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rents, so much importance was attached to for Greenwich, where, in front of the the contest, and the decision was looked to Hospital the signal ship was moored with so much interest by those whose whence the yachts were to start. Mr. Harspirits are not damped by a wet jacket, rison, the Commodore, arranged the boats, that a numerous assemblage of Amateurs and at five minutes past eleven gave the congregated on the River, and its banks signal by firing a gun. This was immewere lined with anxious spectators. The diately answered by the vessels in the signal for starting was given by Mr. River discharging a feu-de-joie and disHarrison, the Commodore, at four minutes playing signal flags and standards, while after five o'clock-the distance the same the River could hardly be seen for the as in the preceding match—and all imme. craft floating on its surface. The Miranda diately got under weigh, the wind blowing yacht received the fleet of fashion with a fresh from the Eastward. The Donna salute of 10 guns, which the Sovereign del Lago was first off the Temple, the returned with twelve. The distance Vestris second, but che Brilliant and the sailed was from Greenwich to Gravesend, Lady Emma, the two favorites, were close and back again to Greenwich. At starting on the same tack, and shot under Water the Victorine took the lead, closely fol. loo-bridge first, the Brilliant leading lowed by the Rob Roy, Sabrina, Figaro, Between this and Westminster-bridge the and Alert. In Long Reach Sabrina shot scene was in the highest degree interesting, a-head, and continued to keep her supethe boats sailing in two lines, the Brilliant riority all the way to Gravesend, where still leading in gallant style, and passing the vessels passed the flag-boat in the fol. through the bridge, with the Donna second, lowing order :-The Sabrina, at 26 min. Madame third, Rowena, Gipsey, and past two; the Victorine, 30 min.; Rob Haidee near up, Lady Emma and Mab Rob, 30} min.; the Figaro, 35 min.; and keeping «

very good company,” but at a the Alert at 38 min. In this order they respectful distance. Some variation took continued to advance until they reached place near Vauxhall, the Donna giving way Purfleet, when the wind partially dropped, to the Vestris and Rowena; but she again and the Sabrina, which was by this time recovered her position, and passed the dis- considerably a-head of the other boats, tance boat off Wandsworth Meadows being left in a calm, began to lose way, second, Lady Emma and Vestris absolutely and in a short time was left behind. The hugging each other, and all the boats pass- Alert, which previously had shewn any. ing in 58 minutes. In coming down, the thing but alacrity, now took the lead, Brilliant kept the lead, and various changes which she kept all the rest of the distance. took place with the other yachts, the whole At a quarter past 6 o'clock she rounded fleet arriving at Westminster in the fol. the flag-boat at Greenwich, thus gaining lowing order : Brilliant at 27 min. after the splendid prize, and in less than five 7, hailed with considerable cheering, Donna minutes after she was followed by the second, then Lady Emma, Gipsey, Mab, other boats in the following order: Figaro, Vestris, Haidee, and Rowena. The Mem- Rob Roy, Victorine, and Sabrina.— With bers adjourned to Oliver's, and the Cup the exception of the Rob Roy, which has was presented to Lord Cholmondeley by won several wagers already, the boats the Commodore with an appropriate which sailed in this match were almost un. speech, and the usual ceremonies. It is tried ones, and consequently it was diffi. needless to add that the evening was cult to say, previous to starting, which had passed in the utmost conviviality.

the best chance of winning the match. His Majesty being the Patron of the A great deal was expected from the Vic. R. T. Y. Č. the Members celebrated his torine and Sabrina; and in going down natal day (the 21st) by sailing their Below. the River they did not disappoint the bridge match for a splendid Silver-chased anticipations of their backers; but in Cup and Cover, the former bearing the coming up, the fall of the wind was fatal emblems of England, Scotland, and Ire to the Sabrina, and the Victorine, by some land, and the latter surmounted with a bad management, lost her advantage. handsomely-gilt Crown, appropriate to the The Alert then shot a-head, and kept the occasion. The following boats entered: lead in fine style afterwards, to the astoVessels. Tons.

