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action, and keeping up the most de The Wokingham Stakes, of five structive pace to within the distance, sovs. each, for three-year-olds and upwhen he evidently began to faulter, wards (Handicap), 15 subs, the last and Camarine went in two lengths three-quarters of the New Mile, Lord first.—What a contrast! Oh, how Stradbroke's Hermit (Pavis) first, Sir Mark brightened up! and looked 7st. 2lb. ; Carthago (Robinson), 10st. as if he really believed for the mo 6lb., second; and Mr. Pearce's Misery ment, that men were honest, just, and third and last. true !

His Majesty's Plate of 100gs., for The Windsor Forest Stakes of 50 hunters-five-year-olds, 11st. 7lb. ; sovs. each, for three-year-old fillies, six, 11st. 121b; and aged, 12st.; about the Old Mile, 8st. 4]b., and 5lb. more two miles and a distance.-Count Mafor winning the Oaks, three subs., tuzevic's ch. h. Lawn Sleeves (John and two at the post. Lord Exeter's Day), a length, won easy. Lord Galata (Connolly) won it without a Lichfield's Dunton made play, rode pause at least four lengths, quite run- by Connolly. ning away, and carrying the 5lb. Mr. Martyn's Minetta (S. Mann) extra from Lord Lowther's Whimsey beat Mr. Gardnor's Leander (Pavis) with Wheatley's best riding:

a Match for 100 sovs., the Old Mile, Mr. Monro's Ambrosia, three years 8st. 7lb. each, a length, and quite old, 8st. 4lb. (G. Edwards), beat Mr. easy. Yeasley's Sheldrake, five years old, Å Plate of 501. for all ages, begin9st. ullb.--a very pretty race.

ning at three years old, 7st. 71b. and Sweepstakes of 100 sovs. each, two upwards—the winner to be sold, if subs., 8st. 71b. each, the Old Mile claimed, for 250gs. Six or seven Lord Burlington's Bizarre colt, his came to the Old Mile post, and made dam Mouse, rode by Boyce, and Lord a smart race, considering the mateLowther's Sceptre, rode by Wheat. rials, which Lord Tavistock's Gonley. This was a most delightful pace dolier won by a length, finely rode by of real true running to the distance, Robinson; the Duke of Richmond's when the Bizarre colt, by lasting a Cassador (Pavis) second. The winlittle the longest, was declared the ner was claimed by the Duke, but winner by two lengths.

many thought with me that it was a friendly claim for the Noble Lord, as

Gondolier is very cheap at a larger A Match between Mr. Gardnor's sum. Ida (Pavis) and Mr. Martyn's Mistle

This finished as fine a week's sport, toe (Mann), for 50 sovs., the Old I am fully persuaded, as the oldest Mile. Had Mistletoe given some

sportsman ever saw ; all the regulathing less than the 10lb., and been in as tions excellent, and strictly enforced, much request at Midsummer as at

under the amiable and gentle manageChristmas, it must have won, being ment of the Earl of Lichfield. beat by a head only.

OBSERVATOR. June 23, 1832.



The Turf.

of the second horse to withdraw his INTELLIGENCE EXTRA.

stake: THE 'HE following are the nomina

Mr. Walker's Conrad, by Whisker. tions for the Claret, Port, and Lord Mountcharles's Minster, by Catton. Ale Stakes in the Craven Meeting Lord Exeter's Beiram, by Sultan. 1833:

Mr. Vansittart's Perion, by Whisker. Thursday: The Claret Stakes of Lord Tavistock's Posthumus, by Woful.

Mr. Richardson's Fang, by Langar. 200 sovs. each, h. ft.:-colts, 8st. 7lb.

Mr. Gully's Margrave, by Muley. fillies, 8st. 21b.-D. I.--the owner Lord Cleveland's Trustee, by Catton.

Friday: The Port Stakes of 100 Capt. Byng’s Dryad, 7st. 10lb. both sovs. each, h. ft. for colts and fillies 3 yrs, V. N. 300 sovs. h. ft. with a not named in the Claret :-colts, 8st. bye bet of 200 sovs. 7lb., tillies, sst. 4lb.--T.M.M.- the owner of the second horse to withdraw his stake:

The Goodwood Cup. The follow

ing are the nominations for the Gold Lord Langford's b. c. Roué, by Starch.

