Success

315 “Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics"

764 Surgery, Intestinal..743, 833 Surgery, Modern, A Brief History of,

69, 165, 257, 327, 402 Surgery, Modern, Retro

spective View and Dis-
cussion of. Compared
With the Administra-
tion and Application of
Scientific Medicines.... 339


Sabbatia Angularis...... 657 Scabies and Its Simplest

Form of Treatment... 393 Scalp Wound

53 Sciatica

.91, 430 Sciatica. Some Hydro

therapeutic Methods of

557 Scotland, The Universities of

696 Sea-Sickness, The Use of

Bromide in and in Com

bination with Drugs... 520 Semi-Revolution of the

Earth-Evolution of the

839 Serum


PAGE. Surgery, Rectal, The Pass

ing of General Anes-
thesia in....

628 Surgical Operations vs. Medication

730 Sycosis of the Beard. 686 Sympathetic System, The,

and Pelvic Lesions 867 Syphilis ........90, 265, 438 Systemic Disease, Are the

Teeth of Diagnostic
Value In?


PAGE. Urinary Dificulty

90 Use All...

98 Uterine Disorders and Spi.

nal Irritations ; My
Present Methods of
Treating--The Evolu-

tion of an Idea....... 907 Uterine Hemorrhage

Caused by Fibroids, The

Treatment of ......... 109 Uterus, Abdominal Sec

tion for Adherent Re.

troflexion of the....... 708 Uterus, Curettage of the.. 701 Uterus, Malignant Dis

eases of the, The Im-
portance of Early Diag.
nosis in....

394 Uterus, Retro-Displace

ments of the, The Im.
portance of the Family

Physician in...... 633 Uterus, The Undeveloped 939


PAGE. Tonsilitis or Quinsy ...1002 Tonsillotomy

378 Truth Versus Authority.. 275 Truth Will Out...

357 Tuberculosis

975 Tuberculosis—A Prevent.

able and Limitable Dis-

... 379 Tuberculosis, Alcohol for

--Whiskey, Beer and
Wine Useful for Con-
sumptives, Says Dr.

356 Tuberculosis, from a Hy. gienic Standpoint

892 Tuberculosis, Gastric

Membrane in.......... 155 Tuberculosis, Pulmonary,

Elementary Facts Re-

616 “Tuberculosis, Pulmonary,

The Dangers of the MI-
croscope in the Early
Diagnosis ol”.

227 Tuberculosis, Pulmonary,

The Early Diagnosis of 131 Tuberculosis, Pulmonary,

The Modern Treatment

81 Tuberculosis, Tent Life in

the Treatment of..... 936 Tuberculosis, Warfare on

-Fat the Germ De-
troyer and Equalizer of
the Body, with Especial
Reference to Oils and
Fats in the Prevention
and Cure of Tubercu.

135 Tuberculosis, Warfare on

-Lung Excretion and
Fermentation as Related

Tuberculosis — The
Body Heat and Force
Fat Foods in Their
Maintenance for the
Prevention of Tuber-

228 Tumor

156 Tumors

54 Turpentine-Commonplace Remedies


Tabes Dorsalis...

625 Tape Worm-Simple But

Effectual Remedy..... 92 Teach Us How to Think.. 246 Texas State Board of

Medical Examiners,

Meeting of...... 432 The Abnormal Slanderer. 105 The American Doctor.... 196 The Diagnostician....... 281 The Folly of Dissembling. 594 The First Baby..

742 The Growth of the Sci.

ence of Medicine and
the Progress of Medi.
cal Education in the

United States..... 23 The Good-Natured American

843 The Ideal Physician.. 177 The Issue..

332 The Late Dr. C. D. F. Phillips

195 The Only Danger.

193 The Other Side.. The Outlook for the Be

ginning Practitioner... 164 The Physician and Philosopher

610 The Physician VS. The Bacteriologist

234 The Practical Man. 923 The Pretender..

197 The Provincial Hospitals of England....

371 The Relation of Clinical

Pathology to Practice. 870 The Wise Guy....

279 Theoretical Versus Practical

593 Therapeutics, The Un

dulatory Theory in.417, 479 Thought, The Good and Bad Effects of

702 Thoughts, Morbid

771 Throat, Sore....

156 Tides, The Cause of the.. 901 To Old Doc To Make Rules for the Other Fellow...

434 To Whom Do You Belong? 99 Tonsillitis

52 Tonsillitis, Follicular 55

[blocks in formation]



U Ulcers of the Leg, Treatment of .....

108 Unwise

97 Upper Air Passages, Eti

ology and Treatment of
Some of the More Com-

mon Diseases of the.. 949 Ureters, Peculiar...

657 Urethra, Stricture of the. 537 Urethra, The Treatment

of the Pathological
Conditions of the, by
Means of the Modern


W Walking Before Breakfast

103 Wanted, Information.... 192 Warts, Thuja as a Remedy for

292 Water, Boiling vs. the Knife

791 Why

101 Why People Grow Deaf.. 212 Why the BRIEF Attracts Attention

194 Witchcraft, Relics of.... 905 Women, Intellectual Exercise of .....

428 Wood Alcohol...

195 X


X-Ray Therapy, Principles

and Practice of....... 877

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