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of Sister to Sultan, ást. 11b.--Two to 1 agst the Sal cult, 4 to 1 agst Silvertail, and 6 to 1 agst Amphitrite.

SWEEPSTAKES of 50 sovs. cach, b. ft.-T. Y. C._Five subs. Lord Tavistock's ch. h. Taurus, by Phantom or Morisco, 5 yrs, Ist. 101b. (Wheatley)

1 Mr. Stebbings's b. f. Landrail, by Bustard out of Erin Lass, 4 yrs, 8st. 61b .......... Mr. Bloss's b. f. Elizabeth, by Emilius, 4 yrs, 6st.........

3 Mr. Rush's b. h. Oatlands, by Tiresias out of Rhoda, 5 yrs, 7st. 131b.

Seven to 4 on Taurus. Second Class of the OATLAND STAKES of 50 sovs. each, h. ft.-D. I.-Nine subs. Mr. Gully's br. h. Tranby, by Blacklock, 5 yrs, 8st. 91b. (Scott).......... 1 Lord W'iston's b. c. Chancellor, by Minos out of Angelica, 3 yrs, 7st. 91b. Lord Exeter's ch. c. Bohemian, by Tramp out of Folly, 3 yıs, 6st. 121b.

3 The following also started but were not placed :—Sir M. Wood's br. m. Lucetta, 5 yrs, 9st. 51b. ; Mr. Greatrex's ch. f. Schumla, 4 yrs, 8st. 61b. ; and Lord Lowther's b. c. Spaniel, 3 yrs, 7st. 61b.-Two to lagst Chancellor, 7 to 2 agst Spaniel, 5 to 1 agst Schumla, 7 to 1 agst Bohemian, and 8 to 1 agst Tranby.

The following having declared forfeit by the time prescribed paid only 10 sovs. each ; which were divided between the owners of the second horses in the two Classes :- Mr. E. Peel's br. h. Cailland, 6 yrs, 9st. 71b. ; Mr. S. Stonehewer's b. f. Variation, 4 yrs, 9st. ; Lord Exeter's Nsahmoud, 4 yrs, &st. 101b. ; Mr. Henry's Agreeable, 4 yrs, ist. 91b. ; Mr. Flintham's br. g. Anti-Catholic, 5 yrs, st. 71b.; Sir M. Wood's ch. f. Camarine, 3 yrs, Ost. 6lb. ; Mr. W. Chifney's b. c. Emilianus, Brother to Emiliana, 3 yrs, 7st. 71b. ; and Mr. W. Jackson's b. g. Walter, by Waverley, out of Tranby's dam, 3 yrs, 7st. Ilb.

SWEEPSTAKES of 200 sovs. each, h. ft. for fillies, Est. 5lb.-D. M.-Four subs. Lord Exeter's b. f. by Sultan, out of Advance

......... walked over. MATCH.-Mr. Scott Stonehewer's ch. c. by Middleton out of Wings, 8st. 61b. agst Gen. Grosvenor's br. f. Bartolozzi, Ost. 21b., Åb. M., 200, h. ft.-off by consent.

THURSDAY, April 26.-SWEEPSTAKES of 100 sovs. each, h. ft. :-colts, 8st. 71b., fillies, 8st. 4lb.-D. M. Lord Worcester’s ch. c. The Copper Captain, Brother to Captain Arthur (Ro. binson)

1 Mr. Vansittart's ch. c. by Polygar, out of Slight by Selim..... Lord Mountcharles's ch.c. Caliban, by Catton, dam by Phantom. Lord Lichfield's ch. f. by Sligo, out of Ina by &molensko...... Lord Chesterfield's br. c. by Whalebone, dam by Frolic, out of Camel's dam..

Even betting on Caliban, and 3 to I agst Copper Captain.

SWEEPSTAKES of 100 sovs. each, h. ft. R. M.-Sixteen subs. Lord Lowther's b. c. Sceptre, by Partisan out of Scandal's dam, Ost. 71b. (Wheatley)

1 Mr. Sowerby's ch. c. Castilian, by Abjer out of Theresa's dam by Sancho, 8st. 71b... 2

The following also started but were not placed :-Mr. W'ilson's br. c. by Whale. bone out of Silvertail, 8st. 71b.; Lord Exeter's b. c. by Sultan out of Palais Royal, 8st. 41b. ; and Lord Lichfield's b. c. Terry Alt, by Sligo, Ost. 4lb. Seven to 4 agst Castilian, 4 to 1 agst Sceptre, 4 to 1 agst Silvertail, and 5 to 1 agst Terry Alt.

