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found in a small thicket by a parts of the person I would resetter, who draws through it, commend large ribbed cord unalways rises on the opposite side, mentionables, with double secondso that the gunner should go cloth gaiters, cut off above the round to front his dog, or he gets ancles, and high-laced shoes to no shot. I think a spaniel, un meet them there. I never like less in very deep woods, may be shoes and gaiters, because the well enough; but he is either so tongue of the gaiter and strap slow that he is only fit to accom underneath frequently catch in pany a gouty subject, or scurries the stumps and brambles, giving over the hedge-rows so fast you the benefit of a summerset that many a shot is lost by using when you least expect or wish him for this game.

such a favour. The leggings A great mistake is made in must not be too tight to the calf shooting this bird, from people of the leg, as you have a better imagining, that, as he is large, it is chance from their looseness requisite to use a very large against thorns, and more freedom pellet ; but no such great blow for muscular action ; and never is necessary, and No. 6 will do put on leather gaiters—they are the business better at any time the very worst invention in my than a lower number, if the gun opinion a sportsman can adopt, be held straight, which is the and in the dilemmas of the field

very soon lose their Bond-street Having said thus much, which appearance. is intended for the benefit of the I have now done, wishing sucrising shots, I shall be excused

cess to the First of October, its for informing them, that the vest pheasants (which I trust will be should be of stout barragon brown abundant), its brown ale, and all fustian, cut very low round the its other delights, and remain, &c. collar, so as to be no impediment

GILBERT FORESTER. in bringing the gun up close to the shoulder. For the nether

Lydford, Sept. 17, 1832.

chief point.


Engraved by GOLDING from a Painting by SMITH.


E have the pleasure this less, what care we, whilst through

month of presenting our their naked branches we perceive readers with an engraving by the bird of glittering hue, the GOLDING, from the pencil of bird of promise, rise to bless our Smith, the subject " October longing gaze! October is come ! Morning.”-October Morning! and the couch, that has hitherto how joyful does the sportsman been pressed in luxurious idlehail thy appearance ! What if ness, must now be deserted at thou bringest a sharper breeze, morning's dawn. Let loose the does it not breathe health into the spaniels! See how they poke frame? and if thy trees are leaf- their well-lugged heads through

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“ Hie in,

the half-opened door, dying with fields, with pits and banky brakes impatience, poor ardent creatures, contiguous to the woods. Scarce to begin the joyous sport; and left their feed, the pheasants in when liberated, oh, what happi- haste seek a retreat from the eager ness is theirs ! how by their eye of the sportsman. quick sharp bark they bespeak dogs!” No second invitation is their joy, and seem to thank the necessary; but in they rush, hand that gave them the liberty through pit or brake, or stubborn they can so well enjoy! and with furze, questing close on the quickwhat anxiety they read his coun- heeled bird, who vainly tries to tenance to ascertain if it is indeed elude the Spaniel's search. Pressed to be theirs. And now the word hard, the spangled bird wirring “to heel" is given: quick as the rises through the hazel-bush, summons they place themselves astounding the sportsman, whose in the rear, and proceed through gun is abortively discharged the well-known route, from lane amongst the slender twigs; while to lane, from field to field, to co- his companion, cooled by experivert side in pursuit. Down! ence, awaits the moment of its Busy, Flush, and Dash, down!” turn, then with sure aim bags the When all arranged, away they go gorgeous and fated bird. again, trying first the stubbled

W. s.




HOUGH it is some time, Mr. the deed, generously forgive the

Editor, since I forwarded want of eloquence in my preanything to your entertaining sent article...... if good enough work, I am happy to say I am for your pages, use it; and if not, not dead, nor have I forgotten to consign it without remorse to the read it very carefully on the first devouring flames, which, like day of every month. To say its dead men, can tell no tales. perusal gives me pleasure, would I am at present sojourning be about telling you as much with a very old and esteemed news as if I were to sit down College friend, in the beautiful and inform you that the Cholera county of Devon, most justly deis in my immediate neighbour- nominated the “ Garden of Enghood (where is it not?), but that, land;" for in few counties have by care and attention to diet and I met with the charms of hill and early hours, neither myself nor dale, wood and water, picturesque any of my suite have yet been views, noble domains, pure air, visited by it. This I must say, and the glory of “the deep deep you can now boast of writers sea," so united and concentrated whose communications will, I as I find them here. Here I can fear, make any humble attempts of almost defy the present scourge. mine look very small: however, I rise at six, as all good sportsmen I trust you will take the will for should (for, like the French, who

are certainly in this respect rea- of the wood! behold the quick sonable beings, I never could glances of his dark eye; his airy swallow a hearty breakfast as spring, his graceful form-light some persons do half an hour after and speedy as the zephyr! turn leaving my bed), and, accompa- then to the noble expanse of moor nied by my two trusty friends, lying before you in all the granDash and the gun, sally forth for deur of solitude! behold the sun, a three-hours' shy at the par- whose bright beams are shedding tridges, by which time my appe. a rainbow light on the richlytite has acquired that delightful tinted autumnal trees; and feel edge that it could (to use a very the pure breeze wafted from the vulgar saying) relish the hind leg hills, giving life to your frame, of a dog well roasted. The re- and joy to your heart-and say, mainder of the day is devoted to can the feeling inspired by these stag-hunting, which has com- sights and sounds be other than menced here, and of which my glorious ? friend is a most determined vo But enough of digression; and tary; the evening to cheerful now allow me, Mr. Editor, to conversation, and the purple wine give you a sort of running de(spite of the cholera); and at scription of a few days' sport ennight, I can assure you, good Mr. joyed by myself and friend with Editor, on the faith of a sports- Sir Arthur "Chichester's hounds, man, I can sleep without rocking. who commenced business the 31st

That stag-hunting, by the bye, of last month, is no mean amusement, let your Themorning proved auspicious Melton Bucks (who require the to the anxious melée, and at the aid of a carriage and four to hour of ten the tufters were transport their 'luxurious frames thrown into Durran Wood, and to the fixture, and a meadow soft soon began to draw on the slot, as the choicest Turkey carpet, when a fine hart (a six-year-old before they can do the trick) say deer) soon was tallyho'd away in what they please. For myself, I gallant style, pointing his front hate such inglorious ease. Give for Bradley : thence crossing me something akin to danger, over and skirting the moor for a and the life, the animation, and the few miles, headed back, and spirit consequent on that feeling. went for Hawkbridge; but being This is hunling, “ the rest is put to his trumps, sunk in the naught but leather and prunella.” high grounds, and came down The Melton Bucks will find it in the Barl river nearly six miles, their hearts to forgive a rude where he took soil, and was killed, sportsman's censure, I dare say, after having led the brave pack a when they recollect how many of dance of two hours and a half at the fair sex are ranked amongst a splitting rate.

Every horsetheir admirers. Picture to your man was up, as well as a large self a splendid hart just unhar- cortège of foot people, who, from boured, leaping an immense fence the hill above Marsh Bridge, close to you as you sit on your were enabled to see the whole of prad, with ear intent on the mu the fun. The plenteous showers sic of the tufters, whose deep- of the preceding days had much toned echoes are waking the spirits increased the river; and a few of

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