Cup, value 300 sovs. the rest in speCaptain Byng's Dryad, by Whalebone. Mr. Batson's Mixbury, by Cation.

cie, by a subscription of 20 sovs. each, Mr. Walker's Francesca, by Partisan. with 100 sovs. added by the City of Lord Mountcharles's Bassetlaw, by Catte. Chichester: three-year-olds to carry Lord Mountcharles's Blythe, by Cation.

7st. Hlb.; four, 9st. Ilb.; five, 9st. 9lb.; Lord Stradbroke names Archibald, by six and aged, 9st. 12lb.; mares and

Lord Exeter's Byzantium, by Sultan.

geldings allowed 4lb.—horses (those Lord Exeter's Galata, by Sultan.

hereunder specified excepted) never Sir M. Wood na. Emiliana, by Emilius. having won or received as second Lord Chesterfield's Olga, by Paulowitz.

horse 1001. at any one time in 1832, Mr. Ridsdale's St. Giles, by Tramp.

previous to the day of starting, allowed Mr. Forth's Gratis, by Middleton. Lord Lowther's Messenger, by Partisan.

3lb., and maiden horses 7lb.--the

winner of the Gold Cup at Ascot in The Ale Stakes of 100 sovs. each, 1832 to carry 6lb., the second 3lb. h. ft. :-colts, 8st. 71b., fillies, est. 4lb. extra ; the winner of the Port or Cla-D. 1.-the winner to be sold for ret in 1832 to carry 4lb.; the winner 400 sovs., the owner of the second of the Derby, Oaks, or Drawing horse being first entitled :

Room Stakes, to carry blb. extra; Lord Lowther's Lazarone, by Partisan. the winner of the Goodwood Cup, Lord Exeter's Spencer, by Sultan, the Doncaster Cup, or Doncaster St. Ld. Berners' br. c. by Emilius–Rotterdam. Leger in 1831, to carry 4lb. extra ;

no horse to carry more than 6lb. exJuly Meeting.--Wednesday:-Mr.

tra : once round; the second horse to

receive 100 sovs. out of the Stakes. Greville's Ainphitrite, 3 yrs,

8st. 9lb. agst Duke of Grafton's b. c. Emir, by His Majesty names Shark, 5 yrs. Centaur out of Zinc, 2 yrs, 7st.

His Majesty names Posthumus, 3 yrs.

Duke of Richmond's Hyder, 3 yrs. T.Y.C. 100, h. ft.

Mr. Mills's Kate, 3 yrs. First October Meeting.Monday: Mr. Stonehewer's Zany, 4 yrs. Mr. M. Stanley's Crutch, 8st. 7lb. Captain Cosby names Lady Fly, 3 yrs. agst Col. Peel's Lochinvar, 7st. 6lb. Lord Sydney names Variation, 5 yrs.

Lord Chesterfield's Priam, 5 yrs. both 4 yrs, T.Y.C. 100, h. ft. Second October Meeting.-Monday: Lord G. Bentinck names Revolution, 5 yrs.

Lord Jersey names Camarine, 4 yrs. Lord Worcester's Copper Captain, Captain Byng names Mazeppa, 5 yrs. 8st. 7lb. agst Lord Chester a's Lord Verulam's Vestris, 4 yrs. Olga, 8st. 2lb. T.Y.C. 100, h. ft. Lord Uxbridge names Somnambule, 3 yrs. Lord Exeter's Spencer agst Sir M.

Lord Lichfield names Damascus, 3 yrs. Wood's Count Robinson, both 3 yrs,

Sir M. Wood's Lucetta, 6 yrs.

Lord Mountcharles names Sarpedon, 4 yrs. 8st. 71b. each, D.M. 200, h. ft.

Lord James Fitzroy na. Little Red Rover, Houghton Meeting.--Monday: Mr. Payne's Paddy, 8st. 71b. agst Lord Lord A. Lennox names Jocko, aged. Chesterfield's Whiskey, Sst. 3lb.

