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prevalent in so many Cocktail and The plea was admitted: and spite of Hunters' Stakes. Imprimis – the the inatron's yawn, which gave me riders must be Gentlemen, Meme a clearer notion of the bottomless bers of the Holderness Hunt. Now pit than any sermon of Dr. Squintany two Members of the Hunt um's, we whirled off again, as though have the power of electing an Ho bent on the discovery of perpetual monorary Member ; so that no Gene tion. At last, about four o'clock, we tleman wishing to ride is ever disap released the weary Sons of Apollo pointed, whilst at the same time the from the orchestra. Before roost, clan of demi-gentlemen jockeys are however, a deviled fowl gave my shut out. In the second place, being friend and self an excuse for three ridden to hounds by a servant does not bumper toasts, which we had previqualify a horse to start: and if any ously quaffed in champagne at the two subscribers to the Cup object to Assembly Rooms—1st, the Stewards, a horse as not having been fairly and thanks for the able and liberal hunted, if on investigation the Stew- spirit in which they have discharged ards deem the charge well founded, he their office ; 2. The Ladies who hoalso is disqualified. Lastly, no horse nored us with their presence ; 3. Tom from a training stable is permitted to Hodgson, and the Holderness Hunt.

These regulations render Hunt The unconscionable length of this Races what they ought to be contests letter warns me to cut short the yarn I between bona fide hunters and save meant to spin upon the hounds, &c. the real sportsman from the mortifi. The pack are fast, too fast indeed for cation of seeing his gallant steed, that any horse when the country is deep. has carried him nobly through many The land on the west of Beverley is a hard run over a stiff country, beaten wold soil, hilly, and light fences, exby a weedy herring-gutted cat from a cept here and there a few strong douracing stable, which could as soon ble posts and rails. To the east, for dance the Mazourka, talk French, or about six miles, is the drain country; clean knives as face a bulfinch, clear a thence to the sea is as beautiful a flat - brook, or swish a rasper-in fact, as foxhunter can desire--a middling whose only acquaintance with hounds proportion of grass, no rotten ground is at the covert side, whence, as Rey nor blind ditches, and whin coverts nard bursts one way, it is forthwith full of foxes. Situated between the cantered gertly home the other. Humber and the German Ocean, the

The ball given this evening by the land hardly knows what frost is, and Stewards, R. F. Shawe, P. Maxwell, holds a burning scent; and runs have and J. Hall, Esqrs., was attended by been witnessed from Owstwick, Humnearly 150 fashionables. Hardman's bleton, Carlton, Hatfield, and Seaton band from York played splendidly; whins which challenge competition the ladies were handsome, and well with any in Leicestershire. A welldressed; the gentlemen numerous, and bred and perfect horse is, however, not too fine to dance-in short, a' plea- needed, as the fences are strong and santer evening never fell to my lot to the ploughland deep, and many a enjoy; and when one of my fair part. famed steed in other districts has here ners, on being pressed to stand


for sobbed “hold, enough.” The hounds the last waltz, demurred-“it was so are a subscription pack. Mr. Hodgvery late-her chaperone was tired to son hunts them four and sometimes death"-I could not avoid pleading in five days a week, for the Holderness the words of the Irish Anacreon would as soon fire a hay-rick as de

stroy a fox. They are also hospitable " Ne'er need the hour! what is't to us to an extent that would astonish the

How Time deals out his treasures ? Southron Nimrods. That they may The golden moments lent us thus long cherish this old English spirit is

Are not our own, but Pleasure's." the fervent prayer of EBOR. Vol. V.SECOND SERIES,_No. 25.



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E have been favored this month Lieut.. General Hunter's b. h. Tarvit,

Mr. Fitzinaurice Scott's b. h. Dickcommunications relative to the va.

