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JUNE, 1832.


CONTENTS. Pedigree and Performances of Galatea.. 81 Account of the late Epidemy among The Past Season, hy Gilbert Forcster...... 82 Horses in the North, hy Alfred HighPedigree and Performances of Mazeppa.. 87 flyer

........ 116 Tassel's Letter to a Youngster on Hiring My Song at Fifty, by J. M. Lacey ........119 Keepers, &c. continued 89 Letters on Angling--No. JII. (June)..

.....,120 The Lord of the Desert

92 The Newmarket Meetings, by Observator : The East Suffolk Harriers

.... 94
Conclusion of the Craven...

127 Farther Remarks on Greyhounds ...... 95

The First Spring

..130 A few brief Hints to Young Anglers, from The Second Spring...

· 137 an old Brother of the Angle............ 97

SPORTING INTELLIGENCE:Catterick Bridge Meeting, by Alfred High Turf Intelligence Extra--Racing at flyer


Cheltenham-Tavistock,and Plymouth Sports of the Sister Country ............104 and Devonport Meetings-His MajesCanine Lucubrations, or Desultory Re. ty's Annual Sale of Young Stockmarks on Setters and Pointers-Breed

Aquatics--Cricket-Cocking - Facetiæ ing continued-by A Quartogenarian ....107

-Pugilism-Sporting Obituary, &c. Veterinary Science - Diseases of the

Bettings at Tattersall's

.......148 Spleen.....

.......112 A Few Lines from Onenfus

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS....148 ............115

1 The Malton Meeting, with a correct RACING CALENDAR.........

Embellished tofth



UR first decoration for this of Paulina (sister to Sir Paul) by

Number is engraved by Sir Peter; grandam, Pewett by WOODMAN, from a picture by Tandem; great grandam, TerMARSHALL, Sen.—the subject, magant by Tantrum; great great portraits of the son of Mr. Young, grandam, Cantatrice by Sampson late of Epsom, GALATEA (the --Regulus-Blacklegs--Bay Boldam of Acis), and a Colt Foal by tol — Fox Cub-ConeyskinsMiddleton. The tale attempted Hutton's Grey Barb- Hutton's to be told we are sure will be Royal Colt Byerley Turk understood, not only by our nu Bustler. merous readers in England, but by our extensive connexions in every part of the globe.

1819, September 23, GALATEA Won GALATEA, a brown mare, foaled in 1816, bred by the Earl of Fitz, 20gs. added by the Corporation, at

a Sweepstakes of 20gs. each, with william, was got by Amadis out Doncaster, for three-year-old fillies,



Ast. 21b. St. Leger ('ourse (cight In 1820 GALATEA started four
subs.), heating Mr. Wate's Jenny times, but proved unsuccessful. She
Wren (sister to Tom Tit) by Dick was put to the stud in 1821, and is
Andrews, and Sir M. W. Ridley's the dam of the following:
Aurora by Marmion :---eleven to 8

Foaled in agst Jenny Wren, and 6 to 4 agst

B. f. Sybil, by Interpreter

1822 Aurora.

.1824 Br. c. by Tiresias B. c. by Oiseau

..1825 October 6, GALATEA ran second to

Br. c. by Blacklock Mr. Riddell's Doctor Syntax by Ch. c. Ácis, by Blacklock.. ..1827 Paynator, for the Dundas Stakes of B. c. Auditor, by Middleton... .1828 30gs. each, 20 ft. at Richmond, weight Ch. f. Actæa, by Middleton (sent


1829 for age, beating Mr. Garforth's Swift

In 1823 missed to Catton, in 1830 to Midby President and the Duke of Leeds's

dleton, in 1831 to Lazarus ; and is now Mortimer by Mowbray.

stinted to Camel.

... 1826


“ Thc spow. wreath is vanished from side of the mountain,

The storm-food no longer discolours the fountain :
The icicle clings not from roof, tree, and bower,
For Spring it is come, with its sunshine and shower.
The chains which the Winter-king forged, they are vanished ;
The blights and the blasts which he blew, they are banished ;
The streamlet is loosened, and floweth on clear;
For April is come with its smile and its tear."