Mr. Stewart names Trustee, 3 yrs. T.M.M. 100, h. ft.-Lord Worces

Mr. Chifney's Rowton, 6 yrs.

Mr. Ridsdale's St. Giles, 3 yrs. ter's Copper Captain agst Sir M. Mr. Wagstaff's The Saddler, 4 yrs. Wood's Count Robinson, both 3 yrs, Mr. Greatrex names b. f. Florine, 3 yrs. 8st. 7lb. each, D.M. 200, h. ft.--Lord Lord A. Fitzclarence na. Manchester (late Exeter's Beiram agst Lord Tavistock's

Bluebeard), 4 yrs. Posthumus, both 3 yrs, 8st. 7lb. each,

Lord Egremont's c. by Whalebone out of

Incest, 3 yrs. R. M. 200, h. ft. -Thursday: Lord

Mr. Henry names c. by Whisker out of Cleveland's Trustee, 8st. Alb. agst Scandal, 3 yrs.

5 yrs.


each :

Mr. Gratwicke pames Flora, 3 yrs. both buyer and seller, not only at the Lord Exeter's Beiram, 3 yrs.

Corner, but in every part of town. Captain Gardnor's Runnymede, 3 yrs. We may add, that the remainder Mr. Saddler's Delight, 4 yrs.

of the Duke of Gordon's long dogs Mr. H. B. Curteis na. Conciliation, 4 yrs. Captain Locke and Mr. Maberly are sub.

were brought to the hammer; and as scribers, bu: did not name.

a proof of the increased estimation in Stamford Gold Cup of 100 sovs.

which this kind of sporting is now value, by subscribers of 10 sovs. each: held, they fetched long prices. Lord Exeter's Varna, 6 yrs. Lord T. Cecil's Anthony.

AQUATICS. Colonel Chaplin names Sir Thomas.

On the opening of the new pier at Sir J. Trollope na. Anti-Catholic, 6 yrs. Herne Bay on the 4th of June, a SilDr. Willis's b. h. by Tiresias. Mr. Dixon na. gr. g. by Sir Gilbert, 4 yrs.

ver Cup and Cover was given to be Lord Strathavon names Consent, 4 yrs.

sailed for by boats under 20 tons, and Sir G. Heathcote's Ferdousi, 4 yrs.

six entered to sail, as under :Mr. Broomhead's Butcher Boy, 4 yrs. Yachts. Tons.

Owners. General Grosvenor's Sarpedon, 4 yrs. Alert...... .16..

........A. Lyon. Preston Gold Cup, value 100gs.

Alert...... .13............J. Nicholls.

..J. B. West. added to a Sweepstakes of 10 sovs.

Helene ............ 16............ T. S. Torr.

.14............. W. Nicholls.
Lord Cleveland's Emancipation, 5 yrs. Sydney ............15............A. Nicholls.
Sir W. Bulkeley's Miss Maria, 4 yrs.
Mr. T. Clifton's The Screw, 4 yrs.

The latter came in first, but there Mr. Fleetwood's Fylde, aged.

was no doubt that Mr. Lyon's Alert Mr. Hornby's Moss Rose, 5 yrs.

would have been the successful comMr. Patten's Liverpool, 4 yrs.

petitor, had it not been for Nicholls's Mr. Farington's Pickpocket, 4 yrs. Mr. Mostyn's Her Highness, 4 yrs.

Alert sailing into the after-part of Mr. Mr. F. Richardson's Lady Elizabeth, 4 yrs.

Lyon's boat, and the Helene assisted Mr. Riddell's Gallopade, 4 yrs.

in holding her till the Sydney passed. Mr. Greenalgh's Revolution, 5 yrs. Mr. Lyon immediately put in a pro

test against the Sydney having the

Cup, urging, that, as his boat was Liverpool and Ipswich 3, Bath 4,

first when the others maliciously Newmarket 9, Preston 10, Guildford

fouled him, he was entitled by the and Wells 11, Kendal, Chelmsford,

fair rules of sailing to the prize. He and Cheltenham 17, Stamford 18,

challenged the parties to re-sail for the Wenlock 20, Taunton 23, Derby 24,

Cup, or for 501., which they declined. Newcastle (Staff.) 24, Bridgnorth and The umpire retains the Cup till the Salisbury 25, Huntingdon and Knuts