Owners. nishment of the beholders--thus verifying Sabrina.........21 ...... Mr. G. H. Gunston, the sentence, of the last shall be first, and Alert............ 16......Mr. J. Ford,

the first last?” The match was throughFigaro .... ..18......Mr. R. Wells, out extremely interesting, in consequence Rob Roy ...... 16......Mr. W. Fitch, of the variations which took place in the Victorine . 16...... Nr. T. C. Stokes. fortune of the different boats engaged in The Club, with their usual liberality and the contest.-We understand the winner kind consideration that their friends should is a loser, having betted against his own enjoy the exhilarating scene, engaged the boat.—Sir R. Keats appeared to take great Royal Sovereign steamer to accompany interest in the proceedings of the day, and the match. This vessel was tastefully de. seemed to infer that the Club should hencecorated, and left the Tower-stairs shortly forth enjoy his patronage. He inspected after 9 A.M. with a full cargo of passengers the Cup, and expressed his pleasure to see

it so appropriate to the purpose. At the came close up, and ultimately she shot by conclusion of the match the Royal Sove the Giaour, took a long lead of her, and reign anchored off Greenwich, where the won the race in dashing style, cheered by Cup was presented to Mr. Ford, the for the spectators, and, as she approached the tunate winner, amid the congratulations of goal, was ushered in with “ See the conquerhis friends.

ing Hero comes,” which the band struck On the preceding day (the 20th) the up with proper spirit. She beat the Giaour LOYAL YACHT CLUB Sailing Match for several minutes, the Vestris an hour, and a magnificent Silver Cup and Cover, weigh. the Tiger an hour and eight minutes. ing 136 oz., took place, from Greenwich to The Cup, the Cover of which was surGravesend and back, for which the follow mounted by a figure of Neptune, was now ing vessels started :

filled with six bottles of wine, and preVessels. Tons. Owners. sented to Mr. Korff, the winner. It was Giaour .28... Mr. B. Moore,

then handed round to the company, and Yda...