Capt. Douglas. rious Steeple Chases which have taken

Mr. Duncan's, of Rose Mount, ch. h. place since our last publication. We The Don-Mr. O'Connor. are happy to see that Steeple Racing, Mr. Chalmers, of Auldbar, b. h. Boy. than which, in the absence of hunte sack-Capt. Laird. ing, nothing can be more animating The ground was most judiciousy or sportsmanlike, seems every day selected by Mr. Chalmers, embracing gaining ground; and that too amongst variety of fences. The course, nearly the highest of our sporting characters, straight, afforded an excellent view of whose patronage sheds at once lustre the race to the numerous spectators. on the sport and honour on their own The start took place in a fine open high courage. All nations have their country, a mile north of Brechin peculiar amusements. France, in ac Castle, the residence of Lord Pancordance with the light character of mure; the first two miles across an her children, delights in fites cham- arable country inclosed with stone petres, promenades, &c.; Portugal has walls, varying in height from four to her auto da fè; dignified Catalonia, five feet. Here the field kept nearly the delicate bull fight; and Rome together, at a fair rating pace, clearing elegant, classical, imperial Rome-once their fences in a sporting style. On gloried in the fights of the gladiators, their approach to the parks of Carriswhose dying agonies were witnessed ton House, Mr. O'Connor took a deby her sensitive daughters with as cided lead at a most severe pace, clearmuch sang froid as an exquisite of ing a high wall and a strong flight of our time watches the pirouettes of a rails, to the admiration of the

pecfigurante. We have

our Steeple tators. As “ the race is not always Chases, where Gentlemen meet in to the swift," the adage was here exfriendly contest, to prove the nerve emplified : Mr. O'Connor had gained and spirit of an Englishman, and on nearly a field a-head of his competitors, which bright eyes may look without when a large quick fence and rail fear or pain. Let us then be thankful brought this gallant son of Erin with we live in a country where no more his native prail to the ground. His barbarous amusement is known; and fall, though apparently severe, did not let Englishmen, whose high-mettled deter him from pursuing his career, steeds never flinch from a rasper, though the field now caught him, and whose courage none ever yet dared Captain Douglas passed him, charging doubt, throw up their castors and cry, a strong double fence, took the lead, with one accord,

and appeared a decided winner. In “ Long life to merry Steeple Chasing !"

taking a bigh stone wall, his horse

struck the top stones, and gave him a Want of space unfortunately obliges most severe fall into the next field. us to epitomise our accounts.

Here the Captain broke two of his On Tuesday, March 20th, a most ribs, and was much bruised in his sporting race took place in Forfarshire body and head. General Hunter's for a Gold Cup, value 100 sovs., the horse cleared this fence, and passed gift of Horatio Ross, Esq. of Rossie the Captain when down. The CapCastle, M.P. added to a Sweepstakes oftain, nothing daunted, jumped into five sovs. each, P. P.-seventeen subs. his saddle, and again contested the --four miles across country; 13st.; race with the General's horse, who Gentlemen riders.--Patrick Chalmers, had gained a considerable start, and Esq. of Auldbar, Steward. W. H. passed the winning post fully five Dowbiggin, Esq. Umpire.

lengths a-head of the Captain. Upon

the General's jockey being placed in toward” accidents. Rattler, in rattling the scales, his weight proved defi- too fast after Moonraker over a high cient, owing to some shot having timber fence, rolled twice over his unescaped from the saddle; when the fortunate rider; and the Red Rover umpire was reluctantly compelled to evinced his roving propensities by declare Tarvit distanced, and the Stakes treating his pilot to three pretty severe were awarded to the second horse. purls. Moonraker came in fresh and

The admirable game of the riders in high spirits, having performed the was never seen surpassed. The pace distance in sixteen minutes and a throughout was great, the last mile half.—This being concluded, Mr. Anand half being over a fine grass coun derson (fancying if he had been at a try ; the fences were some of them lighter weight he would have had a formidable, and were invariably most better chance with Grimalkin), chalgallantly charged. There were seve lenged Mr. Elmore to run Moonraker ral falls, but none of a severe nature. again that day for 100 sovs. a-side, The day proved most propitious. giving him half a stone, and choosing The course was marked out by doua fresh ground. Mr. Elmore accepted ble flags at all the fences, and was the challenge. The ground (which was easily discernible. The ground was from Scratch Wood, near Barnet, to graced by a numerous assemblage of a field near Beechy Heath), was sethe fair sex. Amongst the equipages lected whilst the prads were recoverwas noticed that of the ci-devant ing from their previous fatigue; the County Member, Lord Panmure, a new riders named (Mr. Hall for Grimost liberal patron and supporter of malkin, and Mr. Bean for Moonthe chase. It was regretted his Lord- raker), and three o'clock the hour ship’s more imperious duties in Par appointed for the start. Moonraker liament prevented his patronising with again took the lead, followed by Mr. his presence this gallant essay of his Hall, till they came to an ugly fence, countrymen.