Committee decide upon the question. ford 31. Lord Cleveland has purchased

ROYAL THAMES YACHT CLUB. Trustee of Mr. Ridsdale for 2000gs. The first important Match of the

Mr. Gully has purchased Lady Fly, season was the Royal Thames Yacht who ran second for the Oaks, for Club Silver Cup and Cover, which 1000gs.

was sailed for on Saturday the 23d by Mr. Lockwood, of York, has been the following boats :appointed Clerk of the Course to

Yachts. Tons. Owners. Leeds.


..16... .....A. Lyon. Figaro

.18..........R. Wells. During the month the Horse Trade

Lady Louisa..

.T. Smith. has been uncommonly brisk, notwith Matchless .21.

..J. Hyatt. standing the depression of trade ge Sabrina

.22. ....G. H. Gunston.

Victorine .........16. .T. C. Stokes. nerally, arising no doubt from the most influential men having other

The Sabina and the Figaro are new important avocations; and at Tatter boats; the Lady Louisa has won sall’s stalls could scarcely be procured eight cups, and was first favorite. even for Thursday's sales. The prices The Club, as usual, engaged the realised were equally satisfactory to Royal Sovereign steam-boat to convey


.... 13...

the Members and their friends to gave universal satisfaction to, perhaps, Greenwich, and at ten o'clock the as great a concourse of spectators as vessel lett the Custom House with ever assembled on a similar occasion. above three hundred on board. The Indeed few matches have excited beauty of the day added much to the greater interest, or afforded more graenjoyment of the scene, and an im- tification, whether considered as a inense flotilla of Gentlemen's yachts trip of pleasure, or as being interested and sınall craft rendezvoused off the for those concerned in the contest. Hospital. The prize to be contested It was decidedly as beautiful a disfor, valued at sol., was displayed to play of the art of sailing as ever was the company on board the steamer, and witnessed ; and it is said more money was much admired for its taste and was betted on this match than all the execution. On arriving at Greene contests of last season put together. wich the boats were all moored in It was somewhat curious that the front of the Hospital, ready for the coming-in of the winning boat was signal, and at seven minutes to twelve simultaneous with the Duke of Susthe Commodore tired “the gun," sex, the Lord Chancellor, Earl Grey, and in a few seconds the anchors were Lords Melbourne, Althorp, and Holweighed, the sails set, and the yachts land, &c. reaching the Ship tavern to proceeded down the River, the wind attend the anniversary dinner in meblowing fresh from S.W. by W.--tomory of Charles James Fox. It is go round a boat off Gravesend, and needless to add the assembled multiback. The Lady Louisa took the tude enthusiastically cheered these lead, but was almost immediately Distinguished Individuals on alightpassed by Figaro; followed by ing from their carriages. Matchless, Victorine, Alert, and Sa An Above-bridge match, for a brina, and in this way they passed Twenty-five Guinea Cup, for boats Blackwall Point. Many changes not exceeding ten tons, is to be sailed took place in the relative position of for on the 1st of August. Lord Cholthe boats previously to their arrival at mondeley has entered the Brilliant, Gravesend, and the contest was con Colonel De Roos the Mab, Mr. Buckducted with great spirit. The Sa- nall the Lady Emma, and Mr. Holl brina rounded the flag-boat at Graves- the Rowena. end first, having completed the We understand the Club have it distance in two hours and seven mi- also in contemplation to have a Belownutes, closely followed by Victorine, bridge Fifty Guinea Cup for vessels Lady Louisa, Matchless, Alert, and of any tonnage. Figaro, only six minutes and a half having elapsed before the arrival of the first and last boat. The beatinga The Marylebone had one day's up was extremely interesting, and the play with the St. John Wood Club nautical skill of the competitors to on the 28th of May. There was obtain a superiority was put to a se some excellent bowling, batting, and vere test. The Lady Louisa, aided by fielding on both sides, and the latter, good manæuvring, after severe though comparatively novices, made struggle, arrived first at Greenwich, strong play against their powerful at one minute past 6 P. M., the Vic- opponents. torine close at her stern, followed by On the 4th of June W. Ward, Sabrina, Alert, Matchless, and Figaro Esq. with nine of the Marylebone last. Lord Wharncliffe was on board Club and Lillywhite, played W. Benthe Alert; and Lord Cholmondeley, nett, Esq. and ten B.'s. Mr. Ward's in the Brilliant, accompanied the party scored 129 in their first innings, match. Colonel De Roos, the Hon. and the B.'s 65. The latter, howColonel Stanhope, and other ama ever, put their opponents' side out in teurs, were also present. It was an their second innings for 29, and conadmirable match throughout, and sequently had 93 to go in against.





