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The Practical Man. The practical man is the one who suc. ceeds in life because he has a definite purpose to accomplish. He is alive to the opportunities which present themselves because he looks at life through his own eyes and does his own thinking. Sentimental considerations do not weigh with him. The practical man refuses to let anybody lead him. He accepts life as it is, and makes the most of actual condi. tions.

The practical man knows that he must look to himself for all the real help he will ever get. All the assistance any union, combine or other organization will give is purely theoretical; the actual restrictions and prohibitions laid down by them cramp a man's energies and narrow his opportunities.

A practical outlook on life and a strong individuality equip a man for the strug. gle according to Nature's plan. No artificial scheme of man, 'no organization,

can compete with it. A man must assert himself, he must face the facts of life fearlessly; he must make his own plans and carry them out dauntlessly. No man can do this unless he early trains himself to be self-reliant, and to think logically, so that he is prepared to make rapid and just decisions.

No man, least of all the doctor, can avoid emergencies. They are thrust upon us from the most unexpected sources and at the most inconvenient times. Then the long-time habit of independent thinking, directed to accomplishing practical results, is invaluable.

Aspirations and ideals are good things in their way if a man has the requisite commonsense and knowledge of life to be governed by practical considerations. Too many men allow themselves to be diverted from the main issue by sentiment, or forfeit their rights as men to some self-constituted leader. Such men are to be pitied because they miss the joy and meaning of life through which they pass blind and deaf to its possibilities.

The practical bent of mind has always an eye to results. Progress and achieve

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