23...Mr. F. Korff, almost every Lady and Gentleinan on Tiger

.12... Mr. H. Hyams, board had the felicity of drinking out of Vestris

8...Mr. J. Weston. it. Throughout the day harmony was the The Venus steam-vessel was engaged by order, and not one sustained the slightest the Club for the conveyance of the Mem- injury. bers and their friends, and a most goodly EXTRAORDINARY Rowing MATCII company assembled on deck, greatly enli. AGAINST TIME.-A wager, which had vened by a fine military band. The boats excited extraordinary interest for some being all ready, the signal for starting was time, was decided on the River on Mongiven at about half-past 10 A. M., the day, August 13, for 500 sovereigns. The River presenting an animated scene, and terms were, that John Williams, a water. the shore crowded with spectators. The man belonging to Waterloo-bridge, should vessels shot off in gallant style, the Tiger row from that bridge down to Gravesend, taking the lead, which she maintained for up the River to Richmond, and then back a considerable distance : the Giaour was to the place of starting, within the space second, followed by the Yda, and the Ves. of twelve hours, without getting out of tris close in the rear. At Black wall his boat. Williams, who is about 32 Reach a misfortune, at first supposed by years of age, and of rather slender make, her friends to have been caused by trea started exactly as St. Paul's clock struck chery, but afterwards discovered to have seven in the morning, the tide having then resulted from accident, befel the Yda, ebbed about two hours and a half, and which, connected with the result of the proceeded down the River with much spirit match, imparted to it an interest it would and speed. He was in Halfway-reach at not otherwise have had. It appeared that a quarter before nine o'clock, and about a by some incautiousness her own buoy be quarter past ten o'clock he arrived off came in some manner fastened beneath the Gravesend, and then, turning round, prowater's edge to her rudder, which conse. ceeded up the River towards Richmondquently was rendered incapable of acting; bridge. At 2 P. M. Williams was passing and her Captain and crew were quite at a through Blackfriars-bridge; having then loss to account for it, and the more they five hours to go to Richmond and return pulled the tackle, the more stiff became to Waterloo-bridge. He was accompanied the rudder. From this circumstance the from London-bridge upwards by, great vessel was left considerably behind, and numbers of pleasure boats, filled with lost between two and three miles by the Amateurs, who heartily cheered him at delay, which the Giaour, who had now every pull he gave, and the applause he taken the lead of the other boats, had the met with, no doubt, made him strain every advantage of. On discovering the un nerve to win against time, which he did, toward” event, Mr. Korff appealed to the by going through Richmond-bridge and Commodore how he should act, and by his returning to Waterloo-bridge, abouttwenty command proceeded again in the race, but minutes past six o'clock, thereby performwith not the slightest hope that there was ing his gallant exploit, and gaining 50 even a chance of his winning the Cup. sovereigns for himself, in addition to 5001. The Yda, however, a fine tight-built boat, for his backers, as well as large sums pushed on, confident as it appeared of betted that he could not win, and still her own ability, disappointed all parties, having about 40 minutes to spare. The and to their great astonishment won the whole distance, rowed in 11 h. 29 m. 3 sec., Cup in the finest style. Between Wool is 91 miles according with the most accuwich and Purtleet, her superior tacking rate computation, though the rower (from brought her up amazingly, and, having steamers, rowing over a flood-tide, &c.) passed the Tiger and Vestris, gained con must have done many miles in addition. siderably on the Giaour. At nine minutes The wherry in which he performed this past one o'clock the Giaour shot round the Herculean task was the Tom Thumb, standard placed off Gravesend, and was which had been previously prepared for followed in the space of four minutes and him, having her fore and aft quarters a half by the Yda. The latter shortly (leaving him just room to move on his

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seat) covered with canvas to keep out the having arrived off Sir W.Gordon's grounds wash of water below-bridge. This was a in sufficient time to prevent the same, the very necesssary precaution, as he had to Cup and Cover had been surreptiously obencounter very heavy swells caused by tained by Mr. James Unwin. the steamers, and his awning or covering The Secretary further reported, that having the best effect in preventing the Mr. Unwin had refused to deliver the Cup consequences of the wash over his gun. and Cover to the Sailing Society's Capwale, but which he was frequently obliged tain, when requested to do so, until the to sponge out. The above task was some decision of the Society thereon should be years since accomplished by Mr. Harben

known. and Williams in 12 h. 16 m., and Mr. It was resolved, that the Water Witch, Cresswell and Lewis (a waterman) two not having obeyed her sailing instructions, years since completed the same under. was not entitled to the Cup and Cover, she taking in 11h. 40 m., the shortest time having come in at the termination of the the distance was ever performed.

match on the Surrey instead of the Mid.

dlesex side of the Society's boat. ROYAL SAILING SOCIETY.

It was resolved, that the Fortitude hay. SIR-May I request the favour of you ing strictly complied with the Sailing Re. to correct a mis-statement that appeared gulations, is hereby declared the winner of in your Journal relative to the proceeds the Silver Cup, and Cover, which is ac. ings of the Royal Sailing Society respect. cordingly awarded to Mr. Billings. ing the Cup sailed for on the 28th of

HENRY W. FIELD, Clerk. June last, and presented by Her Majesty, August 18, 1832, Oliver's Coffee House, You state, that the Committee awarded

