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for the Roman Emperor was so rus, who gained also the third in ungallant as to beat the young gallant style, beating the mare by lady by a neck.--In the race for at least ten yards ! the Cup it was agreed that the The second prize, of 60001., second horse should receive his was won by Lord Seymour's gr.m. stakes; so, Grampion having come Eglé, 5 yrs, carrying 1121b. (rode in second in the first heat, and also by Noss). She gained both Vigonia in the second, the Stakes heats, beating Hr. Fasquel's b. h. (100f.) was divided between Young Wilton, 4

; them.

Mr. Delarroque's b. m. Mouna, Third Day, September 2.- 4 yrs, 1021b. ; the King's b. m. This day the races were honored Pamela, 4 yrs, 1021b. ; Baron de by the presence of Iler Majesty, la Bastide's b. h. Cédéric, 5 yrs, the Princesses, and the Dukes of 1151b. ; Messrs. Tassinari and Orleans, Aumale, and Montpen- Salvador's ch. li. Oubyou, 6 yrs, sier. His Majesty was expected, 1211b. (9st. 101b. English); and but was prevented coming by Mr. Maureuil's b. h. Coradin, 5 having to attend a Council. The yrs, 11510.--Mr. Schickler's b. h. weather was beautiful, and there Young Tandem, 4 yrs, was enwas an immense concourse of tered for this race, but was spectators both equestrian and drawn. The second heat was pedestrian.

The stands were contested by Mouna, Eglé, Céliterally crowded with beauty déric, and Oubyou only, and in and fashion. These races were this heat Cédéric broke away in better and more interesting than the second round. any hitherto seen in Paris : the Fourth Day, September 9.--This beiting was very spirited. There day, the weather being favorable, were two races--for the Two there was a tremendous crowd of Royal Prizes of 5000f., and 6000f., spectators. The King and Royal each twice round the course, Family were expected, but did heats. The first, 5000f., was won not come. We observed in the by Lord H. Seymour's b. h. stands a few of the disciples of Cyrus, 5 yrs, carrying 1151b. the celebrated Mr. Enfantin. French (9 st.), rode by Moss, The first race was for the beating the King's b. h. Moina Prince Royal's Prize, consisting (Meudon Stud), 4 yrs, 1021b. of a Silver Cup, value 1000f. and (Pst. 31b.); Mr. Delarroque's 2000f. in money, twice round the b. m. Flore, 4 yrs, 1021b. ; M. course, heats, and was won by de Royere's ch. m. Eleanore, Mr. Rieussee's b. h. Felix, 4 yrs, 5 yrs, 1121b. (Ost.); Baron de carrying 1051b. French (rode by la Bastide's b. h. Diomede, 4 yrs, Ollivier), beating Mr. Fasquel's, 1051b. ; Mr. Noëls b. m. Aline, b. h. Young Milton, 4 yrs, 1051b; 4 yrs, 1021b. ; Mr. Bonvie's b.m. Mr. Schickler's b. h. Young Corisandre, 5 yrs, 115lb. ; and Tandem, 4 yrs, 1051b..; Lord I. Mr. Belhomme’s ch. m. Léonie, Seymour's b. h. Deucalion, 4 yrs, 5 yrs, 1121b. The first heat was 105lb.; M. de Royère's ch. m. won by Corisandre; the second Eleanore, 5 yrs, 115lb. (9 st.); (which was contested by Flore, Mr. Leconte's ch. m. Lisette, 4 Cyrus, and Corisandre only, the yrs, 1021b.; and Baron de la others being drawn), by Cy- Bastide's b. h. Diomède, 4 yrs, Vol. V.-SECOND SERIES --No. 30.


105lb. This was a well-contested and Tiberius won it with diffirace, particularly the second heat, culty, beating by only a head. which Felix was happy enough The other match was between to win by a neck only. Mr. Ru- Mr. Chéri Salvador's b. h. Gramdault's b. h. Mina, 5 yrs, aud Mr. pion, 7 yrs, 130lb. (10 st.), and Albert Julien's b. m. Cord, 5 yrs, Mr. Delarroque's ch. h. Arlewere entered for this race, but quin, 3 yrs, 1041b., once round, were drawn, as were also Young one heat, for 1000f. a-side. ArMilton, Eleanore, and Diomède lequin took the lead the greater after the first heat.