MATCH.-Lord Mountcharles's b. c. Carwell, by Filho da Puta, 8st. 71b. (Robin. son) beat Lord Lichfield's b. c. Egbert, by Morisco out of Ina, 8st. llb., T. Y. C., 100, h. ft.--Five to 4 on Carwell.

MATCH.-Lord Chesterfield's br. c. Brother to Nessus, by Centaur, &st. llb. (Con. nolly) beat Lord Worcester's b. c. Cout Ivon, by Bobadil out of Fidalma, 8st. 8lb., both 2 yrs, T. Y. C., 100, h. ft.-Six to con Count Ivon.

SWEEPSTAKES of 100 sovs. each, b. ft.-Ab. M.--Six subs. Mr. Mills's b. f. Kate, by Lapdog out of Effie Deans, 8st. llb. (Arnull)

1 Sir M. Wood's ch. c. The Marshal, by Phantom out of Louisa, 8st. 41b.....

2 Four to 1 on Kate. MATCH.-Lord Mountcharles's b. c. Bassetlaw, by Catton, 8st. 3lb. (Wheatley, beat Sir R. K. Dick's b. f. Miss Mary Anne, by Truffle out of Bella, 8st. 41b., Ab. M. 100, h. ft.-Seven to 4 on Miss Mary Anne, The C'LARET STAKES of 200 sovs. each, h. ft. :-colts, 8st. 71b. ; fillies, 8st. 21b.

D. I.Five subs.

Sir M. Wood's ch. f. Camarine, by Juniper, dam by Rubens (Robinson)

1 Mr. llouldsworth's b. f. Circassian, by Sultan out of Variety....

Three to 1 on Camarine. SWEEPSTAKES of 200 sovs. cach, h. ft. i-colts, 8st. 71b. ; fillies, 8st. 4lb.-D. M.

Five subs. Lord Tavistock's b. c. by Partisan out of Custard by Soothsayer ...... received. Lord Exeter's b. c. Byzantium, by Sultañ out of Folly ... withdrew his stake. SWEEPSTAKES of 200 sovs. each, h. ft. :-colts, 8st. 71b. ; fillics, 8st. 31b.-D. M.

Nine subs. Lord Exeter's ch. c. Beiram, by Sultan out of Miss Cantley........ ......received. Gen. Yates's ch. c. Daft Jamie, by Bedlamite or Paulowitz, received 100 sovs. and

withdrew his stake. FRIDAY, April 27.-The ALE STAKES of 100 sovs. each, h. ft. :-colts, 8st. 71b. ; fillies, 8st. 41b.---rising 4 yrs.-D. I.-Five subs. The winner to be sold for 4001. if demanded, dc. Duke of Grafton's b. c. Æneas, by Emilius out of Pastille (Robinson).................. ! Vr. Sowerby's ch. c. Vagrant, by Tramp

2 Duke of Portland's b. c. Ampbictyon, by Tiresias Mr. Houldsworth's b. c. Bradley by Filho da Puta........

Even betting between Æneas and Vagrant, and 5 to 1 agst either. HANDICAP SWEEPSTAKES of 10 sovs. each. for two-year-olds.-D. M. r. Ridsdale's ch. c. St. Giles, by Tramp out of Arcot Lass, 8st. 5lb. (Wheatley).. 1 Mr. Gratwicke's gr. f. by Middleton out of Jest, 7st. 81b. Duke of Richmond's gr. c. Casador, by Middleton out of Dandizette, 7st. 121b. 3

The following also started but were not placed :-Mr. Thornbill's b. c. by Emilius out of Sal, 8st. 5lb.; Lord Lowther's ch. f. Mersey, by Partisan, 7st. 31b. ; and Lord Exeter's ch. c. by Mountebank, dam by Woful, out of Zealot's dam, 7st. 3lb.—Sir R. K. Dick's b. f. Miss Mary Anne, by Truffle, &st. 10lb. paid.--Six to 4 agst St. Giles. The Port STAKES of 100 sovs. each, h. ft. :-colts, 8st. 71b.; fillies, &st. 41b.-T.M.M.

The owner of the second horse to withdraw his stake, -Nine subs. Mr. Robinson's b. c. Liverpool, by Tramp (Scott).