when Mr. Bean seemed to think he On Monday the ad of April a had had enough of precedence, and steeple chase of 25_sovs. each came off courteously offered it to Mr. Hall, between

who nevertheless declined the politeMoonraker ......rode by Mr. W. Bean. ness, and a short pause took place ; Capt.Horne's Red Rover, Owner.

when Moonraker, collecting all his Mr. Johnson's Rattler... Mr. Tilbury, jun. energies, topped the fence, bounding Grimalkin ..Mr. J. Anderson.

some yards a-head into the next field. The ground was selected by a sports In the last field but one there was a man, and very properly kept a secret deep, wide, but dry brook fence, from all parties till the moment of which Moonraker clipped splendidly, starting. It commencedat the Wind- and came home straight for the post. mill public house, Beechy Heath, on Grimalkin, in following, fell, and threw to a field adjoining Oxley Wood, his rider, who was unable to recover making about four miles over a pretty himself in time; and Moonraker difficult country, well studded with again came in winner---thus adding raspers, a couple of wide rivulets, another sprig to his bright wreathi

. and a few other trifling impediments. Mr. Hall rode with great judgment The word of command given, away and courage, as did Mr. Bean. Moonthey sprang in brilliant style: Moon- raker was in excellent condition, and raker led the way, and kept it through went as fresh and well as ever. This out the piece, topping every fence gal- country, which would try the bellows lantly, and finally coining in con of any horse in the kingdom, seemed queror by at least one hundred and perfectly to suit his qualities. There fifty yards. Red Rover and Rattler was a good sprinkling of company on followed his line, but Grimalkin took the Heath, who from the judicious sea wider range; notwithstanding which lection of the ground were enabled to he came in second, owing to the view the whole race well. others having met with some

Another Steeple Match between


Captain Horne's Red Rover, and Mr. Gissing and Thelton churches-Mr. Orbell's Broomfield, for 100 sovs. came Ellis on his own horse : the mare the off on the 5th April, over the country favorite. At starting, the mare kept from Washend Bridge, near Green- the lead for some distance, and was ford, to the Windmill at llanwell, pretty nearly about to verify the old Middlesex, a distance of three miles adage, “ the grey mare the better - light country, and fences few and horse;" but on proceeding, the borse easy. Mr. Seffert piloted the Rover, plucked up, and continued even with Mr. Stubbs, Broomfield. They walked the mare till within a field of the their horses to the second field, when post, when, after taking a desperate “ off together” was the word, Red seap, the mare gave up the ghost, and Rover leading, both however still the horse with some difficulty won. taking it easy for the first mile, when The distance (three miles) was comBroomfieldunfortunatelystruck against pleted in eight minutes" sharp a fence, and nearly unshipped his pilot, work for the eyes," as the old woman an accident which was made good use said when the wagon-wheel went over of by Mr. Seffert, who forthwith set her nose. Many of the varmint ones off at his best pace, and had gained were present. considerable ground before Broom On the same day a Steeple Match field could recover; and although his for 50 sovs. came off between Mr. rider did all in his power to coax For- Carr's ch. g. Rufus (Warner rider), tune on his side, 'twas in vain, the and Mr. Duppa's b. m. Gulnare Rover won by a field. Thus ended (owner rider) over a distance of four this race, which put 100 sovs. in the miles from Whittaker Mill to Thurlpocket of Captain Horne, who must ton Church. The country originally congratulate himself on not being let proposed was from Gillingham Joy off for 201.—the Captain at one time Steeple to Norton Church, but was wished to pay 201. forfeit

, but Mr. relinquished on account of a gentleOrbell, reckoning without his host, or man in the neighbourhood having exhis horse rather, objected—-hence this pressed his dislike to the riders

Neither of the horses were crossing his lands. Great interest grassed. Broomfield is a thorough was excited by the match, which took bred one, Brother to John de Bart, place at three o'clock. Rufus being and a spinner. Red Rover was bred the favorite of Mr. Carr's stud, and by His Grace of Portland, and is by the mare nearly a stranger in the Tiresias, but was dismissed His Grace's neighbourhood, the odds were decistud on account of a pain in his tem- dedly in favour of the former ; notper. He is very speedy, and a first withstanding which the mare came in rate fencer when in the mind.

