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for 300 sovs ; Robinson on the Mr. Cookes' Merlin colt (Wako. winner at 8st. 5lb., Arnull on the field) a good second. loser, 8st. 8lb.-Jockeyship went For a 501. Plate six started, and for nothing at the last, though it four were drawn. Even Zany looked like a contest at the was not fool enough to come out Bushes.

on such a dirty day “ to fish in On the same course Mr. Rids- troubled water;" but left his old dale's St. Giles, &st. 2lb. (Wheat companion, Crutch, to " put his ley), beat Captain Rous's Lion- foot' in it." Crutch, however, ess, 9 st. 61b. (Robinson), for 100 knows so well how to get out of sovs.--Though this was run to a difficulties, that he did it on this head, yet even St. James's ought occasion without the aid or pernot to expect to surpass St.Giles's suasion of his old steersman Roat such fearful odds !

binson, and went just as far aFirst Class of the Oatlands head as suited his purpose or Stakes of 50 sovs. each, D.I., pleasure, without once being nine subs.--Seven started, and called upon. Lord Eseter's Hæ.

well together; Colonel mus, rode by Arnull, came in seWilson's Rotterdam colt, contrary cond, but could neither go fast to the rules of racing, carrying enough nor far enough in the Ist. (the heaviest weight), and T.Y.C. Course) to beat Crutch; making strong running. When and the four others stood even a past the Turn of the Lands, two or worse chance :--betting 2 to l on three of the others tried hard for the winner. a short existence in front, but We had next a very interesting when past the Duke's Stand it match between Mr. Wagstaff's had evidently to be decided be- Saddler, 8st. 121b., and Mr. tween Oxygen and Mazeppa, the Henry's Protocol, 8st. llb., made latter really looking like a win more speculative by the wet ner ; but the five pounds and state of the ground, which, howgame heart of Oxygen at length ever, contrary to rule, was in fadecided it in her favour by a full vour of the horse carrying the length-neatly managed by Con- heavier weights, arising altogenolly; Mazeppa second (Pavis); ther from difference of action calRotterdam and another well up. culated to get through, or rather

WEDNESDAY-a good list of over, dirt. This discovery, how. sport, but a thorough rainy day, ever, was not made till after the as it had been all the night, race, and the betting at starting making the ground unusually was 3 to 1 on the light weight. heavy in so short a time. The One nice Bland man, with a Jolfirst race was for a Sweepstakes liffe white hat and a jolly white of 50 sovs. each for Two-year- beard, and a tongue out of tune olds, R.M., which was won, after to Nature's sweet sounds, is said a very sharp contested affair, by to have lost seven or eight huna head (not a broken one) by dred pounds in as many seconds Lord Lichfield's Terry Alt, very from the above circumstances. well rode by Natty, whose horse, But what cautious staring at however, hung to the left in this betting ! something like a spite of him towards the finish: burnt child looking at the fire !

It proved, however, in the sequel

was a race at one time; but the perfectly correct, and a better. Emily blood would not be denied, made match and a truer ruin race and she won by half a length ; never took place at Newmarket. Mr. Batson's Catton filly, second. It was for 500 sovs. all the money, Five others started, and twentyAcross the Flat. They tossed for three paid forfeit. Lord Exeter choice of sile, and the whip-hand brought out his Spencer because was won for Saddler--a good it was a wet day (about which so thing for him, as in his last race much has been said), but if this he shewed symptoms of hanging to is his Lordship's best suil, it will the left. In coming down the hill never be a cont. from the Bushes, Protocol had a Sweepstakes of 50 sovs. each, little the best of it from his enor T.Y.C. four started. It was won mous stride; but in rising the hill by a head by Taurus, with all to finish, the quick stride and Robinson could do to get him strength of Saddler enabled him there; Landrail second, a good just to win by a head. Connolly little sticking mare:--receiving pode the winner, G. Edwards the eighteen pounds on a wet say other; and it is but justice to say leaves nothing to wonder at. their riding was the admiration of Second Class of the Oatlands all who saw it.

Stakes of 50 søys. each, D.I.Sir M. Wood's Galantine, at Six ran and four paid. It was &st. 5lb. and Lord Chesterfield's won in handsome form by Mr. Titania, 8st. Alb. ran a match, Gully's Tranby-unexpectedlyR. M. for 100 sovs. Titania won nicely rode by W. Scott. Chanit in a decided canter, with Con cellor second, a favorite. Lunoliy upon her, sitting quite still. cetta, Schumla, and Spaniel (win

The Column Stakes of 50 sovs. ner of the Derby last year) beat each, with many and various con

off a long way. ditions too numerous to mention, was won by John Day on

(End of the Third Day-Craven the Duke of Portland's Tiresias

Meeting 1832.) filly, her dam Emily, R. M. It



TE bettings at Grosvenor within half a point of Beiram ;

Place in the early part of the and on the 2d of April Byzanmonth-or rather, we should say, tium got up three points (takers) to the latest period of London thus making Lord Exeter's speculation - had one peculiar stable stand first, second, and rovelty ; viz. that on the 29th of third. On the 12th, the said ByMarch, Byzantium, who had zantium became first favorite, previously been at 15 to ], be when he was backed to some tune came so especial a favorite that by his Lordship's party at 8 to 1 he trod very closely upon the (taken), who considered him their heels of Spencer, the latter being best Derby horse, Beiram being

then 9 to 1. In the following

APRIL 12. week, however, Beiram, having li to j the field agst five. passed the ordeal of repeated 100 to 200 Minster agst Emiliana. trials at Newmarket to the satis 600 to 300 Byzantium agst Beiram. faction of his backers, he again 300 Spencer agst Beiram. resumed the station he had so 3000 to 100 agst 25 horses. long held, the odds being 13 to 2