1 Lord Verulam's b. c. Vestris, by Whalebone

2 Vr. W'. Chifney's br. c. by Merlin out of Black Daphne

3 The following also started but were not placed :---Sir M. Wood's ch. c. Riddles. worth, by Emilius; Lord Exeter's br. c. Hæmus, by Sultan ; Col. Wilson's b. c. Chapman, by Emilius; and Lord Cleveland's br. c. Alarcus, by Emilius.-Two to I agst Liverpool, 3 to 1 agst Riddlesworth, 4 to 1 agst Chapman, and 5 to 1 agst the Black Daphne colt. SWEEPSTAKES of 10 sovs. each, for two-year-olds :-colts, 8st. 71b. ; fillies, Est. 41b.

D, M.-Five subs.-- The winner to be sold for 40 sovs. Mr. Mills's br. c. by Emilius out of Mustard (Pavis)...........

1 Mr. Roberts's b. c. Brother to Cloudesley, by Emilius .............. Lord Exeter's ch. c. by Mountebank, dam by Woful.....

3 Sir M. Wood's b. f. Reaction, by Truffle, dam by Blacklock

Six to 4 agst the winner, who was claimed. SUBSCRIPTION PLATE of 501. for two-year olds, 6st. 71b. ; three, 8st. 5lb.; four,

8st. 131b. ; five, 9st. 41b. ; six and aged, 9st. 8lb.-D. M. The winner to be sold for

300gs. if demanded, the owner of the second horse to be first entitled, &c. Lord Lowther's ch. f. Scuttle, by Partisan-Scratch, 2 yrs (Rogers)

I Lord Cleveland's br. c. Marcus, by Emilius out of Camilla, 3 yrs

2 The following also started but were not placed :-Mr. Rush's b. f. by Whalebone out of Discord, 4 yrs ; Sir M. Wood's b. f. Galantine, by Reveller, 3 yrs; Lord Exeter's ch. c. Bohemian, by Tramp, 3 yrs ; Mr. Greville's br.f. Landgravine, by Waterloo or Smolensko, 2 yrs; Mr. Ridsdale's b. f. Fedora, by Figaro, 2 yrs ; Capt. Bulke. ley's b. f. Sister to Pinwire, 2 yrs; Lord Orford's bl. c. Day and Martin, by Whalebone, 2 yrs; and Mr. Cookes's b. c. Incubus, by Phantom, 3 yrs.-N. B. The winner was claimed. Five to 2 agst Landgravine, 4 to 1 agst Scuffle, and 9 to 2 agst Marcus. SWEEPSTAKES of 100 sovs. each, h. ft. :-colts, 8st. 71b.; fillies, 8st. 4lb.-R. M.

Four subs. Lord Worcester's b. c. Ilaymaker, by Wrangler out of Isabella (Robinson) Duke of Portland's ch. f. Åmphitrite by Tiresias...............................................

2 Five to 2 on Amphitrite.

........... 1



SWEEPSTAKES of 100 sovs. eacb, h. ft.-T. Y. C.- Four subs. Duke of Richmond's b. f. Somnambule, by Moses out of Dream, 8st. 71b. (Boyce)... 1 Lord Tavistock’s br. c. by Wanderer out of Aspasia, &st. 5lb....

Two to 1 on Somnambule. MATCH.-Lord Worcester's b. c. Count Ivon, by Bobadil (Robinson) beat Captain Rous's ch. c. Cavenham, by Merlin out of Diana, 8st. 21b. cach, T. M. M., 25 sovs.

MATCH.-Lord Lichfield's Terry Alt, by Sligo, rec. forfeit from the Duke of Grafton's ch. Falconer, by Merlin out of Tontine, &st. 71b. each, T. M. M. 200, h. ft.

MATCH.-Mr. Udny's b. e. by Truffle, out of Blue Stockings, rec. forfeit from Mr. Nevill's ch. c. Andallah, by Nigel, 8st. 71b. each, D. M., 200, h. ft.

EAST SUSSEX HUNT MEETING. MONDAY, April 23.-FARMERS' STAKES of three sovs. cach, with 10 added by

Mr. Craven for the second horse. Heats, two miles.-Twenty-five subs. Gen. Trevor named b. m. Agnes, by Robin Hood, 6 yrs, 12st. 41b. (Captain Tourle)

1 3 1 Mr. King named b. g. Ploughboy, by Young Election, 5 yrs, 12st................ 5 1 4 Lord Sheffield named ch. g. Gambol, by Little John, 5 yrs, 12st.