first, winning with ease. Mr. Carr, Of the riders, it can only be said, however, claimed the Stakes, pleading both did well.

some breach of the articles. The umformance in the saddle excited the pires were referred to, who professed admiration of the multitude, and no themselves unable to decide the quesdoubt deservedly so; but that same tion, which is therefore left to the opimultitude can always praise those who nion of the Twelve Judges (of the win, whilst the merits of the losing Sporting World), with many high bets party are sure to be “in the shade. depending on it. Mr. Stubbs certainly rode with judg On Monday April 9th, a Steeple ment and skill; and, as os accidents Chase for five sovs. each, P. P., carrywill happen to the best regulated ing1lst. 71b.,for horses hunted with His horses,” should be forgiven for not Grace the Duke of Beaufort's, Lord winning.

Seagrave's, or the North Somerset FoxOn Monday 21 April, a Steeple hounds, Gentlemen riders, took place Chase took place between Mr. C. about thirteen miles from Bristol. Ellis, of Shelfanger, and a celebrated Early in the morning the roads were grey mare belonging to Mr. Williams, thronged with parties proceeding to of Diss, over the ground between the scene of action, which was at the


Mr. Seffert's per

Castle of Comfort, on the Mendip Parker, of the Life Guards, from Hills. At two o'clock the horses Down-place on the Maidenheadproceedled to the starting post, where road, to the Earl of Lichfield's gate, the articles were read by the Clerk of Hatchet-lane, Winkfield. The counthe Course, which was marked by try chosen was well calculated to test numerous flags; and, at half-past two the metal of the horses and the courage they started in the following order : of their riders, as it was intersected Moonraker...rode by ... Mr. Haythorne. by some stiff fences, and presented Aaron....

.Mr. Brickdale. Young Langton .Mr. Williams.

many awkward leaps. The race was Gallopade

Capt. Musgrave.

so well contested, that the horses were Stapleton

Mr. Farrell.

almost neck and neck in the last field Gallopade led the way, followed by but one from the winning place, and Aaron, Moonraker, and Young Lang- the odds all in favour of Lord Raneton. Stapleton met with a fall

, and lagh, when, unfortunately, as his injured his rider so much as to pre- Lordship was clearing a hedge with vent his proceeding. Young Lang a wide ditch on the other side, his ton, who was in a fair way of winning horse leaped short and fell. The Cap(being a speedy one), also had a tain, being wide awake, lost no time capsize, which threw him in the back in turning this incident to his advanground, so that the tussle was between tage, and soon came up with and the three. Moonraker within a little passed his Lordship. Although the distance from home challenged Aaron latter immediately mounted again, he and Gallopade, and, after a sharp was unable to regain his lost ground, struggle, and charging a five-feet being so near home, and Captain wall with spirit, won the race. Aaron Parker was the fortunate victor. The came in second. Gallopade objected distance was performed in thirteen to the wall, and grassed his pilot. minutes and a half. Young Langton third, coming in The Squire of Pytchley has chalfresh. Stapleton's rider, not having lenged to run Grimaldi against Moonmounted again, paid the second horse's raker from four to ten miles for 1000l. stakes as agreed; and thus finished to 5000l. ; " and should nobody feel the race, which was exceedingly well inclined to back Moonraker against attended by horsemen, pedestrians, Grimaldi, he will run Moonraker with and carriages, to the amount of a thou a horse of his own, any distance from sand or more.

four to ten miles for 1000l. or 50001., On Friday the 20th, a Match came

11st. 7lb. each :-he has never yet off between Lord Ranelagh and Capt. started.”




The Turf.

number of horses to start for the

said Plates. Communications on this INTELLIGENCE

subject are to be addressed to the N our last we stated that “the Master of the Horse, through the

King's Guineas will not in future Lord Lieutenant of the county in be paid unless three or more horses which the Plate proposed to be alstart for the same;" and it is now tered is run for, or by the Steward of officially announced, that the Earl of the races.”. Albemarle, Master of the Horse to His Majesty has given three addiHis Majesty, is empowered to tional Plates, one to be run for at make any alterations in the present Leicester, one at Liverpool (Aintree conditions of Royal Plates, which may Course), and one at Bedford. be thought likely to improve the sport, and give greater encourage The Jockey Club, to whom His ment to racing, by causing a larger Majesty left the conditions of this


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