Bridge-street, Westminster. it to the owner of the Water Witch; which was not the case, as will appear by the A match was in contemplation between Resolutions undernea h, which I have co the Brilliant and the Water Witch, which, pied for your perusal :

however, is done away with by a dreadful At a meeting of the Sailing Committee accident having happened to the former. of the Royal Sailing Society, holden the Biddle, who had the charge of the vessel 4th of July, Sir Gerard Noel Noel, Bart. in the absence of her Noble proprietor, in the Chair

went to Gravesend on Sunday the 19th B.C. Bucknall, Esq. (the Society's Cap with a party of friends, and on returning, tain) stated, that he had delivered to the when off Purfleet, a sudden squall came on Captain of each yacht sailing in the match and the vessel went down stern foremost, on the 28th June the following instruc- and six out of eight perished with her. “ Start from your anchors upon the

PIGEON SHOOTING. Middlesex side of the boat off the Powder The Red-House Club have not met re. house, Wandsworth Meadows, and down gularly this season, but there has been on the Surrey side, passing the Society's some good bye-shooting. The matches, fag-boat off' Chelsea, on the Middlesex however, which excited the greatest inside.”

terest and much speculation, were beMr. Bucknall, and Messrs. Roberts tween Mr. Bloodsworth and Mr. Osbal. and Field (umpires), reported to the meet. deston. The first at 30 birds was a tie, ing that the Fortitude had strictly com each killing 28. In the second, at 28 plied with their written instructions, which birds, Mr. B. killed 25, and Mr. O. 22. the Water Witch had violated by passing The third, which took place on the 22d of the Society's flag-boat on the Surrey side August, at 30 birds, the shooting was of the River at the termination of the admirable, and up to the 23d bird it was match, instead of the Middlesex side. a tie. Mr. B., however, ultimately won

This resolution was confirmed at a meet. by killing 25, whilst Mr. O. dropt but 22. ing holden on the 13th July.-(Signed) They then shot at two bye birds, and all

H. CHOLMONDELEY, Chairman. were killed. In the 66 tottle of the At a meeting of the Members of the whole,” out of 90 birds, Mr. B. killed 80, Royal Sailing Society on the 13th of July, and Mr. 0.75. A match between these Lord H. Cbolmondeley in the Chair, the 6 crack ones" is talked of for 5001. or Secretary, reported, that on the day of the 10001. to come off at the Inclosure in the match, the 28th of June, the Cup and Spring. Cover had been delivered to Mr. James Unwin, of the Water Witch, as the sup

ARCHERY posed winner of the Match, Mr. Unwin On the 25th of July the Duke of Buc. having come forward and declared himself cleuch, President of the Council of the the winner of the same; and owing to the King's Body Guard, presented a pair of confusion of the moment, and the um new colours, the gift of His Majesty, to the pires, Messrs. Roberts, Bucknall, and Royal Company of Archers at Edinburgh, Field (who afterwards reported that Mr. the Members appearing in their new cosUnwin was not entitled to the prize), not tume, Lincoln green, with a crimson cord.

tions :

The Selwood Foresters had a grand day The South Saxon Archers held their on Wednesday, August &, on the magni. third meeting on Friday the 17th in Co. ficent terrace at Stourhead, a spot at once ney borough Park, which was attended by admirably suited by Nature and tastefully upwards of 100 fashionables. The shoot. selected for the practice of this enchanting ing commenced at one o'clock, and consport, which was thrown open for the above tinued until nearly four, when the comCompany by that excellent Patron and pany sat down to a very excellent dinner. promoter of hilarity and good-brotherhood, Shooting was resumed after dinner; some Sir Richard Colt Hoare, Baronet., the of the party at he same time, however, variety and beauty of whose property en commencing dancing, which was kept up ables him to indulge the public to so great till seven, when the company separated'. an extent, and with a liberality for which The prizes were two pairs of arrows for he has been so many years distinguished. the best numbers for the Ladies, and two The sun shone brightly, and the whole pairs of arrows for the best numbers for scene was most animating. The shooting the Gentlemen, the latter of which was was excellent, and was kept up with the won by Mr. Heathcote Campion, and the greatest spirit, for two elegant prizes pre. former bv Miss Campion. There were sented by the Patron, and after a spirited two additional prizes presented for the contest they were delivered by the Lady best gold, or bull's eye. one a beautiful por. Patroness to Miss Doveton and Mr. J. celain ornament, and the other a massive B. Doveton.-More than 200 people then pencil case the first won by the Rev. C. sat down to an excellent collation in the Goring, and the other by Miss Mary pavilion, which was most tastefully de Thomas. corated ; and afterwards, on the proposi Their last meeting for the season was tion of Mr. Seymour, so great was the on the 22d, when the grand prizes were conanxiety to enjoy once more during the tended for at three pairs of targets. The com. present season a repetition of such socia.