4 2 Col. Wyndham med b. g. Peggy, by Octavius, aged, 12st. 41b .........

2 3 The East Sussex and HUNTERS' STAKES of five sovs. each, with 25 sovs. added.

Heats, two miles and a half. Ten subs. Lord Gage named b. g. Hop-duty, by Robin Hood, 5 yrs, llst. 71b. (Mr. Saxby) ! ! Lord Lake named b. g. Sprig, aged, 12st.

5 2 Mr. W. Wyatt's ch. g. Calcetto, 5 yrs, 11st. 71b.

3 Mr. Burgess's br. m. by Mr. Lowe, 6yrs, 12 st............................................ Mr. Herbert's b. g. Fra Diavolo, 5 yrs, llst. 71b.

2 5 The Pio Nic STAKES of one soy, each, with 50 added for beaten horses at these

Races.--Heats, one mile and a half. Mr. Rogers’s b. g. Southdown, aged, 11st. 71b. (Mr. Woodman)

1 1 Mr. Berkeley's gr. g. Daisy, 6yrs, 12st. 71b.

2 2 Three others started.



(Over Haigh PARK.) MONDAY, April 23.- The AIREDALE STAKES of 10 sovs. cach, with 20 added;

for maiden horses, &c. not thorough-bred.--Gentlemen riders.-One mile and a half. Three subs. Mr. Flesseltine's ch. e. Jerry Hawthorn, by Octavius out of Harriet's dam, 3 yrs, 9st. 12lb.

1 Mr. Milward's b. f. Hippona, Sister to Hexgrave, 4 yrs, 10st. 121b... A PIECE OF PLATE, value 15 sovs. by subscription of one sov. each, with 10 added,

for horses, &c. not thorough-bred ; 11st. each. The owner of the second horse re

ceived back his stake.--Heats, one mile and a half.-Six subs. Mr. E. Richardson's b. h. by Don Juan

1 1 Mr. Pearson's br. h. Cock Robin, by Orville, dam by Squirrel

2 2 Mr. Clifton's gr. m, Eliza, by Or yille, dam by Paradox

3 3 The SILVER Cur, value 20gs. given by the Proprietor, added to a Sweepstakes of

seven sovs. each, five ft. if paid on or before the day of running, for horses, &c. not thorough-bred.--Gentlemen riders. One mile and three quarters.--Six subs. Mr. Milward'ö b. f. Hippona, by Filho da Puta, 4 yrs, 10st. 21b. ......... walked over.


(Ages as in May.) MONDAY, April 23. The HUNTERS' Cur, value 50, for horses not thorough,

bred :-three-year-olds, 9st. 121b. ; four, 10st. 121b. ; five, llst. 101b. ; six and aged, 12st. 4lb.-Mares and Geldings allowed 3lb. The second horse to save his stake.

Winners to carry 10lb. extra...--Heats, once round.

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Mr. Smith's b. g. Tally-ho, 6 yrs

11 Mr. Clift's ch. g. Whitenose, aged.

2 2 Mr. Holt's br. m. Victorine, 6 yrs Mr. Dore's b. f. N'importe Mr. Cookes's b. g. Salamanca, 5 yrs

3 dr. SWEEPSTAKES of five sovs. each, with 25 added for horses of all ages. The winner

to be sold for 120). it demanded :-three-year-olds, fist. 121b. ; four, 8st. 3lb. ; five, 8st. 11lb. ; six, and aged, Pst. 21b.-Alares and Geldings allowed 3lb.-Heats, twice

round.--Five subs. Mr. R. Williams's ch. g. Cube, by Waxy Pope, 4 yrs..

11 Mr. Field's b. c. Mangel Wurzel, 4 yrs

3 2 Mr. Seed's b. m. Lady Harrington

2 3 TUESDAY, April 24.-The HoYLAKE Cur, the gift of Sir John Stanley, Bart., value 501., free for any horse. The winner to be sold for 1001. if demanded in the usual way.-Three-year-olds, 6st. 41b. ; four, &st. ; tive, &st. 101b. ; six, Ist. ; and aged, Ost. 21b.-Mares and Geldings allowed 31b.-- The winner of any race on Monday to carry 71b. extra : the second to save his stake.--Heats, twice round. Mr. Field's b. c. Mangel Wurzel, by Whisker, 4 yrs ........

