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HIS work is composed from the ob

servations of perhaps half my life, made without the left original view of publication, from the numberless walks taken in and about our capital, with a mind occupied with more ideas than the frivolous visit, or the mere object of the hour.

Some were made in company of different friends, stricken, like myself, with the love of the science of antiquities; and with the desire of tracing the progress of perhaps the first city (comparing all its advantages) in the universe.

The remarks made in these latter walks

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were committed to my tablets till they became rather considerable. In that state I determined to lay them before the public, not urged by defire of friends, nor the wis of the people, or any

similar motives, but by my own continued propensity to writing.

I have two things to apologize for in this performance. First, its irregularity : but I do assure my friends it is given nearly in the same manner in which the materials were collected, and quite according to the course of the walk of the day.

Secondly, Let me request the good inhabitants of London and Westminster, not to be offended at my having stuffed their Iliad into a nut-shell: the account of the city of London, and liberties of Westminster, into a quarto volume. I have condensed into it all I could ; omitted nothing that suggested itself, nor am

· plified


plified any thing to make it a guinea book. In a word, it is done in my own manner, from which I am grown too old to depart.

I feel within myself a certain monitor that warns me to hang up my pen in time, before its powers are weakened, and rendered visibly impaired. I wait not for the admonition of friends. I have the archbishop of Grenada in my eye: and fear the imbecility of human nature might produce, in long-worn age, the same treatment of my kind advisers, as poor Gil Blas had from his most reverend patron. My literary bequests to future times, and more serious concerns, muft occupy the remnant of my days. This closes my public labors.

To every particular friend and correspondent I send my most cordial thanks, for their candid and unremitted attention to my various enquiries : and for their bearing so long with my 4




yearning after information ; and with my un-
common curicsity, without which no writer
can proceed with the confidence of accuracy,
or ought to lay any thing before the public
unsanctioned by local information. So much
for acknowlegement of private favors.--I take
leave of a partial public, with the truest grati-
tude for its long endurance of my very
nous writings : for its kind fostering my few
merits: for its affected blindness to my nume-
rous defects. The last act concluded !

my very volumi

Valete et Plaudite.


March 1, 1790.


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