part of the way, but towards the The second race was for the end Grampion (rode by Ach. King's Prize, consisting of a Sil- Montel) gained rapidly upon ver Vase of 1500f., a Silver Gilt him, and finally came in first, Cup of 800f., and 3700f. in money beating his opponent by half a (in all 6000f.), twice round the head. course, heats, and was exceeding Thus finished the Government ly interesting on account of ten Races, which, whether as regards horses having started, that being the goodness of the horses, the an unusually great number for the excellence of the running, or in Paris course. It was won by Mr. fact the tout ensemble, are deBonvié's b. m. Corisandre, 5 yrs, cidedly the best which have ever carrying 115lb. (rode by Tom taken place on this course—that Wilson), beating Mr. Danpley's is, of a public nature: but a race gr. h. Madras, 4 yrs, 105lb. ; Mr. for a Sweepstakes of 500f. each, Belhomme's ch. m. Léonie, 5 yrs, and three Matches, which were 1121b. ; Mr. Noël's b. m. Aline, run there yesterday (Thursday 4 yrs, 1021b.; Mr. Maureuil's the 13th inst.), take the lead of b. h. Coradin, 5 yrs, 115lb.; Mr. all in every respect. They were Delarroque's b. m. Mouna, 4 yrs, as follow, viz : 1021b.; Lord H. Seymour's First-A Match between Mr. b.h. Cyrus, 5 yrs, 115lb.; Messrs. Rieussec's b. h. Felix, 4 yrs (rode Tassinari and Salvador's ch.h. by Ollivier), and Lord H. SeyOubyou, 6 yrs, 136lb.; Mr. Des- mour's b. h. Deucalion, 4 yrs, each grands' b. m. Dowine, 6 yrs, carrying 105lb., three times round 1331b. (10 st.), and Mr. Delar- the course, in one heat, for 1200f. roque's senior, b. m. Flore, 4 yrs, a-side, which was won easy by 1021b. Madras was drawn after the former. the first heat.

The Second was a Sweepstakes Between the heats of these two of 500f. each subscriber, once races there were two private round the course, in one heat, Matches, as follow :-- viz. which was won by Lord H. Seybetween Lord H. Seymour's b. h. mour's b. h. Fovius, 4 yrs, 1051b. Tiberius, 4 yrs (rode by Moss), (rode by Moss), beating Mr. Deand Mr. Victor Andonard's b. m. larroque's ch. h. Arlequin, 3 yrs, Brenda, aged, carrying each 140lb. 90lb., and Mr. Chéri Salvador's (11st. 5lb.), once and a quarter b. h. Grampion, 7 yrs, 126lb. round the course, in one heat, for (about 10st. 21b.)

This race 2000f. a-side. This was a very was uncommonly well contested, interesting race, as the horses and was won by only a length. kept nearly together all the way,

The other two horses ran beauti.


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fully : Grampion, in particular, neither the pony nor his rider gave Fovius hard work to win. sustained the slightest injury.

The Third was a Match be The Fourth race was a Match tween a pony belonging to Lord between Lord H. Seymour's Fo. H. Seymour, carrying feather vius and Mr. Salvador's Gramweight, and a little mare of Mr. pion, each carrying 115lb., once de Royère's, carrying 120lb., round the course, in one heat, for three times round the course, in 500f. a-side, which was one by one heat, for 500f. a-side, which the former by half a length. was won by the former by full a This was an excellent race, and quarter of a mile! The public so well contested that it was imcuriosity was wound up to the possible to determine which highest pitch in anticipation of would be the winner until the this race.

The little mare was all horses had nearly arrived at the the talk; she had gone four times winning-post. round the Champ-de-Mars in al I cannot conclude my report most no time, some thirteen or without contributing my mite of fourteen minutes, and everybody praise to Lord Henry Seymour thought that Lord Henry was for the spirited and noble manner sure to lose: but how were they in which he supports the intedeceived! The lille pony proved rests of the Turf here. As has more than a match for the little been seen above, his Lordship mare, notwithstanding an acci- has been again successful this dent which befel him. This cir- year, and he really deserves to cumstance, which, we believe, is be so, for no one pays so much unprecedented in the annals of attention, to his own stuc! in parracing, was as follows. In the ticular, or gives so much encouthird round, having passed about ragement to the sport generally. a quarter of the distance, the His Lordship, by his example, pony broke completely out of excites a spirit of emulation in the course; the rider (a boy of the minds of the other Nobility fourteen years old) succeeded in and Gentry, which otherwise turning him back ; but, in enter- would, I fear, droop gradually, ing the course again, he became until horse-racing at Paris would entangled in the ropes, when sink into a mere holiday amuseboth horse and rider fell, and the ment. But his Lordship, by his public were for a few moments indefatigable exertions, has roused in the most painful suspense, them to look more (especially thinking the boy was dreadfully this season) to the end and intent hurt, if not killed: however, he of this sport, namely the improvealmost immediately jumped up, ment of the breed of horses in this re-mounted, just as his adversary country. His Lordship, in short, arrived at the spot, gallopped off, is the life and soul, the primum in a few minutes left him an im- mobile of horse-racing in this mense distance behind, and came city. in, without further accident, A circumstance occurred duramidst the plaudits and congra- ing these races which is worthy tulations of the assembled multi- of remark. Some malevolent tude. We are happy to add, that person (jealous, no doubt, of hiş,

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