4 1 1 Mr. Lucas named ch. White Nose, aged

3 4 2 Mr. Moseley's ch. c.

*oung Moses 4 yrs .............

2 2 3 Mr. Hornby's b. m. Forester Lass, 6 yrs...

1 3 dis. Forced Handicar SWEEPSTAKES of three sovs. each, h. ft., with 101. added. Mr. Holt's b. m. Victorine, 6 yrs, 11st.........

............ 3 1 1 Mr. Willoughby's b. m. Judy Nicholson, aged, 12st. 5lb............................

1 3 3 Mr. Field's b. c. Mangel Wurzel, 4 yrs..

2 2 2 The Hooton Cup, the gift of Sir T. Stanley Massey Stanley, Bart., for horses not

thorough-bred, that have never won Match, Plate, or Sweepstakes :-three-year-olds, 10st

. ; four, 11st.; five, 12st. ; six and aged, 12st. 8lb.--Heats, twice round. Mr. Sevourn's gr. m. Sal Volatile, 6 yrs.....

11 Mr. Buckley's ch. g. by General Mina, 3 yrs

2 2 Mr. Whitby's bl. g. Mungo, 4 yrs

3 3 Mr. Highton's br. m. Alice Gray, aged........

4 dr.


(NEAR NEWCASTLE.) MONDAY, April 23.— The Grand MEADOW STAKES of 25 sovs. each, h. ft. for

horses, &c. not thorough-bred. Heats, once round and a distance. Four subs. Mr. W. R. Jolinston's ch. g. For, by Streamer, aged, 12st.

.walked over. The Silver Cup, given by the Racing Fund, added to a Sweepstakes of five sovs.

each.-- The owner of the second horse received 10 sovs. Heais, twice round.-Six

subs. Mr. Williamson's b. g. Peacock, by Hollyhock, 5 yrs, 8st. 7lb........

11 Mr. Lister's Betty Stuart, 5 yrs, 8st. 71b.. Mr. Johnston's ch. g. Fox, by Streamer, aged, 8st. 71b..............

3 dr. On account of the bad state of the weather, all the other engagements were postponed, by consent, till Wednesday and Thursday, the 20th and 21st of June.

.......... 2 2

CATTERICK BRIDGE MEETING. WEDNESDAY, April 25.-- The CRAVEN STAKES of 10 sovs. each :--two-year

olds, 6st.; three, '8st. ; four, 8st. 91b. ; five, Ist. ; six and aged, Ust. 4lb. Mares and geldings allowed 31b.-A mile and three furlongs.- Ten subs. Lord Cleveland's b. c. Emancipation, by Whisker -Ardrossan, 4 yrs (T. Lye)...... 1 Mr. Shepherd's ch. c. Revolution, by Oiseau, 4 yrs Sir E. Dodsworth named b. c. by Figaro, 2 yrs....

The following also started but were not placed :-Sir J. Gerard's br. c. Rex, by Figaro, 4 yrs; Col. Cradock's b. c. Ossian, Brother to Homer, 3 yrs; Lord Sligo's b. c. Barkston, by Welbeck, 3 yrs ; Duke of Leeds's ch. m. Jenny Mills, by Whis. ker, 6 yrs; and Mr. Attwood's b. c. Florio, by his chesnut Arabian out of Sister to May-day, 2 yrs. PRODUCE STAKES of 25 sovs. each, h. ft. :-colts, 8st. 31b. ; fillies, 8st.. Three

pounds allowed, &c.-Two miles. Fifteen subs. VOL. V.SECOND SERIES.No. 27.




Mr. Stephenson's b. f. Variella, by Blacklock, dam by Phantom (T. Nicholson) 1 Duke ot

' Leeds's b. f. Lady Maud, by Jerry out of Lady of the Vale.. The following also started but were not placed :-Sir E. Dodsworth's b. c. Wildboy, by Whisker, dam by Rophael ; Mr. Metcalfe's b. f. Myrtle, by Wanton; Mr. Skipsey's ch. c. Peter Liberty, by Peter Lely out of Miss Wilkes; Mr. Riddell's ch. c. Favori, by Whisker, dam by Eaton ; and Mr. Smith's gr. c. by Lottery out of Snowball. The RICHMOND CLUB STAKES of 20 sovs. each, 10 ft. for yearling fillies, Est. each.

