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7. Marshall, Anr

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VOL. 1'.

Second SERIES.

MAY, 1832

No. LIT.


Mr. Massey Stanley's Cab-horse ........... I Letter to Choofus from Northamptonte

Newmarket Craven Meeting, by Observator, oshire, by Wikis......


Bettings at Tattersall's and Newmarket.. 6 Fly-fishing, with a few brief Remarks on

Marquis of Carmarthen's Retriever........ 8 the Sports of the past season.........

Canine Lucubrations, or Desultory Re-

Anacreontic--the Bottle

marks on Setters and Pointers-Breed On the Want of a Veterinary Surgeon at

ing, their Origin, Varieties, &c. loy A Newmarket, hy 'The Young Forester ....48



Comments on the new System of fox- WEST, concluded .........

hunting', by Ringwood ..

..................14 Holderness Hunt Races, by Ebor..........69

By-gone Scenes, or Days of Hog-hunting Steeple Chases .......
in India, No. VII.........


Coursing Meetings :-Harewood, Mickle- Turf Intelligence Extra-- Royal Plates
ham Downs, North Mcols, Altcar, Mal-

Conditions and Nominations for the
ton, and Barton


Eclipse Foot-Entries for Gold Cups

Calculation of Chances

at Manchester and Preston-Ilorses sont

A Week with the Tetcott Hounds .... 241

Abroad-Sale of His Majesty's llorses in

Letters ou Angling--No. 11................. 26 Training--Prevailing Epidenric-- Norfolk

A Letter to a Youngster-few Hints on Trotting Stallions-Sporting Obituary,

Hiring Keepers, Game Preserving, &c. &c. &c.

by Tassel ......


Entbellished toith.





I ,

Arrived here on Saturday, example, and set off for the town

April 21, about mid-day, as together at the best pace. On anxious to get out of the gloom their way they were met by a boy of Norfolk as I was to get into with a bundle of horse-clothes, the bustle and brushing up of who, with the greatest presence of this pretty little and improving mind, and at the risk of his own town; and which I found to be life, presented them in a way so on as great or greater scale than as to arrest their progress in that I had ever witnessed on the direction. They then turned greatest days of the nation's pro- down a field lane, at the end of sperity. My first inquiry was of which Beiram charged a strong course into the leading market and dangerous fence; but, not article of the place, with “ Well! knowing the necessity of leaping how are all the horses?” The at such obstacles, he rushed answer was,

• We never had so through it with all his might, many horses in training at New- and fell at the ditch on the other market and so few sick”-attri- side. Oh, ye bettors of thousands butable in a great measure to the upon him, what would ye have fine, wide, open, lofty, spacious, given now to have seen him safe and consequently airy state of all at home? He, however, was the new stables, and to the beau- soon up again, and took some tiful and well-managed state of other fences in good hunting-like the ground on which they take style, till he came to the windtheir gallops. One thing, how's mill (over a strong inclosed comever, they have discovered very try): this he did not attempt to lately (which I think by no means take, but quietly submitted to be new at this time of the year), that guided by those who knew best many of the young ones are slow what was good for him. After a to what their fond owners had strict examination into the conseanticipated! Lord Exeter's string, quences of this rash adventure, it on entering the Heath on the was found he had sustained no London side of the town, three or injury except a small scratch four days ago, got into great con- upon one of his legs, and this too fusion by Beiram, the hopes of triling to make any alteration in the family, suddenly turning the betting. round three times without cause On the Saturday evening, from or warning, and, with a great jump the great numbers of hacks and for a finish, threw the boy fat on servants coming in, and the Nohis back, like a coping stone from bility and Gentry already here, the top of a house. The lad, on a most splendid meeting, if the getting up, declared he did not weather continues fine, is quite do it on purpose ; and everybody certain. who saw him fall believed it, un- On the Sunday morning great less it was the groom, and he said numbers had arrived, and might in haste what he could not think be seen going as regularly to at leisure. Beiram was no sooner church as if Newmarket had not at liberty than a filly followed his been a sporting town; and, when


they came on the leath on Mon- it on Jr. Rush's Roadster, with day, formed a greater assemblage his beautiful riding, by a head of the most respectable people I only; Lord Orford's Grand Duke, liave seen,except on two occasions, second. Incubus was the favofor more than thirty years. rite before starting, but was found

At half-past twelve five horses amongst the last of the disorderly out of nine named in the Craven in running. Stakes made a start--the four, no The Grand Riddlesworth Stakes doubt, frightened at the name of 200 sovs. each, halt' forteit, had of the great Priam ; but now, seventeen subs.; but on the day ashamed of their timidity, as of trial there were only four or they had the same to pay, and five at the post; the Duke of Priam either could not or would Richmond's Dream tilly, by Moses not run a little. All the early (a pleasing Dream to the amiable part of the race was very slow, Duke), won it by a length withand the latter little or no better. out its ever being doubtfulCol. Wilson's Chapman came in steadily rode by Boyce. Lord first by a head (John Day); Burlington's Mouse colt by BiCaptain Arthur, second (Robin- zarre second, exhibiting son); Priam, a bad third, rode some racing qualities, rode by by Connolly. There was some- Arnull; Salute third, a great thing particularly mysterious in favorite-but whether from the this race, as Priam never looked

name, or G. Edwards's good better, and had previously beaten riding, did not appear. Augustus, giving him 16lb. quite For a Sweepstakes of 100 sovs. easy, and Augustus beat The cach, h. ft. for colts rising three Captain much in the same way; years old (tive subs.), two only but, on the present occasion, Cap- came to the post: it was won tain Arthur had quite the best of rather cleverly at the last by a Priam at equal weights! The cur- Dandizette colt of the Duke of rent betting three to one on Priam Richmond's, rode by Boyce; a against the field.