pany was not so numerous as at the three bility, that a large body of the Members former meetings, owing to the unpropitious entered into a subscription for that pur state of the weather. At four o'clock about pose, and the grounds at Fonthill were se. 70 members and their friends sat down to lected as the next best adapted for such a dinner, at the conclusion of which shoot. meet, after those in which they were luxu. ing was resumed, nd continued until riating. The field was again resorted to half-past six, when the target papers were and a Gentleman's prize was contended for, made up, and the prizes distributed by and won by the Rev. C. Plucknett : when Lady Gage, the Lady Patroness, as fol. the Gentlemen having received and ac lows :-The Gentlemen's first prize, for cepted the challenge from the Ladies to numbers, a gold watch and chain, to Mr. try their skill in archery, eight on each Barchard : the Ladies' first prize, a beau. side began a most animated contest, which tiful lace veil, to Miss Julia Cripps:-- the at first was a drawn battle, but was finally Gentlemen's second prize, for numbers, a won by the fair sex by a triumphant ma. handsome gold pencil case, to Mr. Ogle: jority of 32 to 4!!! Upon this signal the Ladies' second prize, a splendid shawl, victory, which was not achieved till the to Miss Campion. Lord Gage presented moon shone brightly, the band, playing to Miss Partington. Miss Julia Cripps, “See the conquering Hero comes,” met and Miss Isabella Shiffner, each an elegant the victors as they approached the pavilion, hat and feather, as the best gold at each which they entered amidst enthusiastic pair of targets. After the distribution of cheers. Quadrilles, waltzes, and gallo. the prizes, dancing was commenced unde pades were gaily danced until the com a spacious marquee, which was kept up pany separated at a late hour. All the

until nearly dark. fashion within the circuit of inany miles The West Essex Archers met on the were present on this interesting occasion. 15th at their spacious and beautiful Ar.

The third meeting of the Blackmoor chery Lawn, at Harlow Bush. Among Foresters was held on Tuesday the 7th, the party were Sir T. Lennard, Sir Wm. and numerously attended. The shooting Heygate, Mr. Hall Dare, Mr. Conyers, commenced about two, and on the part of Mr. Bramston, ard most of the families the Gentlemen was performed with consi. of distinction in that and the adjoining derable skill. The palm was carried off counties, amounting altogether to upwards by Sir Alex. Malet, who was followed by of 170. The weather proved highly proMr. Escott, both of whom shot with a pitious for the entertainments of the day, most surprising accuracy. Dinner was and the shooting was altogether of the firstannounced at four, after which matches rate description. A splendid ball closed were introduced, one of which was so the amusements of the day. The dancing closely contested as only to be won by one. was kept up with great spirit (enlivened Miss Starkey was the winner of the La. by Weip ert's band) till a late hour, dies' prize. Dancing was then commenced, when the distinguished assembly separated, and quadrilles and waltzes were continued highly delighted with the pleasing recreawith great spirit till a late hour.

tions of the day.

Warwick............17 subs.
4 Morpeth.........

12 Yarmouth .........to close & n. Sept. 3... 4 Doncaster............to name Sept. 14......17 Rochester, &c. .........

Gloucester ...........