One mile.Five subs. Mr. J. Smith's br. Remember, by Jerry out of Decision by Magistrate ('T. Lye)...... 1 Mr. Serjeantson's b. by Lottery, out of Daucier Duke of Leeds's br. by Lottery out of Young Mary by Mombray

3 Mr. Jacques's b. by Swiss, dam by Walton, out of Victress...

THURSDAY, April 26. SWEEPSTAKES of 30 sovs. each, 10 ft. for rising threeyear-olds :-colts, 8 st. 31b. ; fillies, &st. Two miles.--Five subs. Sir E. Dodsworth's b. c. Wildboy, by Whisker.....

.walked over. The l'EARLING STAKES of 20 sovs. :-colts, 8st. 31b. ; fillies, 8st. One mile.

Eight subs. Mr. Whitelock's b. c. All Max, by Swiss out of Gin by Juniper (T. Shepherd)...... 1 Mr. Stephenson's br. c. by Blacklock, dam by Whisker.... Mr. Jacques's b. c. by Swiss out of Galena by Walton.... Mr. J. Scott's br. c. Connoisseur, by Chateau Margeaux out of Frailty by Filho...... 4

The following also started but were not placed :-Sir R. K. Dick's br. c. Allegro, by Jock out of Bravura ; Mr. Attwood's b. c. by his Grey Arabian, out of Lady Eliza ; and Mr. S. Craven's b. c. by Contest out of Minima. SWEEPSTAKES of 7 sovs. each, with 20 added :--two-year-olds, 7st. ; three, &st. 21b. ;

four, 8st. 10lb. ; five and upwards, 9st. 2lb.-Mares and Geldings allowed 3lb.

Heats, one mile and a half._Five subs.
Mr. Blakelock's ch. f. by Ben Ledi out of Fancy's dam, by Catton, 2 yrs (J.

1 1 Mr. Lister's gr. g. Opifer, by Jock, 3 yrs...

4 2 Mr. S. Fox's b. f. by Brutandorf, dam by Walton, 2 yrs............. Mr. Ramsay's gr. g. by Lottery out of Snowball, 2 yrs.

HOO (HERTS) MEETING. SATURDAY, April 28...The HUNTERS' STAKES of 10 sov. cach, for horses the

property of the subscriber (being also a Member of the Club) :-four-year-olds, 10st. 5lb. ; five, 11st. ; six, llst. 5lb. ; and aged, 11st. 71b.-Two miles.-Gentlemen riders.

subs. Lord Grimston's b. c. Whip, by Whalebone, 4 yrs...

1 Mr. Kingston's ch. f. Carmine, by Rubens, 4 yrs... Mr. Lautour's gr. m. Berengaria, aged

3 Mr. Thompson's br. h. Bravo, 5 yrs...


TAVISTOCK SPRING MEETING. PLATE of 50 sovs. the gift of his Grace the Duke of Bedford, for horses that never

won. Heats, one mile and a distance. Mr. W. Ley's bl. c. Pilton, by Grey Middlehamı out of Pasta, 3 yrs, 7st. 71b.

3 0 0 1 1 Mr. Taunton's b. f. by Sligo, dam by Beningbrough, 3 yrs, 7st. 41b...... 4 2 2 Mr. Leach's b. m. Octavia, aged, 9st. 4lb..

1 2 3 3 Mr.S. Trelawney's bl. m. Sybil,'6 yrs, 9st. lllb...

2 2 3 dr. SILVER URN, for half-bred Farmers' horses.-Heats, one mile and a distance. Mr. Lakeman's ch. f. Laundry Maid, 5 yrs, llst. 71b.

4 1 1 Mr. Crift's b. m. Isabel, 5 yrs, llst. 71b....

1 2 2 Mr. T. H. Lakeman's br. g. Leopard, 5 yrs, 11st. 71b................

2 3 dr. Mr. Coath's b. g. Grog, 5 yrs, 11st. 71b.

3 dr. The ENDSLEIGH STAKES of five sovs. each, with 25 added, for horses, not thoroughi.

bred, that never started :-four-year-olds, l'Ost. 71b.; five, Ilst. 71b. ; six and aged,

12st. Gentlemen riders.---Two-mile heats. Ten subs. Mr. S. Trelawney's b. g. Edgar, 6 yrs

4 1 1

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