Woful Mountebank colt of Lord The second was a common Exeter's second, well rode by Handicap Stakes of 10 sovs. Arnull, who was beat about three each, for two and three-year parts of' a length. olds, Ab. Mile, sixteen subs., and Sweepstakes of 100 sovs. each, about fifteen started. There h. ft. D.M. was won in good form must have been the vilest pre- by Mr. Mills's Kate (Arnull) judice, the most selfish motives, beating a Middleton colt of Lord or a total lack of knowledge in Jersey's and a Brother to Miss those who arranged this Handi- Craven:-two paid haļf forfeit. cap; or why make the Black The Duke of Richmond's Daphne colt carry Ost. 101b. and Dryad, a smart looking little filly, many others in the race only cantered over for a Sweepstakes &st. 5lb., which had doné much of 100-sovs. each, six subs. morein public that Black Daphne? A Produce Stakes of 100 sovs. This had the effect, however, of each, for colts and fillies, Ditch keeping him out of the Stakes; Mile--four starting, and five pay

doing his owner” out of ing forfeit- was won with seemten sovereigns. Robinson woning ease by three-parts of a length

and "

san, second.

by Mr. Roberts's colt by Merlin, land's Clansman, at equal weights, dam by Skim, well roce by for 200 sovs., the Ditch Mile, Wright; Lord Orford's produce Boyce on Clansman and Connolly of Stays, Whalebone, and Parti- on Vestris, who made him put

his best leg first, and win easy. d Match for 150 sovs. was won Clansman, though he can

- foot it by Mr. Greville's Landgravine a little in a Scotch reel,” has still with the greatest possible ease, to learn the “

to learn the "quick step," and carrying 8st. 71b., from General the modern gallopade. Grosvenor's Truffle filly, her dam A Sweepstakes, by four subIcaria, st., Rowley's Mile. This scribers of 100 sovs. each, R. was the last race of what may be Mile. Two of these saved 50 termed a good day's sport--the sovs. each for being a little unweather fine-and harmless in well, or not quite good enough ; money matters, if we look at the so that the Whisker colt, his dam quantity and quality of the sport. Darioletta (a horse modestly in TUESDAY.

66 The

Course the Derby betting all the winter), thronged with gazers,” the wea- and Lord Lowther's Partisan colt, ther fine, and a richly-covered list dam by Rubens, only appeared of promising sport, which began at the post. This was the easiest by Mr. Stanley's Crutch (Robin- race of the meeting up to this son) beating Mr. Wagstaff's Sad- hour, and was won by Darioletta, dler (Connolly) a neck, the win- rode by Boyce--the loser by ner giving 7lbs., half a mile, for Wheatley. 200 sovs.

Crutch is a most bril- The Bildeston Stakes of 100 liant “ toddler” this distance, sovs. each, R. M., was won by which everybody knows: what General Grosvenor's Santillane, Saddler is nobody knows, or has named by Mr. R. Wilson (and the means of knowing; unless rode by John Day), from a Sultan the owner of Taurus might con- colt, his dam Waltz, named by descend to give him

a lesson, there- Mr.Theobald-amost severe race, fore a bad match for Saddler :- and decided (as the Judge said) but more about the saddle being by a short head; but I beg leave put on the wrong horse when it is so far to differ from the Judge, not so late in the month.

and think it was a long one. A Sweepstakes of 150 sovs. Three started, and two paid, in each, h. ft.; for colts, 8st. 71b.; a Sweepstakes of 150 sovs. each, fillies,&st. 41b.; Ditch Mile. This the same course as the last. At was a very pretty race, and won by the finish Lord Chesterfield's Olga Lord Lowther's (Rogers's) Mes- was first any distance she might senger by Partisan, his dam Nina, reasonably choose (the filly is in rode by Wheatley with his usual the Oaks with some pretensions); excellence: Mr. Newton's colt by rode by Connolly-Mr. Ridsdale's Merlin, his dam Brillante, se filly Fedora, by Figaro, a bad cond. Boyce did all he could to second; and Lord Exeter's Trick, win, but his opponent “ carried by Mountebank, a worse third. too many guns for him.”

Mr. Scott Stonehewer's Zany The next, a very interesting had sense enough to run away Match between Lord Verulam's from Sir Mark Wood's RiddlesVestris and the Duke of Rut worth in a match Across the Flat

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