APRIL 16. (with 7 to 1 taken), and Byzan

1000 to 10 agst Beiram winning the tium retrograded to 11 to 1. Da Derby and Leger, and Emiliana the rioletta advanced rapidly on the

Oaks. 16th, and was in great force at 13 1000 to 10 agst Beiram and Advance for

the same events. to 1 (taken). On the 19th he got up to ll, and on the 23d, to 10 to

1200 to 1000 Peiram and Margave agst

Byzantium and Darioletta. 1.-Margrave found but few


600 to 500 Non Compos agst Spencer. porters at 12 to 1, and Non Compos has declined. In other horses

800 to 100 agst Lord Exeter's three and

Margrave. very little business has been done (though some outsiders were

APRIL 19. brought forward), the bettings at

10 to 1 agst Mr. Ridsdale's lot. Newmarket naturally exciting 11 to 1 agst Lori Mountcharles's lot. more attention than those which 11 to 8 Beiram agst Byzantium. have taken place here.

350 to 300 Margrave agst Spencer.

Some Auctuations occurred in On the 23d, the first day of the the early part of the month in the Craven Meeting, Tattersall’s was Oaks, Lord Exeter's Advance nearly deserted, and all the filly and the Duke of Richmond's

doings" were transferred to Dryad changing places as first Newmarket. The double events, favorite till the 12th, when Emihowever, of the month are too liana again took the lead at 7 to important to pass unnoticed.

1, and subsequently rose to ( to 1

(taken). Lord Chesterfield's f. MARCI 29.

Olga came into notice on the 19th, 11 to 4 agst Lord Exeter's lot.

when she was backed at 18 to 1, 9 to 1 agst Mr. Ridsdale's lot.

and Lord Burlington's Cat filly 9 to 2 agst Spencer and Non Comp

made her appearance strong at 600 to 300 Non Compos agst Trustee.

11 to 1. 275 to 200 Non Compos agst Folly. 125 to 200 Non Compos agst Pastille.

Neumarket, Thursday Vight. APRIL 2.

The running, up to this pe300 to 250 Beiram agst Spencer.

riod, has had but little influence 600 to 500 Spencer agst Byzantium. on the Derby; and the bettings 5 to 2 agst Lord Exeter's lot.

will rather take their tone from

the First Spring Meeting, wherein APRIL 5. 600 Beiram and Margrave agst Spencer Beiram, Non Compos, Byzanand Byzantium.

tium, and other Derby horses are

engaged-with this certainty, APRIL. 9.

however, that Spencer has been 9 to 4 agst Lord Exeter's lot. 12 to 1 agst Mr. Ridsdale's lot. entirely thrown out by his run

ning in the Column Stakes, where Byzantium even agst Beiram and Spencer


he was put completely hors de 17 to 1 agst c. by Jerry out of Georgiana combai.

18 to 1 agst Julius.

18 to 1 agst Conrad. 8 to 1 agst Beiram (taken).

20 to 1 agst Beiram. 9 to 1 agst Darioletta.

8 to 1 agst Lord Exeter's lot. Il to 1 agst Byzantium.

20 10 1 on the field barring Fang. 12 to 1 agst Margrave. 1.3 to 1 agst Mon Compos. 22 to 1 agst Trustee.

COUNTRY BETTINGS. 23 to lagst Gratis. 25 to 1 agst Minster.

YORK DERBY. 25 to 1 agst Messenger.

5 to 4 agst Fang. 2.5 to 1 agst Sal.

2 to 1 agst Georgiara. 28 to 1 agst Mirabeau.

CHESTER TRADE CUP. 28 to 1 agst Caliban. 33 to 1 agst Rotterdam.

9 to 2 agst Hope (taken).

5 to 1 agst Manchester. 7 to 1 agst Emiliana (takcu).

15 to 2 agst Miss Maria. 8 to lagst Dryad.

8 to lagst Birmingham. 9 to 1 agst Advance.

10 to 1 agst Colwicki 10 to 1 agst Olga.

Il to 1 ayst Pedestrian.

Il to 1 agst Warwick.
Even on Lord Excter's lot.


11 to 4 agst Gallopade (taken). Little has been doing in this

9 to 2 agst Cardinal. Stake; but the following may be

9 to 2 agst Contest. considered as the latest quota

8 to 1 agst Traveller.

12 to 1 agst Revolution. 15 to 2 agst Fang.

12 to l agst Tetotum.



TURK, A RETRIEVER, THE PROPERTY OF THE MARQUIS CARMARTIEX. Engraved by Cook, from a Picture by the late J. BARENGER, of Tatlercall's.

THE breed of this extremely ed game--and as a water dog he

intelligent and docile animal possesses naturally all the qualiis not exactly known, his Lord- ties it requires so much time and ship having purchased him in the trouble to teach many of his speautumn of 1824 of the proprietor cies. It is believed that Tunk is of the inn at Killarney in Ire-. of the small Newfoundland sort land. Turk is remarkable for with a cross of the spaniel: at all the superior style in which he events the good properties of performs his duty in covert-shoot- both are happily blended in this ing-finding and bringing wound- faithful creature.

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