M. B.

They played excellently, but could that the distance is done by the winonly add 69 to their score, thus leaving ner under 16 minutes ; 2 to 1 it is Mr. Ward 24 a-head. The match not performed in 15 m.; and 10 to 1 lasted till Wednesday afternoon. on 14. m.;-any odds it is not done

The Epsom and Clarence Clubs under that time. The ground seplayed at Epsom on the 11th. Mr. lected is between Bourn Bridge and Ward and Mr. Kynaston on the Royston. part of the former played admirably, Å second match, for 5001. a-side, the latter scoring nearly 100, and the 100 ft. between Rattler and Driver, total of the two innings amounting to is named to take place on the Friday 312.-- The Clarence marked only 72 in the Newmarket July Meeting, in their first innings, and went in for within 100 miles of the metropolis. 240 : but oh! what a falling off was Both matches excite much interest in here !--nine wickets down, and only the Sporting World. forty runs !-but......cetera desunt !

On the 18th the Members of the Club assembled numerously at Lord's,

During York races, a long main of and had a day's play, but there was

cocks was fought in the Royal Pit,

between the Gentlemen of the Westno match in consequence of Ascot

Riding of Yorkshire (Weightman On the 25th the great match, the feedler), and the Gentlemen of NorCounty of Sussex, with H. Kingscote, thumberland (Bagnal feeder), which Esq. against Seven Gentlemen of terminated as follows:

Weightman. M. B. Bagnal. England with four players, com

Monday .........5 1

2 1 menced at Lord's, and was looked to Tuesday, ..6 2

10 with considerable interest, Sussex Wednesday ...5 0

2 0

3 1 having been defeated last year. The Thursday .......4 following were the players :

20 4

8 2 Sussex.

England. H. Howard, Esq. Lord Strathaven,

During Manchester Races a main H. Kingscote, Esq. Hon. Col. Lowther, Colonel Long,

of cocks was fought at the Pit in SalT. Brown, Esq. Broadbridge, H. B. Caldwell, Esq.

ford, between the Earl of Derby Brown,

H. E. Knatchbull, Esq. (Potter feeder), and H. B. Hoghton, Hooker,

C. Romilly, Esq. Esq. (Woodcock feeder), for 10gs. Lanaway,

W. Ward, Esq. a battle, and 200gs. the main-29 Lilly white, Bayley,

mains, 8 byes. Meads,


Woodcock. M. B. Potter.

Tuesday.... .3 0
Wednesday.....3 0

.3 2
The match came off as follows: Thursday
England. Friday ...4 1

1 First innings...... 32

66 Saturday.

.....5 1 Second innings...103

18 3

10 5 135

136 There was a drawn main battle on England winning by five wickets. Thursday.

At Newton Races a main of cocks TROTTING.

was fought between T. Legh, Esq. 'The long-talked-of match between (Kendrick feeder) and Gen. Yates Mr. Osbaldeston's American horse (Hines feeder), for 10gs. a battle, and Rattler and Mr. Payne's entire horse 200gs. the main-24 mains, 11 byes. Rochester, formerly the property of Hines.

Kendrick. M. B. Mr. Theobald, the Squire backing Tuesday, .4 1

.2 1

.4 2 his horse 10001. to 500l., is fixed for Wednesday.....2 !

Thursday .2 1

.4 2 the 4th of this month (July)-dis

Friday ...........5 1 tance five miles, in harness. The betting on time has been brisk-even,


11 7

M.B. 2 2




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