.18 Weymouth

5 Shrewsbury .........to name Sept. 1...... 18 Western Meeting, 13 subs...


.19 Bedford


..close and n. Junel ...25 Carmarthen .11 Carlisle

..25 Lichfield ....12 subs..

.11 Walsall ...to close and n. Sept.13,26 Beccles .11 Lincoln

26 Abingdon....... .14 subs..... 12 Hastings.......

.26 Leicester .ll subs.

.12 Heaton Park : ......to close Sept. 24 ......26 Dorchester ...........

12 Stockton ...... Rotherham



BETTINGS AT TAT TERSALL'S. The result of the Produce Stakes at York, when Lord Kelburne's Retainer, the first favorite for the LEGER, was beaten by Mr. Watt's filly Nitocris, created an uncommon sensation, not only on the spot, but at the “Corner,” and the speculators were all abroad. His running, however, on the following day with horses redeemed his credit, and his friends have since rallied round him in considerable numbers. From the near approach of the “ great event,” the betting becomes more important, and various changes have taken

place, to enumerate which, however, would be as useless as uninte. resting. On the 26th the Rooms were not so numerously attended as might have been expected, but betting was brisk. Lord Exeter's lot was very freely backed at 25 to 1, and afterwards at 15 to 1, and it appears that Beiram is certain to start. Nitocris on this day maintained her vantage ground, though she receded a point from the preceding Thursday, when the odds were 11 to 2 agst her. Eight to lagst Retainer was taken freely, and we see he is matched against St. Giles in the Doncaster Meeting 1833-a proof of his spirited owner's opinion of the powers of his colt. Margrave was also quoted at the same odds. It is still doubtful whether Byzantium will appear at Doncaster. Fang and Julius have been brought forward, the latter with many supporters; but Perion has been abandoned, or nearly so, the bettings, and those very few, being 20 to 1 agst him. Other fluctuations have also occurred; but the double events are the most interesting, as they shew the varied opinions of the speculators as to the merits of the respective horses. The following may be considered the latest state of the bettings on the LEGER, nothing else being talked of :

St. LEGER.—5 to 1 agst Nitocris (taken)-afterwards 13 to 2 was offered ; 8 to 1 agst Retainer (taken); 8 to 1 agst Margrave; to I agst Julius; 13 to 1 agst Lud. low; 13 to 1 agst Fang ; 14 to 1 agst Trustee (taken); 15 to 1 agst Birdcatcher; 16 to 1 agst Brother to Maria ; 20 to 1 agst Perion (taken) ; 25 to 1 agst Daxon ; 30 to 1 agst Beiram (taken).

DOUBLE EVENTS.-7 to 2 Retainer and Margrave (taken); 5 to 1 Margaret and Fang (taken) ; 3 to 1 Margrave, Fang, and Trustee (taken) ; 7 to 1 Trustee and Brother to Maria (taken) ; 3 to 1 Nitocris and Retainer (taken); 1000 to 30 Byzantium and Spencer (taken); 1000 to 40 Lord Exeter's lot-afterwards only 15 to 1 was offered; 25 to 1 Mr. Walker's two ; 500 on Perion agst Brother to Maria ; 500 on Julius and Ludlow agst Nitocris; 200 on Byzantium and Spencer agst Beiram ; 500 on Retainer agst Nitocris, and 500 on Birdcatcher agst Trustee.

TO CORRESPONDENTS. Our communications have accumulated so much, that, although we have given eight additional pages, and have printed a great portion of the Articles of the present Number in small type, we have still to apologise for the omission of several interesting contributions.

The Embellishments for our next Number will be “ October Morning,” by GoldING from a painting by SMITH, and the celebrated Trotter “ Driver," by KOMNEY from a Portrait by MARSHALL, Jun.

A Young BREEDER must be aware that the season” is gone by. If he will call in Warwick Square we shall be happy to give him the information required. “ The Wager” is accepted.

Cowes Regatta” unfortunately came too late for this month,

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