HUNTING, Nr. Editor, after her on their benches ad libitum, and

many glorious struggles, is hunters nod in their stalls to their fairly run to earth; and, as every event- hearts' content. All is well with ful death in the Sporting World claims these. But who shall tell the feelings å notice in your respectable Maga- of the Hunter, who consigns his muchzine, why should not that first and loved and much-stained bit of scarlet chief recreation of Britain's foggy to the oblivious recesses of a wardisle—that glory of all good men and robe, knowing too well that six long true—be entitled to a like honour! No months must pass ere the joys, of one who ever figured in your pages, I which it is the emblem, will be tasted ain fain to believe, could be more sin- again. cerely lamented than this same Hunting, which expired, after a brilliant

Adieu ! Adieu!—my scarlet coat

Fades in the closei's gloom ; career of six months, of sun and green The blackbird tunes his little throat, leaves. Hounds and horses, foxes And purple violets bloom. and hares, will, probably, not so Yon coach that travels up to Town, deeply regret the exit of this cele

We follow in its flight; brated amusement ; for truth obliges

Farewell a while to sport and thee,

My scarlet coal, good night!! me to confess, that to the two latter it was a most determined enemy: wor

Shade of the immortal Byron, rying them from their holes and cor canst thou pardon this parody ? ners, and running them up hill and Hunting, however, thank God!' is down dale in rather an unmerciful immortal. Let us therefore await with manner. Now, they may repose in patience, and hold ourselves in readipeace-sly reynard no longer fearing ness for that trump which will an excursion to his poulterers, or the sound its glorious resurrection ; and hare a friendly visit to her next door in the mean time recal the memory neighbour. Hounds, too, may slume of the dear departed, by a recapitula

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all was

tion of its virtues, and the scenes in grain was housed, and the first day of which it figured.

that month of promise for which But, before I commence so import- many an anxious heart panted, dawnant a subject, suppose I dismiss Shoot ed, and lo !......but of this anon. ing, which also went to its long ac Anxious hearts panting in anticipacount in February last, and was a tion of a day's shooting, may appear sport of too much consequence to be rather strong, but is nevertheless true. passed over in silence. Great hopes Every man has his hobby horse, and, were entertained by the gunner last when he gets on it, is generally an season that a plentiful harvest of enthusiast. game would reward him for the scar

Fishing to some is a tame and city of former ones: and in August, senseless amusement; yet who more that delicious month of the year, ardently devoted to it than that prince which, combining the charms both of of the rod and line, good old Izaak summer and autumn, woos one by its Walton! and I can remember the loveliness to abandon the hot and

time, when the night which ushered dusty streets of London and seek the

in the eventful first of September was sylvan shades—the extensive prepara a busy night with me. Maids almost tions among Forsythes, Goldings, John cursed the noisy fiend who dispelleil Mantons, pointers, setters, &c., told their quiet slumbers at four o'clock in that the blissful period had arrived the morning ; and for himself to close when the bird of the heather must no

an eye was out of the question. Often, longer rejoice in her liberty, or the when on the point of forgetting the muir and the mountain in their soli- world, has Somnus been put to Right tude. But disappointment is the lot by a sudden recollection of some part of man : and here it was verified, for of the morrow's paraphernalia not

“ flat, stale, and unprofite being quite up to the mark or in its able:" grouse were at a discount:

proper place, and a knot made in the there was, in fact, a most plentiful handkerchief touching its remedy. scarcity; and those who had travelled In fact, I don't know that in all my many hundred miles to prove it so, wanderings since that young and had no resource but to make the best happy time, I have ever been so torof a bad bargain, and confess the mented with the spirit of restlesstruth of that scriptural proverb which ness ; nor do I wish it: for what says,

“ Man is born to trouble as the charm has the most luxurious couch, sparks fly upwards.” Now, on the

or softest down, unless blessed by first blush of the business, this was sleep! certainly provoking, nay damnable ; but it was an evil which could not be Aspettare e non venire,

Stare à letto e non dormire, cured, and therefore must be endured:

Ben servire e non gradire, besides, thought the young ones, this

Son tre cose de morire." is but the beginning of the season : September will soon be here, and then Well, I still must think the not sleepsee if we won't play Hell and Tommy ing the worst of the three, for it is among the partridges.

easy enough to cut an acquaintance *** Then, companions, your goblets this

who makes you expect him in vain ; moment be filling,

and as to gratitude, who'd be fool High, high to the cause we will shield: enough to expect that ? The trigger-its might here grim Care But, hark back, GILBERT, to your shall find killing,

story...... And lo! partidges, too, were As the birds shall anon in the field :

found wanting. In some counties Now, three cheers, ere we part, the blithe day to remember,

not a full covey was sprung, or a day's The trigger, my lads, and the First of sport had, that could be considered as September.

a brilliant one. This was almost too But-(that nasty word sounds omi- bad to be endured, seeing we had mous)-time passed on, and reapers drawn so largely on the bank of Exwere busy in the field, and the golden pectation--(a bank by the bye which

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